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Become a Google power-user

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“Search engines are the backbone of everyday Internet use, but are you aware of the hidden tips and tricks available to improve your search? Here are some pointers that’ll save you Googling ‘how to Google’ ” I’ve seen this before, a while ago, and lost it. Technology Google Infographic Search Search EnginePower of the Internet.

TechSmith Snagit for Google Chrome™ Beta Available Now!

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*Video from the  Live Google+ Hangout on Air will be posted here later today. We are excited for the upcoming release of TechSmith Snagit for Google Chrome™! Join Join us today for our  Live Google+ Hangout on Air  at 4:00 pm EST. Talk with  Troy Stein — Education Solutions Specialist, Kelly Rush — Product Marketing Manager, and Brian Bennett — Customer Solutions Engineer.

TechSmithies Go Google+

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Google+ is here. What is Google+?". Google+ is a hybrid of the various social tools many people are already using on the web. It's Google's attempt to do social media better than the rest. Posts shared on Google+ are not subject to a character limit and are editable after they're posted. Just remember: we are individuals, too. TechSmith 38

How Google is Changing Education


There is no doubt Google has a huge impact on education. million: value of scholarships granted to 2,100 university students; 100 million +: number of views of Khan Academy video lessons on YouTube; 500,000+: videos in YouTube EDU; 15 million +: Volumes scanned in Google Books (An estimated 10% of the books printed since the Gutenberg Bible). Google is even changing our brains.

Think Like an Engineer & MOOCify (Prof Mushtak Al-Atabi)


" 33% of the S&P 500 CEOs'' undergraduate degrees are in engineering , and only 11% are in business administration." - Business Insider 2013 PROF MUSHTAK AL-ATABI Professor Mushtak Al-Atabi is currently the Dean of School of Engineering at Taylor''s University, Malaysia. THINK LIKE AN ENGINEER Why should you read Think Like an Engineer ? So, why this book?

Set Up Google+ Authorship and Get Visible!


We at OpenSesame spend a considerable amount of effort and time making your courses available in the search engines whenever your potential customers are looking for them. The short answer to that is yes, there are many things, but for today let’s focus on a quick way to help make your course stand out even more in Google. Allow me to introduce you to Google+ Authorship!

How INNOVATION Is Driving Today’s Workplaces


Google : Google allows their staff to spend 30% of their time pursuing their own creative interests; this has lead to innovative ideas such as Google Maps and Google AdSense, which have genuinely changed the way we live and made Google more than a search engine. THE JOURNEY: Innovation is driving today’s businesses and workplaces around the world. Videos.

The question I didn’t want Google to help me with

Dont Waste Your Time

It’s become too easy to rely on a search engine algorithm to get an answer that ordinarily I’d know, or at least be able to work out with a little time and brain power. Which is why I am so proud of myself – this weekend I figured out something quite trivial without the help of Google. yes, Google would’ve been quicker, but certainly not as much fun!

Top 3 E-Learning Programs To Become A Power Searcher


Here are a few interesting facts (adapted from various research reports) related to the amount of time that we spend searching for information on the World Wide Web (WWW): Google is the most visited web site in the world. 43.78% of Internet users visit Google daily. Any particular visitor visits Google 13.5 times in a given day; he/she stays on Google for 12:02 minutes.

How To Dethrone Google, and Who Will Likely Do It (Hint: Not Facebook)

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As Google already is, they must fight to maintain the value that they have built for their market. Google understands that to be successful in the tech world they must maintain value but also add value. Originally posted by Derek Brown on LinkedIn How To Dethrone Google, and Who Will Likely Do It (Hint: Not Facebook). Someone will dethrone Google, not just compete with them.

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Google Plus – its really all about *you*

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Google has released a new social media platform called Google Plus (g+). If you are interested in a HOW-TO document for g+ check out this crowd-sourced Google doc (its a work in progress.). Connecting to everyone: Depending on how you have your Google account privacy set up – anyone can talk to you, and you can talk to anyone.One of the first times I fired up a Hangout, Michael Dell was the first one to join me. Several engineers came in because of Michael’s invitation, and I’m still talking to a couple of them. You can Hangout.

The unGoogleable question

Learning with e's

Are there any questions that you cannot Google? education Google learning questions school Search Engine Technology It''s a provocative question I have asked several times to audiences in the last few days. It''s a tough question to answer, as my audiences in Amsterdam and Dublin discovered this week. Try it yourself and see. for teachers? The comments box is open.

Learning And Social Networks

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Google Plus is making waves among technology savvy social networkers. Like so many other Google products, this one is in beta and is gradually opening up to more users. One unique aspect separates Plus from other Google services. It was great to see how Google’s engineers solicited feedback, which they got almost instantaneously and were able to act on it quickly.

How to Use Google+ Hangout for Workplace Collaboration


If you only use Google for their impeccable search engine, you’re missing out on the other Google Google+ Hangout. Google account holders with access to a web camera use this application to video chat with each other. Remote workers foster communication with video chat. Left Good Times Social Learning

Replacing Google Alerts RSS Feeds


Now that Google has discontinued RSS delivery of Google Alerts, in addition to ending their Google Reader RSS Service, many of you may be wondering how to receive RSS feeds for your custom searches. The process is actually quite simple, but one must switch and use Microsoft Bing's Search Engine! Thus, like many people I replaced Google Reader with Feedly.

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Google Chrome and translator to get 1 click translations and increase your PLE and network

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Translate any webpage really quickly Google Chrome is moving up in the browser world and there are many reasons why, a personal favorite is the reason mentioned in a blogpos t by Ivan Boothe who is all into nonprofi and activism. He mentions an initiative by Google to donate (for a limited amount of time) some money to good causes. How cool is that! Restart your computer.

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Google 3D Graphing


Erik, who is finishing up his BSEE this Spring, I learn that there are a few things I do not know about Google. insert into Google): sqrt(x*x+y*y)+3*cos(sqrt(x*x+y*y))+5. knew there was a reason I paid thousands and thousands of dollars to allow Erik to get his engineering degree. to keep me informed about Google's latest tricks! Via my son. Try this!

Optimizing SEO and Your Personal Google Search Results


Do you have a Google account? Do you use Google for your primary search engine? Are you curious about whether your own past search history may be warping what you find (or don't find), when conducting new Google searches (i.e.   Google has recently enabled the ability to turn on and off your personal search results. research)? Why might this be useful?

Google Studies Management and Uncovers. the Fundamentals

Learning on the Leading Edge

An article in the New York Times today describes Google's Project Oxygen, a statistics driven research project to study what makes good managers. Google's People Analytics team apparently studied the attributes of high-performing teams and published the "Eight Habits of Highly Effective Google Managers." " Apparently Google believes that its management style is very unique, so their goal in this effort was to uncover the "secrets" to excellent management at Google. Google's definition of a coach is a bit more limited.). 2.

Google Studies Management and Uncovers. the Fundamentals

Learning on the Leading Edge

An article in the New York Times today describes Google's Project Oxygen, a statistics driven research project to study what makes good managers. Google's People Analytics team apparently studied the attributes of high-performing teams and published the "Eight Habits of Highly Effective Google Managers." " Apparently Google believes that its management style is very unique, so their goal in this effort was to uncover the "secrets" to excellent management at Google. Google's definition of a coach is a bit more limited.). 2.

Nobel Laureate Science and Engineering Lectures


Honeywell sponsors and hosts some great Nobel Laureate Science and Engineering Lectures via their HoneywellEvents YouTube Channel. If these lectures are of interest, Honeywell also has a service dedicated to science and engineering , including these Nobel lectures. You will even find a custom built Google search engine which allows you to find specific Nobel lectures.

Google is failing us: how to manage the information overflow?

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Steve Rosenbaum pointed out in his key note address at DevLearn that search engines like Google become less reliable and that we have to find other ways to manage the information overflow. decided to test Google myself. entered the search term ‘Kasper Spiro’ in Google, searching for images of myself. This is just an illustration that shows that search results are not that reliable as we assume. I’m not sure if the source of the problem are the sites that contain this incorrect information or that Google screws up.

Learn a New Skill: Master Google Search


As we increasingly rely on search engines like Google to find information and tackle projects, learning the tricks of the trade can be invaluable. Here are the top five Google Search tips that can help you dramatically improve your searching and save valuable time: . 1. Google’s search algorithm is excellent at returning the information you’re looking for, even if you are not so sure yourself. For example, Google will return different results for safety and compliance or hazard training than it does for safety and compliance OR hazard training. Think again!

Adobe RoboHelp: Submit Sitemaps to Google

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

After you create a sitemap, you need to tell search engines where they can find your sitemap so that they can use it to index your site. Here is how to submit your sitemap to Google: Go to the  Google Webmaster Tools  page and log in using your Google account. The sitemap is submitted to Google and the search engine will index your help system.

Engineering Learning via the Web


The Northstar Nerd has been remiss in not performing a major update of my engineering learning portal. All of the services shown below have been checked including the addition of their material to my custom built Google search engines. Lego Engineering  - from Tufts University. Stanford Engineering Everywhere. and you will never find a single advertisement.

Google App Engine

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Google Chrome for iOS’ Killer App: A Singular Browsing Experience

mLearning Revolution

From all the amazing news Google shared at this year’s I|O conference, to me the biggest one was the availability of the Google Chrome browser for iPad and iPhone. still immediately made it my mobile web browser of choice. To me, the real killer app is that it allows me to have a singular browsing experience  across most of my connected desktop PCs and mobile devices.

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Work-Learning Research highly ranked on search engines.

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The Work-Learning Research website is ranked as follows: #4 on Google. #4 on Bing. #7 on Yahoo. But still, we are happy that the world-according-to-search-engines (WOTSE) values the research perspective we offer. When searching for "learning research.". Interestingly, we hardly ever get paid to do research. Mostly we get paid to use research wisdom to make practical recommendations, for example in the following areas: Learning Design. Learning. Training. Onboarding. Safety. Learning Evaluation. Organizational Change. Leadership Development. And here's a secret.

Google Campaign Builder and Martians


My more frequent readers know that I am trying to raise my Marvin the Martian Google SEO rating (SEO = Search Engine Optimation). This blog post explains how I conducted my Marvin the Martian SEO Ranking Campaign. I'll show and link the tools (all free), and the resulting insight I gain via Google Analytics. Let's move on to reviewing your data via Google Analytics. 

Cool Visual Search Engines

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I recently came across three really cool visual search engines. This is a search engine with Oomph. The search engine is a little slow though. And it doesn't return the large number of results as say a Google does. Finally, searchCrystal lets you search and compare multiple engines in one place. Tags: Tools Search engines The first is Searchme.

Using a Learning Management System to Gather Good Ideas

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But, this is surely easier to be overlooked by an engineer sitting in a distant office than by a member of road crew leaning against it. Here are some ways to do this: Include a task after a lesson that invites the learner to submit improvements via a wiki, Google Doc, or other online editor. How did this happen? Apparently, You can read about this here  and here. on Monday Nov.

Google Goggles and Mobile Learning

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Yesterday Google released a visual search engine called Google Goggles. This will prove useful for m-learning - users can take a snapshot of any object and Google Goggles will provide relevant information about it. All he need do is take a snapshot and input the image to Google Goggles which will recognize the landmark and retrieve information about it. Tags: Future Learning Innovation Mobile Learning Google goggles mLearning Mobile Technology visual search It is available right now as an application for Android 1.6+ (i.e.

Preparing our children for the future

Learning with e's

This was not actually a question about search engines or the power of the Internet. education entrepreneurialism future Google innovation knowledge learning progressive education school Technology In my last post I asked if there were any unGoogleable questions. Learning through conversation has always been more powerful than learning by rote or instruction. Unported License.

Driver beware

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Boy-wonder/racer – Easy to spot as there is often very little suspension travel as the car has been lowered and heavily modified, you’ll probably hear this car before you see it (stereo or exhaust, or both, in front or from behind),  garish colour respray and stickers for brake pad and engine parts in the rear window or all down the front quarter panel. More than you might think!

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