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Hopes for #Google #MOOC partnership with #EdX

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With a bit of a delay some thoughts on Google''s move towards education ( lining up with EdX for the platform ). It does not come as too much of a surprise, as Google has been exploring education for a longer period of time. Another angle which I find of interest is the Google teacher approach: or how to use Google tools for teachers.

‘Google Maps’ App

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Ever since the upgrade to iOS6 the one thing I, and many more, have missed are the Google Maps. Well, ever since news leaked of Google Maps being ready for the App Store we have been waiting for it’s release. ‘Google Maps’ (iPhone/iPad/iPod) : Thankfully available on the iPhone again, I’ve missed this. ” Google Maps (free):  [link].

Apple, Google, Microsoft, and the Race for Artificial Intelligence


Apple has Siri; Microsoft has Cortana; Amazon has Echo; and Google is looking for Google Home to be the next big thing in artificial intelligence. But Apple hopes to change all that sby banking big and bringing on developers and experts to build out their slow-moving AI division. Google has long been king of giving users what they want before they ask, and Apple hopes to contend in a space that it has been uncharacteristically lagging. Where Apple (and Microsoft and Amazon, for that matter) fall short is that their AI requires human prompts to work.

Google’s Android Training Initiative – Will it boost mLearning?

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On the 15th of December 2011, the Android Developer Relations team at Google launched the beta version of Android Training — a collection of classes to help developers build better Android apps using best practices in a variety of framework topics. This is a move in the right direction by Google, especially since many Smartphone users perceive Android apps to be inferior to Apple’s iOS.

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Apple iPad: Who Is It Really For?

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A Google search on ‘Apple iPad’ throws up an excess of 30 million results! Clearly the Apple iPad has drawn much applause and an equal amount of criticism in the last few weeks. At Upside Learning we’ve been thinking about ways the Apple iPad can be useful for eLearning – especially in the workplace. Apple has this thing about their products.

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24 Hours with the Apple Watch

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My Apple Watch arrived a few days ago. The packaging itself is classically Apple. Also in typical Apple fashion, the instruction manual was a few pages at most, in a dozen languages with lots of photos. In seconds the Apple logo appeared and I walked through the setup process, pairing it with my phone in just minutes. The Missing Google. Start your engines. Check.

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Bad Apple

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So I turned to my trusty adviser, Google, and found that I was not the only one with this problem. Eight days later – just as I’m starting to suspect Apple has ignored me – I receive an email from another support guy. This isn’t the hip and cool Apple I’ve become accustomed to. If I were lucky enough to own Apple shares, I’d sell them.

DevCorner: A TechSmithie’s View of Google I/O 2014

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Like previous Google I/O events, the 7th Annual took place at Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA, June 25-26, 2014. With the big focus on wearables, Google also spoke a lot about unifying your experience across devices, including your car and TV. A big part of Google’s effort for this was the announcement of material design, Android Auto, and Android TV. What’s New? Plenty!

The Real Succession Plan For Steve Jobs: Apple Thinks Different With Apple University

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When such a strong leader steps aside, how does Apple maintain its admired culture of innovation, execution, and business growth? There is more here than turning over the reigns to Tim Cook: Apple has a unique and powerful succession model built on its own experience in leadership, media, and innovation. Apple's Succession Strategy for Jobs: Apple University.

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New kit: Chromecast

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A few months ago I was trying to decide on whether to spend £100 on an Apple TV or £30 on a Google Chromecast. From the laptop it’s as easy as installing  ‘Google Cast’ from the Chrome store to your Chrome browser, connecting the two together, and you’re away. opted for the cheaper, newer, untried, unknown Chromecast. YouTube: Chromecast guided tour.

If Facebook was a country …

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Is there a similarity in these words and where we find ourselves today as we freely give our data, our currency, to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google, SnapChat, Apple, etc.? eLearning Apple Facebook Google Infographic Social Evolution Social Media Social Network Twitter VideoIf Facebook was a country … yeah, but it isn’t. billion.

Bad Apple

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So I turned to my trusty adviser, Google, and found that I was not the only one with this problem. Eight days later – just as I’m starting to suspect Apple has ignored me – I receive an email from another support guy. This isn’t the hip and cool Apple I’ve become accustomed to. It’s the fact that the sticker is so damn hard to remove and the code so easy to damage, that you can only wonder whether Apple is doing it by design. If I were lucky enough to own Apple shares, I’d sell them. Yes, he said fax.

Top 11 Disruptive E-Learning Technologies For 2013


It is interesting to note that, as per Google’s Report ‘The New Multi-screen World’, 90% of our media interactions are screen based. Though wearable devices such as Google Glass are raising privacy concerns presently, it promises a multitude of new learning opportunities for future learners. We see more and more publishers coming in to this market (including Google!). BIG DATA.

Google vs Apple Software Development


I am not an object oriented programmer, but if I was I would take Stanford's free course on how to develop apps for the Apple iPad / iTouch / iPhone environment. Given the huge uptake on this technology, I did watch the 1st session of the Stanford course which gives a techie like me an understanding of the Apple iOS. Starting at 16:41 of the first lecture, the course gives a quick overview of how Apple's development system is constructed. You may read / download the abstracts or the full papers.

Flash to HTML5 – Swiffy From Google

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This has come just in time for mLearning implementers; there is a new tool out in Google Labs called Swiffy that let’s one convert flash animation (swf files) to a device independent HTML5. This also helps us poor elearning developers circumvent the continuous war between Adobe and Apple over flash technology, and allow delivery across devices/platforms. Simply put, this will allow existing libraries of flash animation content to be ported to devices that run iOS – iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Incidentally, Adobe had worked on just such a tool called Wallaby.

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Integrating Social Learning In The Workplace


Amazon, Apple, Google, Netflix, Pandora…. I have been writing about social learning and its related concepts – communities of practices , working out loud and skills for the networked world for quite some time now. Social learning has become a buzzword in the workplace learning space, and every other organization is claiming to have “social learning” as a part of the mix.

Wearable Technology

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It started when Jason shared a tweet about Apple not being able to crack the wearable market with sales of their watch down on expected volume. Secondly, I agree, the icons just look, um, naff! I don’t have, nor want, an Apple Watch for many reasons. Technology Apple Educational Technology Guy Kawasaki Jason Bradbury Learning Simon Finch Watch Wearable Technology

Book Review: “Always On”

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Apple has taken something, developed it, marketed it, and let it loose on the world. You could argue about Apple and Steve Jobs’ intent and whether they knew what they had when it was first released, but it is the inclusion of the App Store and the developments the global community made that have helped steer and mould the direction the iPhone and subsequent smartphones took. .


Wearing out our welcome

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He told the story of how wearing Google Glass became so natural that he often forgot he was wearing it. LT16UK affordances Apple Watcc Culture Google Glass intention learning Learning Technologies new technology perception social interactionHis talk is summarised on his blog. For example, texting in upper case letters is deemed to be SHOUTING. Unported License.

Apple Leads in Tech, But Microsoft Dominates in Diversity


In fact, when you think about revolutionary companies, Google and Apple have become the gold standard, with Microsoft bringing up the rear with an old-school image and sometimes lackluster software offerings. The post Apple Leads in Tech, But Microsoft Dominates in Diversity appeared first on eLearning Mind | Custom eLearning Solutions. We’ll be honest: There are some ways in which Microsoft falls behind other tech giants. But there is one area in which Microsoft has a surprising jump on the competition and a forward-thinking mission operative. Cultural Competency.

Google App Inventor – Can It Boost mLearning?

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Last week Google launched App Inventor a visual development tool to build Android applications. It would be interesting to see if it supports other mobile platforms to in future – that potentially can be a big help to development of cross platform apps.And it would be interesting to see if Apple releases a similar tool to ease out the development for iOS devices. doubt.

iTextbooks? - Apple Gets in on the Digital Textbook Revolution

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As long as I'm posting about digital textbooks, I might as well mention Apple. Rumors are swirling around the Apple invite that has gone out to press saying, “Join us for an education announcement in the Big Apple.” According to the Mashable article Apple is partnering with textbook publishers. Apple is not very good at the social thing yet. they ever intend too.

L&D’s Role In A Purpose Driven Workplace


Take organizations like Google, Apple or Zappos. This post is inspired by the #ihrchat on Twitter hosted by Dr. Tanvi Gautam and supported by Team #ihrchat. The chat was full of insights and learning, as always. Flood of tweets poured in with inputs and suggestions on this thought-provoking topic – Reinventing HR for a Purpose Driven Workplace (PDW). It’s always a result.

Google Chrome for iOS’ Killer App: A Singular Browsing Experience

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From all the amazing news Google shared at this year’s I|O conference, to me the biggest one was the availability of the Google Chrome browser for iPad and iPhone. still immediately made it my mobile web browser of choice. To me, the real killer app is that it allows me to have a singular browsing experience  across most of my connected desktop PCs and mobile devices.

This Week on #TalkTech: Apple Slows Innovation, PKM Not a Technology, and Digital Natives

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Every time we search Google or Youtube, ask a colleague for help, or read an article, we are managing our own knowledge. #TalkTech is the “flipped” approach to Twitter chats.  We publish all the topics a few hours before the chat so you can show up at 3 pm EST / 12 pm PST on Thursdays ready to discuss. Take a look at what we have planned for this week: CNET Live blogged the iPhone Keynote.

Reflecting on the Apple Experience

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I decided to take a break and sit outside the Apple store at the Biltmore in Phoenix today. I sit here with an iPhone 4 in my hands. Not because Google made it that way, but because Apple MADE them make it that way. Point camera at Jobs memorial outside of Apple store. No, Steve Jobs, and Apple, did not invent any of these technologies. Steve Jobs Apple

7 Strategies to Facilitate “Working Out Loud”


Organizations like Google and Apple have become such talent communities attracting the best of the best in their areas of expertise. I spent the greater part of the weekend mulling over the practice of working out loud, what makes some folks adopt the habit with ease while others struggle, and what could be some of the possible enabling factors that support working out loud.

The Evolving Face of Embedded Performance Support


Virgin Atlantic Using Google Glass for Performance Support : This story by Adam Bockler (of Float Learning) narrates the story of Virgin Atlantic that is the first to leverage Google Glass and iBeacons to help personalize travelers’ experiences. Wearable technologies (such as Google Glass and Apple Watch). What are the techniques to achieve the same? What is the trend?

Musing on Google’s Power Searching Course and marketing

Jay Cross

Today I completed Google’s Power Searching Course. Google Earth has a lot more detail than I remember from previous visits. Previously I approached Google searches much like looking something up in an encyclopedia or dictionary. I’d check the term and leave it at that. Dan has been at Google for seven years and lists his job as  ”Uber Tech Lead.”

The Future of Education: EPIC 2020

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free content, pay only for assessment, transferable credits based on ability, Apple buys Amazon, iTunesU becomes the ed app platform, preference matching, Google buys Udacity and Khan Academy, tied to education model, most colleges wait it out as badges replace degrees, residential college campuses are for the children of the wealthy only, Google unleashes EPIC the all-knowing learning system, 2020″ Take it with a pinch of salt, but think about how feasible this scenario is? eLearning Video Amazon EPIC 2020 Google iTunes iTunesU Khan Academy MOOC Open Badges TED

20 Wonderful Resources for Using BLE Beacons in Mobile Learning


Apple’s recently introduced iPhones come embedded with iBeacons. Hybris : This is an amazing video that shows how BLE Beacons could be combined with the power of Google Glass to make customer experiences ‘frictionless’! The response has been awesome and we are now talking to several public museums who want the same thing. The above quote is from our interview with Geoff Stead.

The Nightmarish Tale of App Store Zombies

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million apps in the Apple App Store are zombies. In fact, one in five apps submitted to the Apple App Store is later removed…which adds up to some 350,000 dead apps since the App Store was launched. Instead of pinning all their hopes on getting featured by Apple or Google, savvy developers market their apps both inside and outside the store. Scary, right?

The Corporate University Shift: Why Great Companies Invest in Custom Learning


From Google to Zappos, corporate universities have taken on more meaning than just an afternoon of mandatory video tutorials. Google’s Googleplex: Using play for spontaneous exploration. Apple University: Establishing the “Apple Way” through better culture. Apple sets itself apart by doing things differently, and it expects the same from its army of employees. Apple doesn’t only teach employees how to do things differently, but how to think differently as a fundamental part of their job. The Corporate University: Then and Now. Reinforcing culture.

Big Data, Learning Analytics, and the Learners

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” Here’s the bit that matters (remember, this is 1993 – before Google!!): “Mega-corporations are the new governments; Computer-generated info domains are the new frontiers. Information is power and currency in the virtual world we inhabit,” The cyberpunk movement gave us a fore-warning of Facebook, Google, Apple, etc. Big Data is the new buzzword.

Wearable Technology For Learning

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Several other wearables like Google glass, Apple watch and Fitbit bracelets have specific functionalities though they are constantly upgraded to be multifunctional. Wearable technology also provides an arena for demonstrating concepts with much better in clarity and acceptability- Imagine having to explain intergalactic conceptions with the help of Google glass. How it works?

100 Days and Google’s Material Design: This Week on #BLPLearn

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Google Material Design. It’s no secret that I’m a huge Google fanboy. But these days Apple and Google are seeming more alike than ever… so keep that in mind while I try to sell you on what I believe to be an objectively fantastic style guide for the web: Google’s Material Design. Check back every Thursday. JOIN IN THE FUN. 100 Days.

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Apple Watch – Real Possibilities for Employee Performance Support and Learning

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The much rumoured and much awaited Apple watch is out today. Samsung, Motorola) have already released smartwatches, Apple has once again redefined this category by fusing the hardware and software to create a whole new experience. Watch a video where Apple talks about the vision behind and features of Apple watch. We do need to keep in mind that the Apple watch is a companion device for the iphone. Apple watch may turn out to be the first mainstream wearable technology device. Will I be getting an Apple watch? While other companies (e.g.