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What L&D can learn from the Apple marketing strategy

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Here are some practical tips on how to use marketing techniques to get your employees engaged in training. Apple store. staff, but there’s a lot you can learn from their marketing department. We’re going to run through some ways your L&D team can learn from some of the best marketers in the tech world. Apple is. Evangelist marketing. the fourth.

Welcome to Our New Marketing Team Lead


How about the original Apple “Think Different” TV spot? Throughout my career, I’ve been one of those people that geeks out on great marketing and advertising, no matter where it lives. Portland has such a rich history of innovation and excellence in branding, marketing and advertising, that I feel privileged to be part of it. Who remembers the Nike basketball posters?

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How Apple Killed Flash for eLearning (and What to do with All That Non-Compatible Courseware)


In 2010, Steve Jobs singlehandedly started one of the biggest–OK, maybe the only–software feuds by stating that Apple products wouldn’t support Flash, citing reasons like a high fail rate, lag time, and the overall unnecessary nature of the platform. It was Jobs’ opinion that Apple users wouldn’t miss out on any multimedia just because their devices didn’t support Flash.

Marketing Your eLearning Initiative - Branding


When I did this same exercise at a conference, many in the audience had thought of the same brands: Apple, Starbucks, Disney. Brand personality is why Apple customers wait for hours in line for the latest product or Starbucks patrons pay more for a cup of coffee. In our next post, we will start diving into specific tactics around marketing your elearning via email.

Times are changing – trends in the content authoring tool market

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As the rapid content authoring market continues to grow, new features and capabilities are equally growing. Let me make this very clear: you will lose market share, because if you look at consumer behavior and its favorably towards using apps in the cloud, the companies focused on having their solution in the “cloud&# will win it. . In the content authoring tool market, the number of vendors who offered either mobile learning build capabilities within their tool or offered a stand-alone mobile course authoring tool is 28, of which two are free open source solutions.

Apple iPad: Who Is It Really For?

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A Google search on ‘Apple iPad’ throws up an excess of 30 million results! Clearly the Apple iPad has drawn much applause and an equal amount of criticism in the last few weeks. At Upside Learning we’ve been thinking about ways the Apple iPad can be useful for eLearning – especially in the workplace. Apple has this thing about their products.

Musing on Google’s Power Searching Course and marketing

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Exemplary marketing. ” The same is true in marketing. The Google course is obviously marketing — they are teaching us to make better use of their product. He managed User Experience Research for Apple before going to work for Steve Jobs as head of Apple’s Knowledge Management Technologies Lab. You can narrow a search by date. For me, yes.

How Better Customer Education is the Secret Ingredient for Customer Loyalty


Many eLearning principles are also highly effective when applied to the marketing front, especially when it comes to customer loyalty. The generation that grew up on Apple products and instant gratification through social media expect a high degree of engagement from the brands they love. And millennial customers? They’re a new breed altogether. Explainer Videos. Click To Tweet.

20 Wonderful Resources for Using BLE Beacons in Mobile Learning


There are many companies who manufacture and market beacons. Apple’s recently introduced iPhones come embedded with iBeacons. Guide to iBeacon Hardware : An excellent guide (by Doug Thompson) on the various BLE beacons and devices available in the market today from different vendors with detailed reviews. The above quote is from our interview with Geoff Stead. Getting Started.

All hail the electronic calf

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Insofar as these themes relate to e-learning, the obvious parallel for me is the undue influence of Apple. Don’t believe the hype - The ultra effective marketing campaign by the Apple folks would have you believe that the iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world. This film really resonated with me. Rejoice! That is until the next one comes along. With horns.

15 Great App Preview Videos and a Free Tool for Making Your Own

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Back in June, Apple announced that developers would be able to create and upload a 30-second demo to their App Store listing. And if there’s one thing we marketers know, it’s that people love to tap play buttons. Pro tip: Apple is currently featuring a few apps with previews on the front of the App Store. What are App Previews again? And now they do. With 1.2 Clear.

24 Hours with the Apple Watch

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My Apple Watch arrived a few days ago. The packaging itself is classically Apple. Also in typical Apple fashion, the instruction manual was a few pages at most, in a dozen languages with lots of photos. In seconds the Apple logo appeared and I walked through the setup process, pairing it with my phone in just minutes. Start your engines. Taking it personally. Dick Tracy.

TechSmith AppShow – A Better Way to Show Off and Record iOS Apps

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Marketers will tease their app’s upcoming features. This all changed when Apple introduced a fully-supported iOS screen capture method at WWDC in June. Apple opened up this capability so that iOS developers could create 30-second app preview videos, which will show up in the App Store alongside the app screenshots. News & Events Apple Screencast We have, too.

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Infographic: How to Arrive at a Great App Preview Video

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Apple introduced a set of guidelines during their hour-long session at WWDC that define a limited set of production elements. We believe these constraints will drive new levels of creativity and we’re building a tool called TechSmith AppShow to help developers, designers, trainers, and marketers create amazing App Preview videos within the constraints. ” Constraints.

Adobe Founders Write an Open Letter to Apple

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Adobe co-founders  John Warnock and Chuck Geschke have written an open letter to Apple computer about the lack of support for Flash content on Apple devices (namely the iPhone and iPad). In part, the founders say "As the founders of Adobe, we believe open markets are in the best interest of developers, content owners, and consumers. Freedom of choice on the web has unleashed an explosion of content and transformed how we work, learn, communicate, and, ultimately, express ourselves "

The Nightmarish Tale of App Store Zombies

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million apps in the Apple App Store are zombies. In fact, one in five apps submitted to the Apple App Store is later removed…which adds up to some 350,000 dead apps since the App Store was launched. Instead of pinning all their hopes on getting featured by Apple or Google, savvy developers market their apps both inside and outside the store. Scary, right?

Disruptive activism

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Think of the Apple iPad and other similar touch screen devices introduced in the last year and consider how they have begun to impact upon the world of learning. Disruptive technologies are those that change the market and in most case replace an existing technology. digital photography Apple iPad killer application activism Kodak disruptive technologyUnported License.

Top 5 Learning Technology Trends for 2016

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It is quite possible that by 2016, the augmented reality devices, including Google Glass, Apple Watch etc would become the common tool in our everyday realities [2]. This is the solution for which the market is anticipated to grow quite faster, hitting a smashing figure of 200 million users in just 3 years. Trend # 1 Automation. Trend # 2 Augmented Learning. Trend # 3 Big Data.

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Apples and Pears

Clive on Learning

Now I don't normally get very excited about LMSs but these awards attracted my attention, because in amongst the Sabas and the SumTotals was little ol' open-source Moodle: Award for market share - Small and Medium Corporate Learning Management Systems - Platinum award: Moodle. Award for market share - Education and Government Learning Management Systems - Gold award: Moodle (the Platinum went to Blackboard). Now much as I love Moodle (more of that later), but surely we are comparing apples and pears here - not so much in the education sector, but for corporates.

How to Win with Video for Small Businesses

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Today’s post is guest-authored by Phil Nottingham of Distilled, a creative online marketing company. Screencasts can be fantastic marketing content for small businesses—they’re cheap, easy to do and can provide a great return on investment. Phil Nottingham is a web marketing consultant at Distilled and renowned expert in search engine optimisation for video. 557 tweets.

Apple missing the small picture

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I’ve previously discussed the fight between Apple and Adobe about Flash (e.g. What I was talking about before was the potential to create a market place beyond text, graphics, and media, and to start capitalizing on learning interactivity. Which Apple is blocking, for interactivity. Apple allows cross-platform media players, whether hyperdocs (c.f. Now, I understand that Apple’s rabidly focused on the customer experience ( I like the usability), and limiting development to content is a way to essentially guarantee a vibrant experience.

Do Instructional Designers in the Social Digital Age need an.

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Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS Do Instructional Designers in the Social Digital Age need an Engineering Background? Inkling , an ePublishing start-up based in San Francisco, is about to blow your mind through its reimagination of the textbook for the Social Age. What blows my mind when I see Inkling? What might that mean?

Is the iPad Driving eLearning Towards HTML5?

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The battle between web technologies (read ‘ Apple and Adobe ‘) started a couple of years back when Apple decided to not support Flash on its newly launched iPad terming it buggy. Apple backed HTML5 to be the next big thing and single handedly forced the developer community to take sides. The fact is the iPad has taken a significant lead in the tablets market.

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New from TechSmith Labs: AppShow brings iOS screen recording to Mac

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Create marketing videos for an app. News & Events Apple AppShow Mac Mobile news and events Release Screencasting Today we officially launched TechSmith AppShow as a technical preview within TechSmith Labs. AppShow makes it easy to record an iOS device and create a compelling video. Why use it? You might use it to: Show how to use the features of an app. Help people discover new apps. Give tips for optimizing iOS settings. Enable students to show their work. Why Labs? Why is AppShow a “Labs” project instead of a product we’re charging for? an iOS 8 device.

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Apple Watch – Real Possibilities for Employee Performance Support and Learning

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The much rumoured and much awaited Apple watch is out today. Samsung, Motorola) have already released smartwatches, Apple has once again redefined this category by fusing the hardware and software to create a whole new experience. Watch a video where Apple talks about the vision behind and features of Apple watch. We do need to keep in mind that the Apple watch is a companion device for the iphone. Apple watch may turn out to be the first mainstream wearable technology device. Will I be getting an Apple watch? While other companies (e.g.

Why the iPad and iPhone not supporting Adobe Flash is a Great thing for mLearning

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There’s no other Industry in the world that was more affected by Apple refusing to embrace Adobe Flash in their iOS devices like the eLearning Industry. the learner needs to have the Flash Player installed) and thus making it an interesting challenge for our Industry to make the transition to mobile learning (mLearning), especially because of the market share that Apple commands with the iPad and the iPhone. I don’t have the exact numbers but I would venture to say that more than 98% of all eLearning was/is based on Adobe Flash (i.e. Let me explain.

The CLO as Brand Ambassador

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As a CLO, how can you share your perspective on branding with your C-suite colleagues including the chief marketing officer and the CEO? How can CLOs communicate branding ideas to the chief marketing officer and the CEO? Today, some of the most valuable brands in the world are Apple, Google and Microsoft. How can CLOs promote the organizational brand? With passion and data.

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iOS vs. Android: Which development platform is right for you?


Getting into the mobile application market is a great choice. Developing an application, however, can take months and requires significant capital, so your company may have to prioritize development for one market over another. Phones running on iOS, Apple’s operating system, and Google’s Android make up 95% of recent smartphone sales. Can’t decide which to start with?

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These Stats Bode well for Mobile Learning

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Having said that, here are three very compelling stats that all bode well for mobile learning: Apple recently announced that they had sold 15.4 Apple surpassed Hewlett-Packard in PC sales and revenue. Apple sold 15.4 via Apple Sold More iPads Than HP Sold PCs – John Paczkowski – News – AllThingsD. million iPads. Amazing numbers. million iPads and 5.2

Hacking Siri for Learning

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When Apple launched the iPhone 4S, one of the key differentiators to previous models was the inclusion of Siri. For those who haven’t been bombarded yet by the marketing campaigns, Siri is an intelligent software assistant and a knowledge navigator that essentially functions like a digital personal assistant. To get the official Apple spiel, see here: [link]. Very cool indeed.

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Employee Learning Should Be About Change, Not Continuity

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This used to sound good from a marketing perspective but makes no sense today. They write: In our globalizing world, market shares are shifting fast. Companies that were hardly known ten years ago—often, but not always, from emerging markets—have become not only global challengers but also market leaders in their own right. Examples abound.

Take a Good Look at the Future of Corporate Universities

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Today, these universities are heavily impacted by technological innovations, whether in the production of learning and development activities, in marketing and branding, communication with their stakeholders, maintaining client system loyalty, optimizing their business models or in their resources in general. Annick Renaud-Coulon is chairman of Global CCU Ltd.

Flash Dead for eLearning

Tony Karrer

And now, Adobe Admits: Apple Won, Flash For Mobile is Done, HTML5 is the Future. This is a great opportunity for mobile authoring tools to take a bite out of a much larger market much like the Director to Flash transition did back in the day. My words then: We are hitting a tipping point where you have to question building anything that uses Flash as the delivery mechanism.

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Watch Out For These Trends in Mobile Learning: 2015 And Beyond

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In 2014, Facebook appointed market research company GfK to understand people’s behavior as they move across multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops or PCs , throughout the day. Portable, rechargeable speakers and mobile devices such as Apple iPod Nano andiPod Touch were given to 475 primary teachers in the pilot phase. The shift from Flash to HTML5. First name.

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