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Why Should You Use Cloud Computing For E-Learning?

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What is cloud computing? Cloud computing is the technology which uses the internet and central remote servers to maintain applications and data. It allows end-users and businesses to use applications without installation and access their personal files via any computer that has an internet access. How can e-learning benefit from cloud computing?

The Changing Face of Work and Workplace Learning


Cloud computing , while it has been around for a long time, is showing huge impact today. “In July 2010,  Rackspace Hosting  and  NASA  jointly launched an open-source cloud-software initiative known as  OpenStack. The OpenStack project intended to help organizations offer cloud-computing services running on standard hardware. ” – Wikipedia.

Top 11 Disruptive E-Learning Technologies For 2013


In this new multi-device-learning world that we live in, our learners spend most of their time in front of multiple screens – a computer, laptop, smart phone, tablet, etc. Wearable Computing technology is finally leading to the possibilities of Wearable Learning. CLOUD COMPUTING. Many predict that the future of learning delivery lie entirely within the cloud.

Infographic: Private Cloud Computing by News Editor

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edCetra Training has released an infographic summarizing the state of private cloud computing today, its benefits, and its future directions. In addition, on September 7, edCetra is launching a TweetChat (#clouduc8), a monthly discussion about learning in the cloud. Development Strategies Future Trends Mobile Learning Social Media

Who wants to live forever?

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There are theories that we can live on (or at least our memories can live on) within the vast digital acreage of the cloud. This is already possible, because whatever we create and share via the cloud, is indeed preserved for future use by ourselves and others. to die.'' To truly ''live forever'', computers would need to capture our humanity, the true essence of who we are.

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Is your head in "the cloud"?

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So now here comes cloud computing and once again my risk flag goes up. Having my head in “the cloud” is not as risky as it appears. I use the cloud everyday. My news and information aggregator is in the cloud. My task management is in the cloud. My social connections are in the cloud. mail, calendar, office docs, miscellaneous file storage.all in the cloud. I’m even writing this document in the cloud! So what is the cloud? Is the cloud the same thing as Web 2.0? If that’s the case, is the Internet itself the cloud?

E-Learning Provocateur: Volume 1

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cloud computing. book augmented reality blended learning cloud computing corporate social responsibility csr e-learning E-Learning Provocateur elearning employee engagement future informal learning instructional design learning styles learning theory mobile learning pedagogy religion self publishing social media virtual worlds• learning theory.

ReviewLink: Online Review Tool for Lectora

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Since ReviewLink is entirely web-based (in the cloud), both the developer and reviewers with an email invite log into the ReviewLink website, view the course, add comments with optional due dates, and respond to comments others have left. And, since ReviewLink exists in the cloud, those updates won’t require downloading and installing a patch. ReviewLink Lectora Development Tools Feedback eLearning eLearning Project Management Cloud Computingby Joseph Suarez. Sometimes however, just getting a copy of a course to those stakeholders can be a challenge.

E-Learning Provocateur: Volume 1

E-Learning Provocateur

cloud computing. book augmented reality blended learning cloud computing corporate social responsibility csr e-learning E-Learning Provocateur elearning employee engagement future informal learning instructional design learning styles learning theory mobile learning pedagogy religion self publishing social media virtual worldsWell I have finally bitten the bullet and published a selection of my blog musings in paperback form. • learning theory. • pedagogy. • instructional design. • learning styles. • blended learning.

A summer chat about the Cloud


With Cloud computing gaining a major foothold in the enterprise, millions of corporate employees are seeing the legacy intranet apps they’ve used for decades getting replaced with shiny new SaaS applications. John: Well, it’s one of those Cloud apps — and they didn’t want to go with a Cloud product. So he says those Cloud apps are as secure as regular apps?

What is Cloud Computing?

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Expo to define cloud computing. I can’t tell from this if we agree or disagree Joyent asked a few of us at Web 2.0

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Cloud Computing Training from MicroAssist | MicroAssist

The Learning Dispatch

Blended Learning – Is It The Right Move For You?

Upside Learning

But in the age of all pervasive technology, BYOD, next generation cloud computing, is it enough to leave training programs behind in the classroom? Most modern organisations invest in corporate training programs. Do you need to revamp your learning program and implement strategies that can enhance reach, appeal and impact? In short, should your learning […]. Blended Learning Learning Management

Reach for the clouds

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Earlier this week, Michael Bromley , Head of Online Services at Telstra Business , visited my workplace to provide me and my colleagues with an overview of cloud computing. What is cloud computing? Michael defines “cloud computing&# as: …common business applications, platforms or infrastructure that are hosted on the internet (i.e. Wiki spaces.

6 Emerging Technologies in Education


Cloud Computing - If you are using some form of we-based tools, then you are enabling further student-educator collaboration. One of the biggest advantages of cloud computing is that it saves schools time, money, and resources. Virtual learning environments are one example of cloud computing. Open Content - Open content producers have evolved as well.

Internet Time Blog » What is Cloud Computing?

Jay Cross

Internet Time Blog » What is Cloud Computing?

Jay Cross

Using Open Badges to Recognize and Verify Learning

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Open Badges make sense because they take advantage of the dominant trends in the IT industry, including cloud computing, social media and big data. David Leaser, Senior Program Manager, Innovation and Growth Initiatives, IBM. In the information technology industry, micro-credentialing is helping employers and professionals keep pace with rapid change.

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6 Mobile Learning Trends That Grew in 2012

Bottom-Line Performance

Cloud computing. Cloud computing is a convenient way to file share. The convenience of cloud computing will leave users on cloud nine as it wipes out the hassle of attaching files via e-mail or uploading them to a thumb drive and creates a simple way to collect and distribute information. mLearning in the classroom…and in the workplace.

Google Chrome OS Announced

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This OS is for netbooks and takes full advantage of the cloud. The success of a Chrome OS can mean a huge leap in cloud computing and hopefully more e-learning tools and apps on the cloud too. Not sure what cloud computing is? Cloud Computing in Plain English (explanation from CommonCraft) Cloud Service and Deployment (Brandon Hall).

5 Rapidly Growing ELearning Sectors


Learning management systems are also evolving, many of which are moving to cloud based offerings as cloud computing becomes more popular (expected  44% annual growth over the next five years). The outlook for the elearning industry is a positive one. In fact, there has never been a better time to be involved with elearning than ever before given its growing influence. Big data.

3 Trends of Digital Education


The education community is already adopting new technologies that support blended learning environments – such as cloud computing, learning management systems, open content, and mobile learning. Digital content delivery is opening new possibilities in education. Today though, the technology-enabled solutions help create a custom experience. Today they equate to 19.5%.

For Those of Us Who Didn't Get a Google Wave Invite

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video Social Media Google Cloud ComputingIf you did not get a Wave invite, but would like to get a peek at it, here are few videos from those that did get invites. And here is the Google Wave team on launch day. FYI: If anyone out there still has a Wave invite, I am still interested in receiving one. Thanks!

Feds on the Cloud

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Federal agencies are utilizing cloud computing and now have an app store, , which provides federal agencies and their staff with cloud computing applications. This includes business apps, productivity apps, social media apps, and cloud IT services. Here is the video provides as an introduction to cloud computing. Many corporations, and individuals, are still very hesitant to use the cloud, but hopefully the government's move to using the cloud will encourage others to use it.

Just log in

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A little while ago, I attended an executive briefing about cloud computing , hosted by SMS Management & Technology and presented by Paul Slakey , Director of Americas & Asia Pacific at Google , and Peter Coffee , Director of Platform Research at What is cloud computing? Head in the clouds. These are all in the cloud. Just log in.

Year in Review: 5 eLearning Reports to Read before 2016


Integrating the HR Landscape on the Cloud. Cloud is a future-proof technology that enables IT and HR managers to easily integrate systems and tools online – just in time – and according to the evolving needs of the enterprise. 2015 was a big year for Docebo and the learning industry as a whole. We thought now would be a good time to reflect on our year in research. The New 70:20:10.

Cloud Apps Page Added

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Seeing  cloud computing ranked as the highest keyword inspired me to add a bit more about the Cloud. So I have decided to add a cloud application page. The  Cloud App page is a compilation of free cloud applications. Please feel free to recommend your favorite free cloud app and I will add it to the list. Tools Google e-Learning Cloud ComputingWhile  recently reviewing my "best of" posts, I also looked at its top keywords. Many of these are useful online learning tools.

The Changing Face of Work and Workplace Learning

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Cloud computing , while it has been around for a long time, is showing huge impact today. " In July 2010, Rackspace Hosting and NASA jointly launched an open-source cloud-software initiative known as OpenStack. The OpenStack project intended to help organizations offer cloud-computing services running on standard hardware. Anything can happen in five years. Maybe.

Free and Easy Chart Creation Tool

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Tools Cloud graphics e-Learning Cloud ComputingHere is a free, practical tool for creating charts. provides an incredibly easy to use web-based tool for creating charts, including bar, pie, line and area charts. You can quickly create a chart, save it, and add it to a course, website or blog. If you want something more sophisticated, stick with Excel.

Toolkit: A New Year for eLearning Tools: A Guide by Joe Ganci

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When it comes to authoring tools, these days we are no longer bound to desktops, hard-drive storage, and optical-disc tool distribution: we have The Cloud. For delivery, cloud computing gives us the ability to reach millions of people with eLearning, at little cost. But authoring tool selection and licensing is confusing to many practitioners. Here is a guide to how it works today! Design & Development Tools Development Strategies Emerging Topics Training Strategies

On The Cloud

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On occasion, I have written about the " Cloud " and have expected to use cloud computing more and more. So, it is time to reflect on how much cloud computing I do. my videos Screenr - creating quick, easy screencasts that I can Tweet and/or embed in my blog ChartGo - this one is new for me, but I like how easy it is to make charts that I can keep on the cloud or save on my hard drive (yes, I have a hard drive too) I think I have established a bit of a residence on the Cloud. Are there cloud apps that you would recommend?

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My New Social Bookmarking Tool

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Here are some of the tags I share the most, which are now available in Diigo: Free_e-Learning Cloud Development_tools Games Captivate SCORM I also added a Diigo widget to this bog. Cloud Social Media Misc. Cloud ComputingI have been a big fan of social bookmarking and my preferred tool for social bookmarking has been Delicious. With the initial rumor that Yahoo will be discontinuing it and now the news they may be selling it ,  I imported my bookmarks to Diigo. It was a very easy process and retained all of my tags. have also inserted a working example below.

Quiz Maker Pro Give Away

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Assessment Tools e-Learning Cloud ComputingProProfs has been nice enough to give one of our lucky readers a free copy of Quiz Maker Pro. They created a sample quiz, which if you score 100% you will be included in our drawing for a free one year copy. Below is the link to the quiz, which will give you a good feel of what can be done with Quiz Maker in addition to moving you closer to winning your free copy for one year. How Teachers Can Use Web 2.0 In The Classroom (Quiz Maker) The deadline is December 27, 2010. Good luck!

4 New Complementary Captivate Themes

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With 15 different layouts, it’s a great template for less serious material or maybe even to discuss cloud computing. Creating visually explosive eLearning in Adobe Captivate 9 can be a tough if you’re not experienced with graphic design. We believe that templates should both help you save development time and make you look good while doing it. Let’s have a look.