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Active Learning in the Online Classroom: Examples and Ideas

eLearning Acupuncture

Someone recently told me that they heard of an approach where all the boring content delivery lecture material is put online so that more active learning can take place in the classroom. They then asked me if this was the best approach for online learning? What they were describing is blended learning or the “flipped” classroom approach. Do you have something to add? If so, leave a comment below.

MUST READ: Teaching in a Digital Age

eLearning Acupuncture

Ok - full disclosure. I'm a big fan of Dr. Tony Bates. won't go into the details why except to say, you'll be a fan of his soon. Check out his bio if you want to know more). The reason you will be a fan of his is because you are going to read his book Teaching in a Digital Age. Don't go to Amazon, Chapters, Barns & Noble, or Walmart to find the book. The book is free. See why I am a fan of his?)

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Your TOP 5 Favourite EdTech Tools for Online Education

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I was asked recently to do a presentation about educational technology tools for online education. Before I rolled right into my Top 5 Favourite Tools, I made sure I spent some time encouraging my audience to consider the criteria for selecting the tools first. These are the criteria I use: Criteria 1. Choose a tool that allows your distance students to study anytime, anywhere. Criteria 2.

Undergraduate Students and Technology 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The Educause Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR) have released their Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology for 2013. They surveyed over 100,000 undergraduate students at more than 250 college/university sites in 14 countries. The full text of the 49 page report can be found here. What do you think about this information? Does it resonate with you in your profession

Quality Control process for E-Learning

curricula and lead corporate-wide implementations of learning technologies. GUIDE TO CREATING A. QUALITY ASSURANCE. PROCESS. FRESH EYE REVIEWS. 401 S. LASALLE ST., 1600M. CHICAGO, IL 60605. 312-772-1777. WWW.FRESHEYEREVIEWS.COM. FRESHEYEREVIEWS. Guide to Creating a Quality Assurance Process 2. Copyright © 2016 Focus Learning Solutions, LLC. INTRODUCTION. Let’s begin with a few definitions.

Must Watch: The best Prezi of the Year!

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No small accomplishment for what started as a collaborative effort from a World History teacher (Burvall) and a technology specialist (Mahelona), both from Hawaii. No wonder the resulting prezi made Educational Technology scholars, academics and practitioners from around the world rub elbows that early in the morning on October 19 2011. There you go! If so, leave a comment below.

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Should I buy books about technology in education? Answer: NO!

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I received a great question over the weekend asking if I could “ help finding a good book about technology in post secondary education ” and I had to take a couple of days to think about it. have some fantastic books on the shelf about Instructional Design but I have very few about Educational Technology. Technological tools and strategies change faster than print.

Week 1 Teaching Online is Critical - A Recipe for Making the Connection with your Learners

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It''s a very important topic in technology-mediated distance education. Connecting with Learners is the topic of Week 2 for the Teaching Online MOOC. Setting the tone from the beginning is an effective way to close the transactional distance between the instructor and the students, who many never meet each other physically during the semester. How do you do it effectively? Part 2. Part 3.

How To Teach Online - MOOC - Week 1

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How will you overcome the fear of learning in the open and the frustration of using new technology? The MOOC for How To Teach Online (#tomooc) has begun. Naturally, the 1st week’s activities are pretty general. They have questions for learners to answer on their blog, so I’ll do it below: What is your intention for this course (why are you here)? What issues do you think are important? How will you contribute? How would you like to see community develop among participants? These types of courses are new for most people. In fact about 90% don’t even participate. Learning is fun.

Are your managers ready for a world without formal performance reviews?

solution that combines best-in-class learning design, content and technology to. SETTING. EXPECTATIONS: My team members are clear on. their roles & responsibilities. 2. DELEGATING: I effectively identify tasks that. others can take on to develop their. capabilities and free my time for. more strategic activities. 3. COACHING: I support my team members by. challenging and encouraging them.

Technology in the Classroom – Hindrance or Help?

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Our world would come to a standstill without technology, so why are we even asking the question if it would be more of hindrance than help in a classroom? The fact is that technology is good when used in the right way, but when you don’t know how to use it or if you use it for the wrong purposes, then it is more a destructive weapon than a constructive tool. When it comes to the school classroom, there’s a reason why technology should be restricted. Again, the answer to these questions lies with the people who use and benefit from (or lose through) this technology.

Implications for Online Learning - 2012 Canada Copyright Reform

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It is important to note that unlike my last post on the subject of Copyright Reform in Canada that this document by Contact North also explains five Supreme Court of Canada decisions that took place in July 2002 that contribute towards an expanded definition of "Fair Dealing", technology neutrality and a strong endorsement of end user rights. Hot off the presses! Refreshing!

Is ‘Simple’ a four letter word in eLearning? Are bells & whistles blinding us?

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Simple designs that demonstrate consistent and logical links between the objectives of the course all the way through to the types of assessments presented to the learner while using appropriate technology to support these logical linkages can avoid the ‘cognitive overload’ phenomenon that overwhelms some learners. tools, more textbook publisher resources, etc. Should it be “more is better”?

Is Google good for education? Take a LitTrip or explore an Art Museum thanks to Google

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Using the Google Street View technology, students can explore museums and access high resolution images of artwork. Ben Daley, Chief Academic Officer and COO at High Tech High, has recently posted a lovely list of 24 Google products that have an application to the field of education. However, there are many on this list that are new to me. It won a Microsoft Education Award in 2010!

Ditching the formal performance review? Kineo shares 3 Elements for Success

While there is a slew of new technologies (see below) that attempt. new technology or process. Just putting in a new technology. use of technology, while also building. technology landscape for feedback and. interesting technologies can help an. implementing new technology for. thing is to remember that technology. If you make a technology. there’s nothing worse than technology. on technology and process. From Performance Management. to Performance Development eGuide 2Part 2: A Roadmap. more real-time dynamic approach.

5(+1) Biggest Mistakes in Online Education

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He goes on to caution us that 21st century technology should not replace the requirement for student-instructor interaction. The presentation is a good reminder that educational models that put the learner first, the instructor second, and the technology third are models that are congruent with long proven educational concepts. Have a look at the slides below. Why or why not?

Use Twitter to Increase your GPA!

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Together these findings suggest that social media and technological supports for the classroom student may be beneficial to junior students. Twitter experimental group). Also, he showed a significant increase in student engagement (as measured by the National Survey of Student Engagement tool ) in the Twitter experimental group when compared to the non-Twitter control group.

Technology Training Videos for Teachers

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Let’s face it, whether you are a teacher, instructional designer, teaching assistant or multimedia developer, the shear amount of new tools being released on the Internet makes it difficult to stay up to date with what’s new and what can apply best to your specific discipline. He runs a great site called teachertrainingvideos.com.

Are you better than Steve Carell at using technology in the classroom?

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Specifically, it is a class on the topic of integrating technology into the face-to-face classroom. Be cautious about using technology in the classroom; do not use technology for technology’s sake. Be sure that the use of technology in the classroom serves a specific goal to move you towards accomplishing a course or lesson objective. It’s very funny stuff!

Move Beyond Learning to Applying: A Modern Management Development Program

such as using technology to support structured. what we’re doing and share the technology. own programs using the technology you. 1 kineo.com info@mplus.kineo.com 312-846-6656 Hard to believe that it’s been almost 20 years since the term “eLearning” entered the corpo- rate learning lexicon. And just in the last five years, the velocity at which new solutions have entered.

Mobile Technology: Bigger than the Internet and the PC combined

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Mobile technology is going to change your life and the change has not really begun yet. Tags: mobile technology cellphones learning That's the take home message from Elliot Soloway (Professor, Univ. of Michigan) and Cathie Norris (Professor, North Texas Univ.). This amazing new resource is available 24/7 in the palm of your hand.

Why are you re-inventing the wheel? Use these education videos!

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Some particularly interesting ones from my perspective were the Physics of the Bike , the Periodic Table of Videos project , and of course the very funny bit that Technology is Awesome but Nobody is Happy. Almost every day something comes across your Twitter feed which is a golden nugget. perfect little resource, tool or story that can help you in your practice of being an educator.

Quickly and Easily Create a Historical Timeline Handout

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I know that this blog talks about educational technology and that the readership often examines these postings to receive tips on how to use new tools for learning. But sometimes, I am compelled to write about an old tool particularly if the old tool can be used quickly and easily to create something useful. So if you have never used Excel before you can still accomplish this task easily.


eLearning – do we know what the heck we are doing? Are we in a rut?

eLearning Acupuncture

Trent Batson, executive director of The Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning , has just published a thought provoking article in Campus Technology (dated 19 Jan 2011). As a practitioner in the field of eLearning I read Trent’s article with great interest. Many of the points he touched upon really rang true to me. Why do I do this? Leave a comment below.

The Performance Management Storm: Four Macro-Trends Driving the Change

like technological breakthroughs, global. 1Why Your Company Will Need to. Rethink Performance Management eGuide Part 1: The Argument. for Change 2 3About this Guide Organizations are increasingly. moving from traditional performance. management systems (organized as. an annual review process) to newer. performance development systems. organized around real-time dynamics). happening now.

e-Learning Acupuncture: Technology, Colleges and Community Online Conference

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skip to main | skip to sidebar e-Learning Acupuncture Erics ramblings, experiences and random thoughts about e-Learning, distance education and Educational Technology. Thursday, December 20, 2007 Technology, Colleges and Community Online Conference I live in Canada and these days everywhere I look, I see snow. Technology in the Classroom – Hindrance or Help? Are educat.

Dissection: What's a PLN?

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Skip Via , an Instructional Technology professor at the University of Alaska, has createda nice 5 minute video that thoroughly explains the purpose of a PLN, what a PLN is, and he outlines exactly the tools he uses to make his PLN. Have you heard this term - PLN? Personal Learning Network. It's becomming a mainstream word in the field of education. I'll do the same for you here. TweetDeck.

STOP and THINK: What inspires you?

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Many teachers need to learn more about the ever-changing realm of instructional technology so that they can better formulate ways to leverage it as a motivating factor for students. It's an online chronicle of some of the tasty tidbits that inspire me from an educational technology perspective. I've got emails that I haven't even read from 3 days ago! That's what my week has been.

How do I learn to teach online?

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It has four major sections: 1) trends and issues in online learning, 2) examples technology in action in online courses, 3) a brief overview of 25 emerging e-Learning tools that you can use in your teaching, and 4) additional resources for the online teacher. Tags: e-learning tools handbook technology teaching Some think it’s exactly the same as teaching in the classroom.

The Performance Management Storm: Four Macro-Trends Driving the Change

like technological breakthroughs, global. ashx [link] employee-performance-reviews/ [link] Technology-For-2016-Ten-Disruptions-On- The-Horizon.aspx 12 How Kineo Can Help Is your organization moving toward a performance. 1Why Your Company Will Need to. Rethink Performance Management eGuide Part 1: The Argument. for Change 2 3About this Guide Organizations are increasingly. it happen.

Are you a Tech-Savvy Teacher?

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Twitter : I have learned so much by watching other people's Twitter post on the subject of Educational Technology. love looking at what web pages people in the field of Educational Technology are bookmarking. Have you ever been asked if you are a tech-savvy teacher? Probably not. Have you ever wondered to yourself if you are a tech-savvy teacher? Always check TeacherTube out as well.

2009 Edublogs Awards

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This is our chance to nominate and celebrate 'the achievements of edubloggers, twitterers, podcasters, video makers, online communities, wiki hosts and other web based users of educational technology.' The 2009 Edublog Awards are open for nomination! Nominations close December 8th, 2009.

From World of Warcraft to Second Life – Teaching Science with Immersion and Excursion

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I recently attended the SLOAN-C International Symposium on Emerging Technology Applications for Online Learning in San Francisco. It was an intense conference with many fantastic talks. One particularly interesting talk was done by Mary Anne Clark , a Professor of Biology at Wesleyan University in Texas. Mary Anne’s husband would constantly try to convince her to play WoW with her.

Twitterfall - letting the web work for you

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Type keywords into the search box that you want to monitor such as ‘education’, ‘edtech’, or ‘technology’ and click the checkboxes beside each. Why reinvent the wheel? If you need to use the Internet to do research on a particular topic, you can leverage other people’s research efforts using social media tools (i.e. the stuff of Web 2.0). One example is Twitterfall. So here’s what it does.

Leaving performance reviews behind: Where to start [Guide]

skills and the role technology all play to help you push through. use of technology while also building. learning and technology. 1Making Dynamic Performance. Development a Reality eGuide 3Introduction Does your organization want to adopt. more dynamic approach to managing. performance and developing employees? We see a stampede of organizations. moving in this direction.

Text messaging in your teaching

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Specifically I mean we are not in an age where cell phones are new technology and we train and then deploy new ideas. Cell phones are not new technology to the average North American high school or college/university student. Note: Please welcome this guest post by Scott Morrison – Instructional Designer at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario. Image credit: here.