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Oracle Buys Acme Packet

CLO Magazine

The combination of Oracle and Acme Packet is expected to accelerate the migration to all-IP networks by enabling secure and reliable communications from any device, across any network. 4 Oracle announced it has acquired Acme Packet, a provider of session border control technology, for $29.25 The company’s services are deployed by more than 1,900 service providers and enterprises globally, including 89 of the world’s top 100 communications companies. Source: OracleRedwood Shores, Calif. — Feb. per share, or roughly $1.7 billion.

LMSs, TMs and HCMs

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True, HR at some companies provide “training”, but I have found it is always better to have the two entities as separate departments. Oracle then followed suit by acquiring SuccessFactors who had acquired Plateau in the past. Oracle in short fashion soon made an announcement that employee recruitment, training and management tools would merge with Fusion, which is a Human Capital management software. Please note : I personally find great benefit in HCMs and the capabilities they provide. And now a brief announcement: Shocking news! The Taleo Spin.

Profile of a learning architect: Bill Sawyer

Clive on Learning

Bill Sawyer, who works in curriculum development within the highly-technical and fast-moving environment of Oracle. Bill is currently Senior Manager of Applications Technology Curriculum for Oracle, based in Orlando, Florida. The work of Bill’s team results in some $12m of course sales for Oracle. Oracle University delivers instructor-led courses designed by Bill’s team.

Learning Leaders, Get Used to Disruption

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The big ERP vendors, such as Workday, Oracle, LinkedIn and SAP have all moved in this direction as well. Workday’s new learning platform is essentially a video delivery system; Oracle’s new video learning platform is a YouTube-like system; and SAP JAM was originally designed for video sharing. Let me explain. Today we all have too much content and not enough context.

3 Ways to Earn More Money as an Instructional Designer


Nonetheless, I did my best to provide practical advice given their background. Now, I know this is only one source, but for all intensive purposes I think it provides an accurate window of expectations. I remember being on a project where we were creating training for Oracle PeopleSoft (an ERP software). Specialization can be industry-specific, platform-specific, or both.

What Does the Modern Learner Look Like?

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If learning leaders want to capture and keep employees’ attention, they’ll need to provide a relevant and immersive learning experience using the latest digital tools and platforms. Gretchen Alarcon is vice president for human capital management strategy for Oracle. In addition, they expect accessible, interactive learning experiences anytime, anywhere.

Specializing in the ELearning Industry


Instructional designers do well to be the specialist provider for a specific type of training. I recall one instructional designer that I worked with who specialized in Oracle UPK. If you are selling courses, pick an area where there is a serious lack of education and provide the most comprehensive training program. Consider yourself a good planner and organizer? industry).

The Growing Role of Microlearning

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Companies like Udacity, Udemy,, General Assembly and others grew as next-generation content providers. New LMS systems from companies like Workday, Oracle and others are designed to curate and deliver small video objects; learning infrastructure is shifting to help manage this new immediate-gratification way to learn. All of that worked, until the world took a new direction.

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LMS State of Affairs

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Fastest growing verticals – Healthcare/Medical care, Content Providers, Technology, Education (K-12, first and foremost, then HE). Market with high revenue potential, yet has minimal competition – Content providers, B2B – unique angle – many systems do not understand the space, nor have a system that truly delivers what these markets need. Active vs inactive users (ideal for B2B, associations/non-profits, content providers, e-commerce focused buyers including trainers/facilitators/consultants). 620 and counting. . Learning Systems. Maturity stage?

#HRTECH Learning Vendors Preview – Who to see and who to avoid

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I mean it wasn’t the other way around, which was a plus, but on the other hand, you have a course provider buying an LMS vendor. The same course provider whose own LMS, Skillport is either a toss in (usually the case) or is sold to customers (I saw a contract where – Skillsoft charged the customer for it). Oracle Taleo. If you are an Oracle customer, you can interface or API with many LMS vendors in the market. I say this because I surmise there are Oracle customers who decided to go with the learning system because it was also Oracle. .

The 70:20:10 L&D Model for Developing a High-Performing Workforce


It also provides a framework for improving and extending traditional training and learning into the workplace where: ‘70’ refers to ‘workplace learning’ and ‘performance support’. ‘20’ “Too many teachers see education as preparing kids for the past, not the future.” ” ~ Marc Prensky. ” ~ Eric Schmidt (Ex-CEO, Google Inc.). INTRODUCTION. THE 70:20:10 MODELS. Eichinge

Top 50 LMS Report for 2016 – What you need to know (criteria, approach, and yeah some vendors)

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I identify the Big Dogs as SumTotal by Skillsoft (yes, that is the actual name), Cornerstone OnDemand, Saba, SucessFactors and Oracle Taleo (although, I ask myself who is using this and if you still are why?). Oracle Taleo – Seriously, either overhaul this thing or dump it and torch it. I feel bad for the folks who were, then thought Taleo would improve it, then Oracle. And BTW, nearly every LMS can interface with Oracle products. This year’s report still provides you with the details, data and info that crushes any other report out there.

How do you measure how training creates value? – The 7 learning principles

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Phillips identifies several intangibles: leadership, innovation, creativity, teamwork, quality of service, reputation, intellectual capital… which happen to be some of the key values of companies such as Coca Cola, Boeing, Oracle and Novartis. Evaluation provides factual data upon which you can base your decisions. Let’s begin with the evaluation of learning. Why evaluating?

Make Your Software Training Handy with These 10 Job-aids

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To this end, providing performance support is as important as providing formal training. Flowcharts provide employees a brief overview of the new business processes and their role in the new scheme of things. They also provide a clear understanding of the reasons behind and benefits of the tasks employees need to do. What is a Job-aid? Step-by-Step Worksheets/Forms.

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LMS Integration:  The Learning Ecosystem

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Vendors can: Provide an open API library consisting of available scripts that a tech-savvy buyer can use to automate integration with client systems. Provide pre-built connection APIs that can be used to automate many of the integrations outlined in this section. Most LMSs that support business-to-consumer ecommerce also provide a storefront and shopping cart. Google Analytics.

Gamification: How Gamification Benefits Corporate Learning

Designing Digitally

Gamification provides engaging and effective learning experiences to corporate learners that actually demonstrate positive results. . Game-based learning provides numerous benefits over traditional classroom or basic e-learning. Game-based support applications for Oracle, SAP and other companies are an integral part of most company-wide implementation programs. billion by 2018.

Basic tools for e-learning students


The most popular one, used in numerous LMS systems to provide functionality such as built-in video chat or collaborative whiteboards, is Adobe’s Flash, with (Oracle’s) Java coming in a distant second. We suggest that students do not install any such plugin unless they have confirmed it as a requirement with their e-learning course provider. A modern browser.

Why MOODLE Is the Most Widely Used LMS

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The developers of MOODLE provide full access to its code and do not charge users if they use their product for non-commercial purposes. Even the cost of hiring third party providers to set up and customize MOODLE turns out to be lesser than a proprietary LMS. MOODLE can be integrated with various enterprise platforms such as SAP, Oracle, Workday, SalesForce, and SugarCRM and so on.

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The LMS Meets 2017: Top 15 Learning Tech Predictions

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Trying to proactively dislodge Cornerstone, SumTotal, Saba, SuccessFactors or Oracle as a business model is a fool’s errand. The most popular competitive strategies are to avoid the big guys altogether, or coexist by providing an incremental solution that shares data with the organizational LMS and offers measurable value. These aren’t Nostradamus-style prophecies. Reach out.

Building Convenience Stores for Learning

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They quickly and conveniently give learners access to content and support by providing—. Fortunately, systems like Oracle eBusiness Suite and SAP are becoming much more flexible. By adding learning-related buttons to SAP transaction screens, the client provided step-by-step and conceptual help in the moment of need. A convenient location in the moment of need.

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B2B Top Five LMSs

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Resellers who are part of your business learning network – maybe you provide them courses on how to sell your product. Content Providers – the fastest growing B2B right now in e-learning; best or most amazingly of all – it can be just one person who has created a course (content) and then has their own clients who purchase the course or courses to provide to their own employees; the days of large content providers as the only option is gone. I admit I love lists. I must read it. I just like lists. Yep, people love lists. But Back to B2B. Uh, no.

Hello from Our New VP of Partnerships and Distribution Strategy


Innovative companies such as SuccessFactors / SAP , Taleo / Oracle , Saba , SilkRoad are enabling companies to deeply integrate employee learning and skill development with other aspects of Human Resource Management (and generating billions of dollars of value in the process). It’s been a month since I joined OpenSesame, and it’s time to say a few words about what brought me here.

Profile of a learning architect: Julie Wedgwood

Clive on Learning

In January 2008, Julie Wedgwood commenced working with the Cheshire ICT Service, which provides support for 10,500 National Health Service employees across the county of Cheshire in the UK. When the major incident team wanted to provide training to every member of staff, HR’s solution was to suggest a series of face-to-face courses. This was going to be tough. learning architects

2016 LMS Market Trends, Observations and Predictions

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To address the culture shift, hundreds of learning technology providers are taking bold and unprecedented leaps and are creating net new opportunities in the market. The barrier of entry for new LMS providers and new LMS buyers has never been lower. #7 The 2016 LMS market is not what you think. It’s not what we thought – it’s much better. 9 – Four Main Types of LMS in 2016.

Why MOODLE Is the Best Course Management Software

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Even the cost of hiring third party providers to set up and customize MOODLE turns out to be less than a proprietary CMS. MOODLE can be integrated with various enterprise platforms such as SAP, Oracle, Workday, SalesForce, SugarCRM and so on. The market for corporate e-learning solutions is growing steadily. What does it take to deliver and manage online courses effectively?

#10 to #1 LMSs of 2012

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At one time a true freebie – they still offer a stripped down version, their new fee based system provides enough oomph to make anyone go “Wow” Features include: The standards – i.e. my 90/10, whereas 90% of the features are the same in the majority of systems in the space. Well here it is, the final countdown. 7, 1941 – great movie. Unlimited portals. 9 Docebo.

LMS Discovery Call – Book Excerpt (my book)

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Since you are no longer going to be blasting away RFPs based on web sites or what your Oracle told you to do, a call with each vendor of interest is necessary prior to any further steps. . There is no reason to provide such information. The moment you provide that little bit of data, you have just given away the gold and oh, any leverage you might have had. This doesn’t mean they are going to be nasty, rather, they are going to provide only so much information. . Provide the vendor – the reason or reasons why you are seeking a LMS. Oh, and you sell B2C. .

LMS Discovery Call – Book Excerpt (my book)

eLearning 24-7

Since you are no longer going to be blasting away RFPs based on web sites or what your Oracle told you to do, a call with each vendor of interest is necessary prior to any further steps. . There is no reason to provide such information. The moment you provide that little bit of data, you have just given away the gold and oh, any leverage you might have had. This doesn’t mean they are going to be nasty, rather, they are going to provide only so much information. . Provide the vendor – the reason or reasons why you are seeking a LMS. Oh, and you sell B2C. .

Top 10 Cloud myths busted, pt. 2


In this model, the Cloud provider just gives you virtual (cloud-based) servers, and you get to manage them and build whatever you want with them, in the same way you would with physical collocated boxes. Myth #9 : The cloud is not reliable Major cloud provider outages always make the news: “Amazon AWS has been down for 3 hours”, “GAE down for SE Asia users”, etc. Mythology. for you.

5 E-Learning Forecasts for 2012

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You simply hook it up to a computer and it provides a Kinect-like experience. My take is that some systems with such features, perceive there is a market of those who are not interested in such solutions from Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft, Lawson or Workday. Every year, I identify five trends that I am seeing in the industry as a whole, and forecast on where they will be heading throughout the year. In 2011, I saw quite a few items that resonated. LMSs/LCMS/CMS/learning platforms in commercial and open space continued their presence. ” The Future. #1. Brainstorming? Boring. Flat.

How Social Learning is Powering Up Today’s Workplaces


He also provides his advice on the elements that need to be included while developing a social learning strategy. Social Learning Examples in the Workplace : This article provides a quick overview of some of the most interesting examples of how organizations are using social media for social learning at their workplaces (also includes links to original case studies). THE QUOTE. Books.

How to have a Happy Ending to Your ERP System Implementation Story

Social Learning

Implementing an ERP system – whether it’s SAP, Oracle eBusiness Suite, Microsoft Dynamics AX – is a big, hairy deal. Andrea suggests that weaving stories – like the monkey order debacle (check out that story in Andrea’s post) – into ERP system training enhances learning by providing memory hooks to important points. Really? That’s a lot to ask people to remember…. Oh-oh! Grass!

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The Season for Giving Helpful Tips – November Must Reads

WalkMe Training Station

3 Essential Tips for HR Professionals to Avoid Stress and Provide the Best Service. This article gives 3 essential tips to skip the stress while still providing a productive workflow. This task may sometimes be difficult to achieve as trends are always moving, but this article provides 6 resources we can read to help us out, advised by 6 of Forbes HR executives. In this article, we take a look at some of the challenges and benefits of moving your HR data to the cloud, through this interesting infographic by Oracle. HR tips: How to handle negative online reviews?

When Social means Business …

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Although not yet confirmed, it comes hot on the heels of other social media buy outs such as snapping up Buddy Media for close to $700 million to complement its existing Chatter social media platform; Oracle adding Collective Intellect and Vitrue to its portfolio of social media-related acquisitions and SAP acquiring Ariba for $4.3 For example, Bloomberg, global providers of equity trading data for trading customers now use social media to track the flow of conversations to provide early insights into market directions. billion. And something is.