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The Ultimate Facebook Guide for eLearning Professionals: 16 Golden Tips to Follow


Facebook may be perceived as a distraction for online learning audiences. In this article, I’ll share a Facebook guide for eLearning professionals explaining why Facebook is such a powerful eLearning tool. You can also find 6 invaluable tips on how to use Facebook for eLearning, as well as 10 additional tips on how to run successful Facebook groups.

The Latest: Rapid Content Authoring Tool Market

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The RCAT (rapid content authoring tool) market continues to be healthy with nothing to slow it down – uh, except maybe one thing (more on that later). Yeah, I know we have just jumped into January, but in a review of the past several months, authoring tools continue to follow a similar path amongst themselves with certain feature sets. I am still surprised on how vendors who are offering assessment only tools are staying in the game. Perhaps their audience is unaware of LMSs who offer assessment tools. Output to Facebook. What does it all mean? Desktop.

and then our tools shape us

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I don''t believe it is too early to declare that Smart Mobs has been instrumental in shaping the way we have come to understand how smart phones can be used as tools to organise, motivate and sustain social movements. role of centralised media and services, personal choice, privacy, freedom and democracy, relationships, and legal issues. For previous reviews start here. p 184).

10 Social Media Tools For Learning

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Many of these tools and services are free or have a free trial period, which can encourage you to experiment in a small way at first. Each tool fulfills at least one of these criteria: encourages collaboration; enables user-generated content or input; provides a way to share; and facilitates informal or formal learning. It also integrates with a few open source eLearning tools.

Captions vs. Sound – How to Get Heard?

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We’ve all seen the bombardment of commercials for Facebook Live Video. So, while we’re all aware of video’s surge, here are some hard numbers: 67 percen t of users watched more video on social networks like Facebook and Snapchat than they did a year ago. That kind of exponential growth should raise the eyebrows of anyone who wants to grab the attention of Facebook’s 1.71

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Product Review: Microsoft Office Mix add-in for PowerPoint 2013

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Open up any authoring tool (okay, most of them) and one item that you will see is the ability to add PowerPoint. Privacy and Cookies” Not a fan of that. On other slides you see “terms and privacy/cookies” Right now you have apps for LiveApps under supposedly video, that is mostly targeting education. The product? Office Mix. The cost? ZERO as in FREE.but.

Countering Social Media Fatigue (SoMeFat)

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What I update on my Facebook status can be viewed by lots of people (not anyone – I have designated my FB friends and set my privacy settings, but 300 people isn’t really a private place, is it? I’ve connected and learned more through these tools than I ever dreamed of… But…it has its drawbacks. In these days of Social Media, many of us live increasingly in the public eye.

Growing Use of Social Media in Education


In general, the survey found that faculty are becoming more interested in the ability to leverage social tools to facilitate engagement with course material and to encourage the learning process. What Tools are Used? Facebook. Social media is often seen merely as a way to pass the time or stay connected to friends and family. Some of the Findings. Podcasts. LinkedIn. Twitter.

Using Video in eLearning

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Video, when used properly, can be an extremely effective tool in actively engaging your target audience while supporting the learning process to the fullest potential. Make sure the videos are downloadable from multiple e-locations, like your organization’s Facebook page or YouTube. Video is a learning game changer. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they should cost a fortune.

Building the Next Generation of SCORM

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The LRS could be a standalone reporting tool or part of an LMS. It has challenges including security/privacy complexity, verb and activity definitions, and reporting complexities in the LRS. You might also be interested in our page on Facebook or Twitter feed. by Jonathan Shoaf. Last Thursday was the kick off of project Tin Can. While project Tin Can has been championed by Rustici software for years now, it is speeding up activity to produce a 1.0 version of the Tin Can API (planned for June of this year). This project is a first step towards the next generation of SCORM.


Social Learning in Financial Services – Tales from the Real World

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We have launched a few tools that I would classify as “social learning” and the response and acceptance of these tools has been mixed. Generally speaking, they are not looking for opportunities to learn and get involved with new tools and technologies, unless there is a direct client impact. Rob : What is the audience you’re dealing with at RBC Wealth Management? Shane : Yes.

eLearning Cyclops: Cool Tools to Liven Up The Classroom

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Privacy Policy. Cool Tools to Liven Up The Classroom. I just read an article in T&D Magazine titled "Beef Up Your Training Toolbox with Web Tool." Green , offered suggestions for how you can use web tools to increase engagement in the traditional classroom. Do you have suggestions of where classroom trainers can find useful online tools for the classroom? Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Labels: Classroom Training , Cloud , Cloud Computing , ISD , Social Media , Tools. Cool Tools to Liven Up The Classroom. eLearning Cyclops. Pages.

New spaces, new pedagogies

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They can easily connect into and maintain contact with multiple communities of interest, gaining access to experts using social networking tools such as Myspace and Facebook. They can organise their own resources through free and easy to use tagging and social filtering tools. wikis privacy digital identity I will offer some examples of how Web 2.0 Unported License.

ASTD #TK11 – Opening Keynote Kara Swisher

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Information is ever-changing When you apply social tools to information, it makes it more useful Quora as an example of information with social Everybody becomes a producer of content (people make Facebook useful by posting pictures, text, links, etc. The Facebookization of the enterprise.” taking these tools people use in their personal lives and bringing them to workplace. Once people can’t be anonymous, they stop saying bad/dumb things…) Privacy? people want to be able to move content around, shift it, recommend it. But these changes are coming. astd tk11


xAPI, LRS – The Interview

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I know that you can have a LRS without it being in a LMS or an authoring tool. For example, Facebook’s News Feed is an activity stream. My next questions are related to privacy and security. Like with Google, Facebook and everything else , there are no clear policies on what rights a person has with regard to the data that’s arguably about them. years. Absolutely.

ADL 97

TCC09: Evaluating Social Networking Tools for Distance Learning

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This paper explores the range of current social networking choices and argues that like any tool, it should carefully evaluated in terms of affordances and course goals. Several different tools are reviewed, and questions that might be useful for evaluation are discussed. An example of using a social networking tool, Ning, in an online class is reported.&#. Many free tools.

10 Tips to Effectively Use Videos in eLearning

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When it comes to eLearning, video can be a powerful tool – but in order to be effective, it needs to be utilized correctly. Make sure the videos are downloadable from multiple e-locations, like your school’s intranet, on your Facebook’s group page, or even on YouTube. This way, your audience can watch it as many times as needed, from the privacy of their home, or while working outside the company premises, to refresh their memory without having to reread the entire eLearning course. Here are ten tips on how to effectively use videos in eLearning.

E-Learning without Borders

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Go onto any social media site: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Quora or any of the thousands of sites, and you will see people engaging with total strangers. Now before you argue about “security&# or “privacy&# , you can create (even now using mashups or some APIs) the ability to lock down or block certain areas. You can still have your security and privacy, and again, if your employees are using social media (and most are), then the argument of business secrets, doesn’t hold water. Greetings from Moscow. Social Engagement. Answer: Virtually nil. Our bubble?

How to revamp your learning model

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In a practical sense, that means we need to provide our learners with tools and resources that they can use to drive their own development. This is where the ILE fits in: It’s a space (like a website or intranet site) that centralises those tools and resources. The most obvious example is compliance, eg privacy, trade practices and OH&S. Informal learning. Figure 1.

The Smart Worker : relies on a trusted network of friends and colleagues

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For many people, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and now Google+ have become important parts of their personal and professional lives in this respect. and “A performance support tool, learning platform and social network all rolled into one.&#. Tweet. Of course, this is not really new; this is what people have always done in the workplace. For example -.

Trust 39

How does the digital tsunami is revolutionalizing the retail industry

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No online tool could ever match the efficiency and the accurate personalized guidance of a sales associate. That guidance requires a multi-level expertise, going from representing a brand to understanding the person in front of them, from selling to respecting their customer’s privacy. Since the beginning of the century, retail has been the subject of a global revolution. Click here.

Rewired, not fade away

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Consider instead that people who are addicted to Facebook might be addicted because they have chosen to use Facebook excessively, not because Facebook is inherently addictive? That's what tools such as Wikipedia do, you see. A lot of nonsense is still being talked about how technology is damaging our lives, and how the Internet is 'rewiring our brains'. Unported License.

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The Dream of Personalization – Far fetch but Possible

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Much of the sharing happens in social networks and collaboration tools. But much data is warehoused by private companies like Facebook, Apple, and Fitbit, maker of a popular pedometer. The bill is a part of a social movement that is demanding privacy and accountability, but also a different economic arrangement between the people who supply the data and those who apply it.

In Praise of Secret Gardens

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What I update on my Facebook status can be viewed by lots of people (not anyone – I have designated my FB friends and set my privacy settings, but 300 people isn’t really a private place, is it? I’ve connected and learned more through these tools than I ever dreamed of… But…it has it’s drawbacks. We all need our privates places. An after work cocktail with a few key friends.

What Universities Must Learn About Social Networks

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Many companies rely on Facebook, Twitter, and other consumer applications to connect their people. The tools of the social web are in constant flux. Favoriting” popular content so the cream can rise to the top caught on after Facebook made it de rigeur. Student and faculty privacy are sacrosanct. What Universities Must Learning About Social Networks. No one works alone.

Big data, what’s with all the big buzz?

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Privacy. Indeed, the idea that today more than ever, Big Brother Ltd could be watching at any time to see if you liked “Despicable Me 2” on Facebook can set aback more than one. It’s necessary for current organizations to start thinking Big Data, because like the dot com innovation before, what is today an entirely new tool will become part of their daily routine in ten years.

Not Everyone is a Social Customer | Social Learning Blog

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Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS Not Everyone is a Social Customer by Paul on February 11, 2011 in Development Tools , customer service , social learning A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog about the need to train your clients on the various methods of…training. But for every argument there is a counterargument.

Enterprise mLearning Predictions for 2011

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Authoring Tools Will Evolve. Apple’s insistence on never wanting to support Flash content on iOS devices will drive innovation across the authoring tool market that is sure to benefit everyone in the Training & Development field. I feel the time is just around the corner than “Publish to HTML5” options appear within the leading content authoring tools making it easier to design, generate and support compelling interactions and animations without needing a Flash Player onboard the device. mLearning Engagements Expand. Device Diversity is the “New Normal”. Buyer, beware!

Enterprise Mobile Learning 2011 - Year in Review

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There are certainly fewer obstacles holding back broader enterprise deployments of mobile learning solutions but an array of challenges remain including limited budgets, limited experience, the scarcity of flexible AND AVAILABLE authoring tools (see #5 below) and general macro-economic concerns every company is harboring. Authoring Tools Will Evolve. a.k.a. On the Target – But Barely.

Interview with Terry Anderson

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tools or user generated content tools are very exciting and I think promise to greatly enhance distance teaching and learning. Education always has been more than information dissemination or publishing, but now we have the tools, at low costs and globally available to make participatory learning possible. My first question is how did you start? What are your views on MOOCs?

The Smart Worker : learns best with and from others

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For instance, I offer individual social media coaching globally using the very same tools under discussion, and there other providers who support online coaching for many other business areas. On the Social Web the Smart Worker is used to having control over such things, and won’t be interested in having to apply to do something he/she can do very easily with consumer tools.

What is the Tin Can API & What Does it Mean for e-Learning?


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Show and TEL

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The digital identity session for example, covered not only how we represent ourselves in virtual environments, but also discussed acceptable use of personal content, protection of personal data and issues of privacy. Tags: University of Plymouth TEL OER iTunesU online submission computer aide assessment FaceBook digital identity These were by no means the only sessions on offer.

PowerPoint: Sites for Slide Sharing (Say that 5 Times Fast)

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" SlideShare does not support animation and gives you the typical sharing options of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus, among a few others. To use any sort of advanced functionality (like analytics, capturing leads, or adjusting privacy), you'll need to pay for it. After uploading your presentation, you can edit settings, share on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, download as either a Flash or a PPT file, or convert to a video. authorSTREAM does have basic analytic tools to track views, as well as an available presentation transcript. SlideShare.