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Presenters Podium – practice your talking technique

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Now you can practice online using Presenters Podium as part of your course structure. Presenters Podium gives people the ability to go online, practice a presentation and get peer evaluations. Last Tuesday 21st October I talked to Matt from Presenters Podium. The post Presenters Podium – practice your talking technique appeared first on eLearn Hub. Posted in Tools.

Video: The Change Principle

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The camera starts with a wide shot of the official talking behind the podium. Cut back to the podium before moving to a close-up shot of a camera operator adjusting the focus ring on his camera. Cut back to the podium. We’ve all sat through boring training videos. The 20-minute “talking head” on ethics. Do these sound like your videos? Change the shots!”

7 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement in the Digital Era

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While conventional team meetings can’t be avoided for important and time-sensitive topics, they can still be creative and productive: Share the podium so it’s not a one-way conversation. Digital transformation is an urgent imperative. Today’s talent are either shifting to, or have already become, digital natives. But, leadership is complex during a digital boom. Build trust. Develop others.

Video Production and Learner Engagement in MOOCs

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This finding will probably come as a surprise: Learners engaged more with informal video lectures delivered by an instructor seated behind a desk than with videos produced in a multimillion dollar studio and featuring an instructor standing behind a podium. One of the most significant advantages MOOCs have over ILT and traditional elearning is in how the content is delivered.

Keeping Video Learners Engaged

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While the person behind the podium speaks, the camera will cut after about five seconds to a journalist writing in her notebook for five seconds and then cut back to the speaker. In my last post , I discussed why it’s important to change shots in video—what I call the “Change Principle.” If you didn’t catch this post, here’s a quick summary. Music.

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Writing & Grammar: Parallelism

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The doctor standing by the podium,  Dr. Jasper Caspar,  is a specialist in joint repair. by Jennie Ruby    Use parallel grammatical structures for parallel concepts. That is the grammatical rule called parallelism.   If you are going to use two verbs with one subject, for example, the two verbs have to be parallel in structure. Not parallel : Ben had both  to attend  the ceremony and  was going  to the rehearsal. Parallel : Ben had to both  attend  the ceremony and  go  to the rehearsal. Challenge.

20 World-Class Experts Share Their Top Presentation Tips

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Look, I do not have the greatest vision / eyesight, so I tend to key on ensuring I have a paper copy of my material in hand or a PD tablet to fall back unless I have the laptop on a podium or tablet in front of me and I am controlling the prompts (and not constantly twisting / turning around). Original Article published on Written by Mark Fidelman. Alan Goeman ,

The Basics of eLearning Themes

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A few of the words I came up with are: dog, leash-free, fire hydrant, truck/car, window seat, bones, walks, trees, gate made out of bones, Saint Peter is a Saint Bernard, Podium at gate is made from a bone (or other object), Holes under the gate is the way to get in?, When making eLearning themes, you have to own it. For example, if you work with dogs. Live in the world of dogs.

Resources from my presentation at Innovations in e-learning Symposium

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candidates both get a chance at the podium, good mix of professionals in our field. Once again, hats of to Chris St. John and the group for a wonderful conference at George Mason University. The Innovations in E-Learning Symposium is really a top notch conference, small, intimate but with great attendees and speakers and I really like how both industry old timers (like me) and Ph.D. 2006).

What Buying a Bicycle Would Look Like if We Applied a Typical LMS Selection Strategy

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When making any significant purchase it’s normal to go through a thoughtful consideration of your options. For example, there’s more to choosing the bicycle that’s right for you than having two wheels that spin. Then an ultra-light carbon-fiber road bike may be right for you. Do you have a strong desire to look like a hipster bike messenger? Are you three years old?

Learning must occur in an ecosystem where each individual can both learn and teach

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Traditional formal learning environments have long placed an expert on a podium, who in turn tend to consider learners as sponges needing to absorb his/her expertise. It is no surprise then that e-learning has traditionally reproduced this trend, pushing content to learners who view modules and then are quizzed to measure knowledge retention. 1989). Achieve

Michael Allen – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


I can’t thank these organizations enough for their encouragement and for giving me the privilege to stand at the podium. ABOUT Dr. MICHAEL W. ALLEN (CEO and Chairman, Allen Interactions Inc.). Michael Allen, the CEO of Allen Interactions, is known for pioneering multimedia learning technologies, interactive instructional paradigms, and rapid-prototyping processes—bringing each forward into leading corporate enterprises. He was the founder and CEO of Authorware, a revolutionary eLearning authoring tool. THE INTERVIEW: 1. It’s not that difficult. How exciting is the scenario? I hope so.

The Lectora User’s Conference and my First Big Presentation - Part 9: The Big Moment

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The podium is off to the right side of the picture—but it helps set the stage, so to speak. By Mary Word Lights in my eyes. Don’t say UM. Can they hear me OK? Is the sound on the computer working like it did in the equipment check? Stop worrying and start talking. You’re on. I said there were lights in my eyes… This picture is not from my presentation, of course. Read more. read more

The Lectora User’s Conference and my First Big Presentation - Part 8: LA is one great big freeway…

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cue: ¯ Hoorah for Hollywood …) I kept that Beverly Hilton water bottle from my speaker podium and the slim, elegant red pen with the BEVERLY HILTON in white logo letters. By Mary Word So did I tell you the conference was in Los Angeles? So I guess I also didn’t tell you it was actually in Beverly Hills. At the Beverly Hilton. Pretty cool, huh? Read more. read more

Competition Human Fuel for High Performance

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I feel like I have a great shot to get on the podium again.” But he used that need to push the Olympic star, and push him hard, to propel himself on to the podium. It was one of those truly remarkable 2016 Olympic moments in Rio. Jamaica’s Usain Bolt, Olympic gold medalist, sprinted across the finish line first in the 200m semi-final, with Canada’s Andre DeGrasse right at his side. Finish times in the heat: Bolt, 19.78 seconds; DeGrasse, 19.80. Two one-hundredths of a second. The best part? Both runners’ reactions to DeGrasse’s competitive burst at the end of the heat. seconds.

Experiencing Flipped Classrooms: Using Camtasia Relay to Enhance Learning Experience at Morehouse School of Medicine

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In order to get up and running quickly, the Instructional Technology team at Morehouse School of Medicine has been working with the academic leaders to provide maximum support for academic faculty: Camtasia Relay has been installed in the classrooms’ and the clinical sites’ podium computers, encouraging instructors to record their lectures as they proceed. Equipment and Training. Challenges.

MOOCs won’t make education much cheaper. It will make education much better!

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If the lecture is anything other than an instructor standing behind a podium, then that is a foot forward. On another episode of on e-Literate TV , we have the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the H-STAR institute— Keith Devlin from Stanford University being interviewed by Michael Feldstein. He is one of the early MOOC adopters from Stanford teaching on Coursera LMS.

My elements of style

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They didn’t have a curtain but that better conveys what was going on than my telling you I was whisked up to a veneer portable podium. Caveat lector. As my research shifts focus from informal learning to well-being, I’m gaining new readers. Welcome! Let explain where my blog is coming from. I gave PowerPoint a rest. I became transparent in my work. I began thinking out loud. I’m opinionated.

Mobile Learning: No iPhone required

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One of the most interesting sessions was given by Dr. Cesar Bandera of Cell Podium. As Lisa previously posted, several of us went to the annual SALT conference at the beginning of March. Some of the sessions I was most interested in were the ones on mobile learning. I haven’t ever used my cell to actually learn anything and was interested to see what others in the field were doing in the area. A few things I learned: There weren’t very many examples of real learning (I now know something that I didn’t before and can use that knowledge) shared.

ThoughtWorks: Day 1--Induction with a difference.

ID Reflections

The area around the podium is lit. The ThoughtWorks University sessions started yesterday. An induction with a difference (many differences), it was a refreshing experience for a "veteran" like me. What happens in typical induction programs? A typical Values session experience goes like this. You walk into a semi-dark, fairly large conference room and sit on one of the plush chairs.

Podcasting for E-Learning: Setting Up a Mini-Studio

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Also, you will need to provide a table, podium or a desk for the speaker’s notes or laptop computer. As this is the penultimate post in this series about Podcasting for E-Learning , I’ve linked to two learning organizations with a well-deserved reputation for producing quality podcasts at the end of this post, but before you rush to find out more about SyberWorks’ and Xyleme’s podcasts, read on… If you’re serious about podcasting, consider investing in a mini-studio. A well-equipped mini-studio can be a valuable asset to any learning organization. A mini-studio. Lift shafts.

Guest Blogger, Mark Sheppard: Not Attending ATD ICE? The Backchannel Saves the Day

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But now I turn over the podium to Mark Sheppard Training Coordinator, Northern Lights Canada . ATD International Conference and Expo! In Orlando! In just 6 days! I’ll be there! Oh, shucks – you won’t be? I’m truly sorry to have missed you. Cue sad face). A close network friend of mine won’t be there either. Cue another sad face). But won’t he? Almost.

Blending Online and Classroom Instruction: At the Same Time

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Notice the small web cam on the podium. Last night, Scott came to my class to talk about "Polished Presentations" usually he drives up to Bloomsburg for the presentation but last night, due to a mix up on my part, he was unable to make the 120 mile trip. Due the the distance, this semester we leveraged technology and Scott gave an online far pretty normal stuff.

Keeping Up - April's Big Question

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April's Big Question from Learning Circuits is "How to Keep up?" This is in reference the immense and rapidly expanding technology tools. It is tough to stay on top of all the emerging tools. However, being involved in an e-learning community is a big help. For me it is a blog community and following many experts on Twitter. Not only am I often made aware of new tools, but also get opinions, tips, and examples of their use. You can never keep up with it all, but access to many experts who are also finding and sharing the lastest tech tools make it much less daunting.

The Disconnect As I See It – #LT10UK

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What he says further is even more interesting: “… no vendors would be a fine policy if no conference speaker ever pitched their book, blog or consultancy from the podium”. Learning Technologies 2010 was a great learning experience. Listening to some good speakers and sharing thoughts & ideas with some equally brilliant attendees was delightful. The Disconnect. I agree. What do you think?

A day with a knight

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And finally, Sir John Daniel walked to the podium and outlined the details of VUSSC. I spent some time chatting with Sir John Daniel yesterday at the UNESCO sponsored workshop on Open Educational resources. Sir John was hosting the event, organised by the Commonwealth of Learning, of which he is the President and CEO. I'm grateful to Sir John for a number of reasons.

knowledge and Learning In The News - 8/7/2006

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Podiums, drum kits, and removing barriers to communication -Aug 6, 2006 - Presentation Zen. Most songs are vocally driven. Yes, it is physically possible to sing from behind the drums. But they [audience] want to see you. When you're behind a drum kit, it is very difficult to connect to people. That is why I am out in front." â€" Phil Collins. What Is a Case? Training Media Review. For students used to listening to lectures, the case method changes everything, most of all, the roles of instructor and student. No longer does the instructor assume the mantle of expertise and authority.

e-learning It’s a sprint, not a marathon!

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Try it out on your next course, and see if you can take your learners on a fast track to the podium! Olympic fever is truly taking over. Flags are waving from every window, the TV commentators are getting more and more excitable, and gym memberships are shooting up as people decide that they could be the next Michael Phelps. What makes this even more amazing? Do you really need that?

Bricks & Clicks

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Beyond the Podium (2001) pp. Investors who bought the bubble-era hype about "anywhere, anytime" learning that it would quickly put an end to education as we know it lost tens of millions in the dot-com crash. A key reason -- they wildly underestimated the cost and difficulty of delivering quality E-courses. She continues, "But what would those combinations look like? 281-282

The Immersion and Analysis Continuum in Simple to Complex Environments

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Allison Rossett & Kendra Sheldon defined Analysis as “the study we do in order to figure things out&# ( Beyond the Podium: Delivering Training and Performance to a Digital World ). In my last post I discussed Innovating With ADDIE by using the X Problem Solving Framework of Immersion, Convergence, Divergence, and Adaptation in conjunction with ADDIE. Middle of Continuum. Reference.