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The Millennial – An Asset or Liability?

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“Ninety one percent of Millennial expect to stay in a job for less than three years.” This startling finding is contained in a workforce survey by Future Workplace[1]. This means that recent and new entrants to the global workforce will have multiple jobs during their working lifetime, and bearing in mind the ever increasing rate of change and probably multiple careers too. million. References: 1.[link].

Gaming in Corporate Training: Asset or Liability for Employees?


The question is, “Is engaging in serious games at work an asset or a liability for employees?” When eLearning is delivered via a learning management system (LMS), employees can get many of the same benefits of gaming listed earlier including stronger engagement and increased content retention – but without the liabilities. Since then it has maintained its popularity.

Using Bass Ackward Design for Performer Support

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This distinction becomes a liability when we treat performer support as an add-on to training or as an after-the-fact development cycle rather than including it as part of our core design discipline. Knowing what to do…and being equipped [supported] to effectively do what needs done. are the equivalent of comparing great training to the effective application of learning. We train the former.and we support the performer on the latter. Continuous Learning Performer Support ISD LinkedIn performance support performer support PS PSO

Astonishing New Adobe Technology Enables Knowledge Sharing for Everyone

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Losing knowledge because people change jobs, move on or leave is a very expensive liability [.]. There’s an astonishing new technology in the newly released Adobe Presenter 8. Now anyone can easily create compelling personalized videos from the comfort of their own desk. Check out this video to get a sense of what I’m talking about. Adobe Presenter Community eLearning Suite eLearning this week How do I.

Learning Myths From Our Day and Age

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Failing to keep up with new technology and relying on outdated operational methods and techniques is often a much bigger liability, one that no business can afford to take lightly. Learning myths and misconceptions regarding corporate training and development can pose a real obstacle for businesses and organizations seeking to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their staff.

e-Learning and Compliance Training: Strategies for impactful course design


Failing this, an organization is open to a lot of undesirable liability – both in terms of money and credibility. Compliance trainings feature prominently in most organizational training calendars. The technology-aided platform works very well with these mandatory trainings. This also helps the learners connect more with the subject and feel at ease with the technology-aided platform.

Lessons Learnt While Developing An e-Course On ‘Corporate Social Responsibility: A Design Perspective’


Failing this, an organization is exposed to a lot of undesirable liability – both in terms of money and credibility. Growing awareness of the Earth’s inability to sustain our current rate of extravagant and unrestrained development has led to rapid change in the global economic, social, and political climate. At the end, the course explains the benefits of adopting these initiatives.

Cross-platform LMS Integration Strategies

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They can educate association members and staff (which can reduce costs and liabilities), and, just as importantly, they can drive revenue in association business models. Integrating business systems still poses a challenge to CIOs, their technologists and their vendors, but the technological barriers have decreased in recent years for a host of reasons that I describe below. is safer.

Why localized content matters, and how to get started

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It can help give your company a competitive edge, expand your market, avoid liability, and establish a great brand worldwide. You probably already know you need localized content. And you may already be taking steps toward creating content on a global scale. But just because you’re sharing content across the globe, doesn’t guarantee your message will resonate worldwide. Localize your images.

Is Learning a Real Profession?

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You will recognize these as revenue (or income), expense (or cost), assets and liabilities. One of the hallmarks of a profession is a standard language, an agreed-upon framework for measures and common processes. For instance, accounting has a common language, agreed-upon measures, statements and processes. Most accounting measures can be grouped into one of these categories.

Tips for Starting to Freelance

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Professional Liability Insurance. One thing I didn’t initially realize I needed is professional liability and errors and omissions (E&O) insurance. In August, I quit my job as a long-term contractor at Cisco to officially make the leap to freelancing. I did some side projects earlier in the year, but not enough to replace my full-time income. I want to share my experiences and tips from these first three months as an independent contractor for anyone else thinking about making this change. Get a Project First. Put Money in Savings. Be Ready for Delays. Your Tips?

Play to Learn: Where Games and Learning Meet

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In truth, my interest in games was both an asset and a liability socially as a child. I’ve been interested in games and learning long before I became aware of and fascinated by the concept of “games and learning”. As a kid growing up, I loved games in just about all forms – video, board, or anything else. On the one hand, my friends looked to me to be the organizer of a game.

The Link Between BYOD and Increased Productivity


As is the case with any policy, there are pros and cons to BYOD, but many companies find that its assets far outweigh its liabilities. Of all the trends in technology today, BYOD, short for “bring your own device,” is among the most popular. This makes sense considering nearly 100 percent of employed individuals own at least one mobile device that they bring to work on a daily basis.

eLearning Course or Job Aid: Which do your Learners Need?

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Tasks that put the company at greater risk of liability, loss of money, and mistakes are also important areas to focus on in training. Most L&D departments are shifting from “just sit down and take this course” to “just-in-time learning.” ” eLearning is still important, yes, but we are seeing these trends grow: Shorter courses. ” More reference guides.

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Five Things to Include in Your E-Learning Scenarios

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In real life, the consequences of bad decisions can result in the loss of sales, legal liability, or injury. E-Learning scenarios are a great way to challenge your learners with real-life situations and to make your courses more interactive. When designed properly, e-learning scenarios let your learners make their own decisions, and more importantly, learn from their mistakes. Story.

Bullying at Work: EEOC Won’t Take It Anymore

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Most training over the past 30 years has not worked as a prevention tool—it’s been too much about avoiding legal liability. The term “workplace harassment” often conjures images of 1950s-style gender-based pestering where men made women feel uncomfortable and powerless through comments and touch that would not fly in today’s workplace – “Mad Men” style. The issue has become much wider than just gender though, and is recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court. This means that education about and awareness of harassment should be a top priority for organizations. It’s On Us.

3 Employee Training Challenges Solved with Technology (and how to figure out more)

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From the moment recruitment begins till the time when they are independently functioning in their role, new hires remain a financial liability. It’s tempting to think that all of our problems can be solved with technology, but until we reach the singularity , training and development managers will continue to face the challenge of choosing when to use technology and not. Challenge Accepted.

Bring your own

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Concerns have also been voiced about liability and the potential loss, theft or damage of devices while children are inside the boundaries of the school. Mobile learning is on the rise. It was inevitable that the mobile phone would be brought into the classroom, with or without 'permission'. Many children use their mobile phones in class even though school rules forbid them to do so.

4 Reasons Why eLearning Is a Low-Risk Corporate Training Tool


Let’s take a moment to focus in on the benefits and liabilities of eLearning. Training is vital in the workforce today. Zig Ziglar made a great point when he said, “ What’s worse than training your workers and losing them? Not training them and keeping them.” Employees who receive training have obvious advantages over those who don’t. Why Companies Put Off Training Their Employees.

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How to Design Unobtrusive Test Questions

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Interactive Question: ”Should John go and check his personal liability and that of the company in relation to this policy?” Have you experienced turbulence during your most recent air travel? Or when was the last time you drove into a city street where the speed bumps were so horrendous you had to have your car in full stop to avoid damage to it? It is jarring. It is utterly annoying.

Book Review: Curate This! by Steve Rosenbaum

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The book covers a lot of ground, which can be both an asset and a liability. Curation is a field I am extremely passionate about. I find it to be a critical need in an age of ever-increasing information, and I think it’s an incredible opportunity for those that work in the field of education, be it in an academic or organizational setting. That’s where this book comes in.

Challenging the myths surrounding informal learning

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a liability” = no risk, no reward. being in business creates potential liabilities. Jane Hart just alerted me to this post on Blackboard Blog, 5 Myths About Informal Learning. My comment is awaiting moderation, so I’ll repost it here: Right on. I’ve found that optimists view these five things as benefits where pessimists see only red flags. I’m in the optimist camp. Here’s my take: “It’s too unstructured” = it’s open-ended, has room for growth, changes with the times, and let’s people be all they can be. this reinforcement makes lessons stick. it’s ageless. Just Jay

How To Use E-Learning For Compliance Training


Compliance training also covers most liability of the employer; since the employee was trained on these responsibilities, it is part of his or her job to comply. If you are employed, you should know that there are certain rules and regulations governing both your workplace and the profession you are in. The Benefits of E-Learning. Keep It Simple. The Post Heard Around The World. Conclusion.

Starting up on e-learning for your startup


If, for example, you wait until after you grow to put some proper development practices in place, you might end up in a huge mess of a codebase that could be a liability by then. There are only few things in business more challenging and rewarding than running your own startup. The best thing about a startup is of course the chance to create something out of nothing. Photo credit.

Are you Incurring Training Debt?

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Ignoring legislative or regulatory requirements – You might also risk an employee doing a task wrong, which could have dire circumstances for your customers, your company or even create personal liability. I recently read this post about “ HR Debt “, which I strongly encourage you to read. Most startup founders are familiar with the idea of technical debt , whereby poor system design or coding builds problems over time and makes it hard to improve a piece of software. The same thing happens if you hack your way through hiring and management. I call this HR Debt.

Gamification: How It Supports Compliance Online Training for Employees

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This will reduce potential liability for the company. Some employees find compliance training so daunting they would rather sit in a traffic jam, wash a pile of dishes, or even get a root canal. Compliance training can be so dull, boring and tedious that the trainers and trainees alike want to avoid it like the plague. Praise and recognition are major motivating factors in the workplace.

Workplace learning in 10 years

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Single-point sensitive gurus are a liability; everyone has the obligation to share their knowledge with everyone else. The Learning Circuits Big Question for this month is: If you peer inside an organization in 10 years time and you look at how workplace learning is being supported by that organization, what will you see? E-Learning development should be no different.

Effectiveness of E-trainings for Compliance in the Pharma Industry

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On top of this, the liability to adhere to multiple regulations keeps them on their toes. Mobile careers, vast product lines, infinite product launches, obtaining Health Care Practitioners’ (HCPs) appointments, answering their queries, getting prospects – these are just a few job responsibilities of a pharma sales rep. So, how do you train them? Let’s see what they are!

3 Skills for Women That Make Huge Organizational Change


In this way, perfectionism is actually a liability. In 1980, there were no female senior executives in the top 100 businesses in America. . In 1994, there were no female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies ( Pew ). . By 2015, women held 14% of the top five leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies ( CNN ). . In 2016, there were 21 female CEOs, or roughly 4% of the overall ( Fortune ). .

Freelance Instructional Design: More Tips from the Trenches

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Like liability insurance, it’s easily missed until it’s too late. I’ve gotten some great tips from others working as independent consultants or freelance instructional designers in comments on my Getting Started as a Freelance Instructional Designer and Tips for Starting to Freelance posts. I love having so many brilliant and generous people in my network who freely share the wealth of their knowledge. Networking. Rebecca notes that networking is an ongoing process : I think the biggest thing to success in consulting is to cultivate your networks and keep them going.

Stop, Drop & Roll – The Moment of Apply

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We all experience hair on fire moments every single day and our ability to execute a quick action like Stop, Drop & Roll effectively and efficiently translates into effective loss prevention; saved accounts; business liability averted; employee churn prevented; redundant effort and rework minimized, competitive sales closed, material waste minimized…and…and…and. None of these tangible business impacts manifest during Training, and yet we continue to posture Training as the primary driver behind the business outcomes we seek.

Course of the Week Highlight: Prepare for Q4 with an End-of-Year Compliance Refresher


This course covers w hy harassment is a problem for companies , what qualifies as harassment and what does not, harassment prevention, legal liabilities and defenses, organization policy, corrective actions, and addressing complaints. As we move closer to Q4, compliance topics are once again top of mind. Need to get that last minute training in? We can help your company and employees stay safe and legal! With our wide variety of off-the-shelf options, our courses are a quick and easy way to make sure you meet your 2014 compliance goals and deadlines. Start here! . Course of the Week

Root and Branch - Part 2

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Simple, they''re liabilities. What''s amazing is that in the face of such widespread reaction to and recognition of things like a "talent war" and trying to recruit and retain the best and brightest - at the very base level of finances, we still regard and treat people as liabilities. One reason is because it''s hard to look at the ROI on a liability. Maybe org.s

How to Make the Case for a Social LMS

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Skeptics associate it with cat videos, idleness, here-today-gone-tomorrow trends, and, from an organizational standpoint, security and liability issues. I think we can all agree that there’s a paradigm shift going on in learning and development. We’ve moved from event-based training to workflow-based training. We have a skills gap to bridge and talent to retain. values. Admins.