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SharePoint – Social Learning Savior?

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In today’s corporate world, you can not toss a rock in any direction without someone mentioning SharePoint as the glorious solution for social learning and in many cases a LMS. The social learning savior or a hero waiting to save the learner in distress? The first thing to realize is that SharePoint is not an out of the box solution, nor turnkey by any stretch of the imagination. Sure, Sony has found great success with SharePoint, but take a look at the resources available to them. For social learning, this slew of items – documents, files, etc.

Social Media vs. Social Learning

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We also use tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media. In a lot of cases, we are using internal corporate social media tools to collaborate. This has included reading some books, attending some webinars, and talking with other learning professionals about how they are making social media work in a learning environment. So why not plan for social collaboration within your instructional design? --4-- Many are using Microsoft SharePoint, which includes discussion threads, wikis, and blogs, or using other similar collaboration tools. eLearning Blog

Top 10 LMSs for 2013

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Still listed as a social learning management system, they have made some new strides that really work for me. The best SharePoint LMS on the market. Yes, there is a still market for SharePoint systems and I recommend finding a system already built on it, rather than doing it yourself (which many people do). Easy to use interface – which often does not happen with SharePoint LMSs. Social learning. Works with SharePoint 2007 and 2010. No SaaS solution, but this is not unusual in the SharePoint market – I hope that changes. No spin.

Top Social Learning LMS Features

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In 2016, most people are accustomed to social media and the conventions associated with profiles, friends, posts, liking and sharing. But how are these new social business behaviors influencing social learning features of today’s learning management systems (LMS)? Here is what we found: What’s Going on with the Social Learning LMS? Proof of Change?

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SharePoint Social Learning Experience

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I had a great conversation last week that sparked an early stage idea for what I think would be a wonderful way for learning and development organizations to leverage SharePoint better. for Marketing – Social Learning Experience The concept is probably easiest to understand by considering what HP did around their course on Web 2.0 HP Web 2.0 for Marketing. for HP’s marketing efforts.

Evaluating Social Learning

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There are people looking at applying the Kirkpatrick model, there are people measuring the use of social learning tools, and there are people talking about something similar to Brinkerhoff’s Success Case Method. and his take on using Kirkpatrick’s four levels to create and evaluate social learning. So how does he apply the model to creating and evaluating social learning?

What Universities Must Learn About Social Networks

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What Universities Must Learning About Social Networks. Increasingly, businesses are looking to more social approaches to employee learning and development. THE ISSUE IS NOT whether you are going to become a socially networked university but how soon. Businesses are being transformed into social businesses. You have four or five options for turning on your social network.

SharePoint Update

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SharePoint in Corporate Learning One of the hardest things for me to find are good examples of how people are really using web 2.0 This is a great opportunity to hear lots of examples of what they are doing with SharePoint around Corporate Learning in a wide variety of organizations. Michael Palko Solution Education Manager The Healthcare Business of Thomson Reuters Michael will talk about how he's using SharePoint to manage The Training Space, an internal learning community that connects and "cross pollinates" teams. inside organizations. Register Here. has to offer.

Part 1: Driving Social Learning

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No matter how they define it, learning executives seem to agree that jumping on the social learning bandwagon just because everyone else is doing it is counterintuitive. No matter how they define it, learning executives seem to agree that jumping on the social learning bandwagon just because everyone else is doing it is counterintuitive; it needs to serve a purpose. Rather than gravitating toward the bells and whistles of a new or popular product on the market, it’s incumbent to first identify a business problem that social learning can solve. “For example if.

Can Learnist Hold the Key to Enterprise Social Learning?

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Now, I realize there have been a plethora of social learning tools introduced in the last couple years that tout themselves as the application that will revolutionize peer to peer information exchange. Some have even been fairly successful, such as Yammer , Bloomfire , or Microsoft SharePoint. social learning augmented reality Grockit learning portal Learnist LMS

Competentum launches ShareKnowledge LMS 3.1 for Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 at DevLearn|10 by Learning Solutions Staff

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management system (LMS) based on Microsoft® Corporation’s SharePoint® 2010 and 2007 versions, that is specifically. Tags: Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS) Social Media Tools At DevLearn 2010 in San Francisco, November 3-5, Competentum launches the newest, most advanced learning. designed for corporate e-Learning.

Sharepoint for Learning and Communication: How can corporate learning and development staff use it more effectively?

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What does Hoarders have to do with Sharepoint collaboration spaces and training? Don’t get me wrong, SharePoint is tool that can work to support learning quite well. I’m going to address two common issues that arise when using collaboration spaces (whether SharePoint or another tool) 1) Organizing the content and 2) Building community. Get organized. Start small.

What’s Your Learning Tool Stack?

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Here we (should) see organization wide Enterprise Social Networks like Jive and Yammer, etc. Also enterprise wide portal tools like Sharepoint. meta-learning social technologyI woke up this morning thinking about the tools we use at various levels. Yeah, my life is exciting ;). So, of course, I created a diagram. Or, of course, the ones others use in your org. Maybe OneNote?

Social Software Adoption

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Not surprising, the terms most closely associated with Adoption are Adoption of Social Software and Adoption of Enterprise 2.0. There are some great resources on this such as: Ten tips for choosing & using social software Adoption of Web 2.0 Revisited Social Media - The Challenge of Adoption - Rob’s Dummies Guide The secret sauce to successful Enterprise 2.0 Web 2.0

The Impact of Social Media in the Workplace

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Social media continues to grow, as do the discussions regarding its application within the realm of business and learning. There are various interpretations of social media, whether it is specific to networking and web 2.0 technologies or spans the use of any existing technology that enhances social relationships. Social media, however, has many benefits to business, especially the evident advancements in collaboration and communication. Let’s first review the term, “social media.” What other ways have you used social media for business or learning purposes?

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Social Collaboration and JIT Learning

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Social learning technology enables users to search and connect with the appropriate people at the point of need. Social learning technologies not only have the potential to drive collaboration within the enterprise, they enable learners to access the information they need in real time. “Because of the social technologies, we’re just now starting to do that — we’re able to determine when [Employee A] goes and responds to a lot of topics or authors a lot of content around a particular area. The concept isn’t new.

Social Learning Tools Should Not be Separate from Enterprise 2.0

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With the recent launch of InGenius by SkillSoft, I believe it’s time again to raise a pretty important question: Where do Social Learning Tools belong? My contention (as expressed in LMS and Social Learning ) is that most of the vendors are getting this wrong. This could be: SharePoint, Yammer, Confluence, etc. John Ambrose in Social Learning Will Fill Enterprise 2.0’s

Training and Social Media Taught Me to Tie a Tie

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This method of knowledge sharing has worked fine for years (because there were really no other options) but I think with the momentum of social media, employees are going to push to change this. But what is new is the social media component. The social media component provides the medium for discussions about the learning, the discussion that is as equally as valuable as the learning event itself. When a course is intergraded on a social media platform, learners can interact. Resource Article: Get Serious About Social Learning by Focusing on What Matters ).

Do you know your E-learning Buckets?

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In the past I've used systems like wikis, Lotus Notes, and SharePoint to serve as knowledge management systems. Social and Collaborative Learning. Social learning environments are great ways for employees or experts to collaborate with each other and share experiences. Social environments I used a lot include Linked In and Twitter. eLearning Blog Collaborative Learning virtual classroom Knowledge Management Self-Paced Learning Multimedia Social Learning EPSS eLearning SimulationBy Jonathan Shoaf. I've discovered recently I don't like the term e-learning.

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Learning Solutions Series: Social Learning Appealing, but Not Widely Used


Over the course of the last few years, there’s been a lot of conversation about “social” learning and its rise in popularity. However, the application of social learning is slow, and may not even take off at all, over the long term. What is social learning, and will we see more of it in coming years? Despite social media’s popularity for personal use, only 11.4%

Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) for Managing Course Assets

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They have Articulate courses, classroom courses, SharePoint sites, etc. And they currently manage all of this using what I’ve seen at a lot of companies: network drives, naming conventions, some SharePoint. In Digital Asset Management – LCMS, ECM and SharePoint , I talk to how ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions might be a better fit for parts of this. But I’ve seen organizations cobble together solutions using SharePoint more than I’ve seen LCMS solutions. Or are they really using SharePoint or other ECM products for that? Sound familiar?


Selling Social Learning – Be a Jack

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I was just reading a post - Top 5 tips to gain buy in for learning with social media. And the key in selling social learning / learning communities was the simple explanation of what they are in a value proposition. The tips were many of the usual suspects (click on the link for details): Build a solid measurable plan Do your research and put it to the test Choose your words carefully Blitz the stigma Educate the decision makers This is good stuff, but it also got me to thinking that this might be way more complicated than it really needs to be. What does this mean? Absolutely!

6 Ways to Add Sizzle to Your Classroom

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You can do this using a variety of very easy to use (and set-up) tools – Free tools such as Diigo , Tumblr , FaceBook, Blogger, PBWiki or Enterprise tools such as SharePoint, Jive , Yammer or SocialCast. Last week I wrote about the “6 Stupid Classroom Rules Learning Professionals Still Use” Apparently I hit a nerve, but what’s important is we had some good debate.

#HRTECH Learning Vendors Preview – Who to see and who to avoid

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They actually have two learning management systems, but for whatever reason, they are pitching their SharePoint version. In the world of SharePoint LMSs (defined as those who are built on SharePoint, rather than API or interface to SharePoint), ELF’s system works. . I mean if you are a hardcore SharePoint person who wants an LMS built on SharePoint, then ELF is a serious contender (there is really only one other who is close, but they are not at HR Tech, so sorry, no name mentioning). Social arrived late for them as well. . It is HR Tech.

What's on Your Social Wish List?

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Imagine a senior executive in your company returns from Thanksgiving weekend having read white papers from IBM that say social business is the next step in the overall evolution of business. Social business is the flavor of the day in the C-suites of the Fortune 500. Front-running companies are installing social networks such as Chatter, Jive, Connections, Socialcast, Yammer, Socialtext, SharePoint, Ideo and HootSuite like there’s no tomorrow. You appreciate that social business — connecting everyone in the organization in networks — makes sense.

Enterprise Content Sucks & You’re Not Doing Anything to Change It


How do we unglue ourselves from the age of SharePoint, overgrown wikis, and static files like PDFs and Word Docs? Websites consist of videos, images, and social activities that stimulates and engages the reader. It’s no surprise that enterprise applications that have been built with the end user in mind have made the strongest impact on our workday productivity. Slack has changed the way we communicate; Google Drive simplifies document creation, and Concur allows for quick, on-the-road expense submissions. But what about enterprise content? Are you up for the challenge? Trends

Social Learning: Top Down Versus Bottom Up

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Examples of this type of technology include Jive and SharePoint. A lot of the communication that happens on such platforms tends to be of a non-business nature, such as interactions among affinity groups or dialogue about social activities. On the other hand, bottom-up technologies enable social collaboration to happen from a grassroots level about the content itself, Ambrose said. Skillsoft went this route with its inGenius social product. Companies look at pricing, product features and ease of use when determining the L&D technology that is right for them.

Using Kirkpatrick's Four Levels to Create and Evaluate Informal & Social Learning Processes

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In my last post, The Tools of Our Craft , I wrote how the Four Level Evaluation model is best used by flipping it upside down and that it can be used to evaluate informal and social learning. In this post, I want to expand on the second point—evaluating informal and social learning. Note that this post uses as actual problem that is based on informal and social learning for the solution. Starting with a focused project and then letting demand drive additional initiatives is normally the best way to start implementing social and informal learning processes.

Presentations in the cloud

Clive on Learning

More interestingly, dpcloud's Facebook and LinkedIn versions can also incorporate all of those platforms' social media features, allowing the presentation to act as catalyst for an on-going discussion. A week or so back I was given a sneak preview of a new tool for distributing recorded presentations online called dpcloud. The media with accompanying audio. Got to have a go. presentation

E-Learning = Innovation = Science

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Of course the question might not revolve around mobile learning, but rather gamification, or enterprise social networking, or flipped classrooms, or whatever the hot topic may be. Have you ever been to a conference where the presenter asks the audience, “Who’s implemented a mobile learning strategy?”, ”, and only 2 or 3 people raise their hand? I know you have.

LMS and Social Learning

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As a follow on to the discussion of social learning and formal learning in Long Live … great post by BJ Schone - Have LMSs Jumped The Shark? We’ve recently seen LMSs shift to include more functionality, such as wikis, blogs, social networking, etc. And when it comes to social networking, as a co-worker put it, “Do they really think I’m going to create a ‘friends’ list in the LMS?

The Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 list is revealed

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Once again the list is dominated by free online social tools. In their jobs, workplace learning professionals continue to make heavy use of e-learning authoring tools as well as web conferencing tools (which are on the rise this year by the way), whereas their own personal/professional toolsets include a wider range of social and other tools. Enjoy! Top Tools 2012

‘Konnect’ to Liberate Learning from LMS

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Konnect is compatible with external systems such as Sharepoint, Moodle, Jive, and Salesforce with customized connectors. This approach enables the capture of learning metrics that takes place through social learning activities. How do organizations track the progress of learning? Have you felt that the tools and methods used to monitor this aspect are archaic?

Top 5 eLearning Skills for 2011

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These rapid development tools are where video, graphics, narrative and text come to get ready for an LMS or a web or SharePoint deployment. Social Media. Social learning is still finding its place in corporate elearning. Some elearning tools are already integrating social media for social learning use–like the LMS software, TOPYX. Graphic Design.