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News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 10/24/2010 Free Stock Photos Sites for e-Learning As an e-Learning developer I had to invest a lot of time to find images for my e-Learning projects. I am sure that the most of us work with tight budgets and limited resources. Stock images are in the public domain.

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Setting the Mood: Top Tips for Adding Stock Music to Your E-Learning

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It actually generated applause in the middle of the session, and I guarantee that wasn’t due to its cutting-edge custom photography, innovative special effects, or vibrant color scheme! Depending on the source, stock music can be expensive and in a climate in which it’s hard to get any purchases approved, it may be viewed as frivolous. Here are my top tips for finding and working with stock music. Sound effects bear a mention here, as well… Need I say more than “Remember the early days of PowerPoint”? Editing can be intimidating if it’s not already in your skill set.

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19 Kick-Butt Tools for ELearning


Creative Commons: The never ending search for stock photography – may as well start at the source! 7. Stock Exchange: See a theme yet? Morguefile is another place to find some pretty sleek free stock images. Free Sounds: Elearning needs sound, may as well get some free stock sounds. Font Squirrel: Great little site to find the font you need for your templates, be it PowerPoint or another form. Everyone likes nifty tips, tricks, and tools – so how about 19 of them! Many of them are free! GreenShot: a perfect alternative to Snagit.

WAR: Articulate Storyline Losing Battle to Adobe Captivate


Their WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) approach, and intuative integration to the extremely familiar Microsoft PowerPoint, enables even beginners the ability to create professional looking e-Learning, fast. The fact that Storyline is married to PowerPoint is both good and bad.  What I like about this is that it makes price pretty much a wash as both are around the tune of$1400.

Make Learning An Experience. Blend It! | Social Learning Blog

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Software tools such as Articulate Presenter or Adobe Presenter allow you to transition your current PowerPoint into a streamlined e-Learning modules complete with narration, interactive quizzes, and Flash-based output compression. Outside of work I enjoy several hobbies including camping, travel and photography. Blend It! We make the learning experience as real to them as possible.

6 Mistakes you should never make as a Presenter

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Don't just start slamming slides together I find it really strange how the first thing prospective presenters do, is to get into Powerpoint and start slamming slides together. Powerpoint, Keynote and Prezi support embedded video quite well so why not make use of this capability? In today's blogpost I want to touch upon one of my other favourite topics - presentations. Never! Never!

Tips for do-it-yourself artists

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In Little known ways to create your own graphics using PowerPoint , Tom Kuhlman showed us how to edit Microsoft clip art in PowerPoint to shape it to your own needs. didn't know you could do it, but I've just tried in PowerPoint 2007 and you certainly can. In Move over stock photos, Poser's here , Cathy Moore looks at alternatives to stock photos, in which, she complains, the girls are always too thin, too pretty and too happy. Monday was graphics day. You can also pick up a shape from one piece of clip art and insert it in another.


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Overall, results were measured by the number of courses that made it from a facilitators guide to the LMS at the lowest possible costs measured against production hours, stock photography purchases and additional matter—music or more robust narration for example. When I dove a bit deeper and asked what types of content and at what level of cognitive learning were they building with PowerPoint based tools (there, I said it) they admitted these were – to use one phrase – quick and dirty but they could at least turn a small profit and churn dollars through the company. Not so.

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