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Be a Stock Photography Model!


We’ve written a lot about the importance of choosing the right images for your e-Learning projects and suggested some sources for economically priced stock photography. But what if you don’t want to spend hours searching for the perfect stock photo, or you just can’t find one that demonstrates your industry? Then it’s time to start taking your OWN stock photos! Lighting.

Free Stock Photos Sites for e-Learning


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 10/24/2010 Free Stock Photos Sites for e-Learning As an e-Learning developer I had to invest a lot of time to find images for my e-Learning projects. I am sure that the most of us work with tight budgets and limited resources. Stock images are in the public domain.

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Setting the Mood: Top Tips for Adding Stock Music to Your E-Learning

E-learning Uncovered

It actually generated applause in the middle of the session, and I guarantee that wasn’t due to its cutting-edge custom photography, innovative special effects, or vibrant color scheme! Depending on the source, stock music can be expensive and in a climate in which it’s hard to get any purchases approved, it may be viewed as frivolous. Here are my top tips for finding and working with stock music. You may do this for stock photos already, but it’s even more relevant for music because you’re probably looking for a certain feel rather than specific content.

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Designing Member Engagement into your Website

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Here are 3 tips to design member engagement into your website: 1. Get rid of the stock images. We are all guilty of over-use of stock images, and as a web visitor – do they really grab your attention? Authentic photography is one of the best ways to exemplify your association’s personality/purpose. Member engagement is a topic we can’t ignore in 2017. Take Real Images.

e-Learning What Not to Do… BuzzFeed Style!


We provide video demos , webinars , suggestions on instructional design books to read, graphic design tips and more. . Cheesy Stock Photos. Uh oh—I think someone forgot to read our “ Be a Stock Photography Model! Camera shy but need stock photo resources? For more helpful e-Learning tips, subscribe to the Lectora e-Learning Blog ! Too Much Text.

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LUC 2016 Recap: Interactions in the Intrinsic World


She shared helpful tips for creating these exercises, which can be applied to anything you’re doing in eLearning, like: Use photos of hands instead of full stock photography of people so that you can take the photos yourself and still give the course a humanistic feeling. What is intrinsic motivation? Naming and groups are important while developing. My favorite part, you ask?

7 e-Learning Content Mistakes That Ruin Your Credibility


Proofreading should help you catch any of these mistakes with easily confused words: 6 Quick Tips for Proofreading Your e-Learning Course. Stock photos of women laughing alone with salad are sure to ruin your course’s credibility. Don’t have the budget for quality stock photos? Learn how to take your own: Be a Stock Photography Model. Details matter. Not ideal.

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The Halo Effect: First Impressions for e-Learning


Here are a few tips to help: Tips from a Graphic Designer. Take your own stock photos: Be a Stock Photography Model! Use these tips to create a positive Halo Effect with your text: 5 Tips for Dealing with Distracted and Impatient Learners. Use these tips and resources to make the best first impression in your e-Learning course!

The Best of e-Learning in June


Take a look at the top ten articles below, covering everything from mobile design to taking your own stock photos. Tips for Creating Smile-Worthy, User-Friendly e-Learning. Take a look at these tips, and you’ll be grinning too. Be a Stock Photography Model! What do you do when you don’t have the budget for professional photography? On-target Questions!

The Season’s Top 10 e-Learning Picks: Summer


The Lectora writers Stephanie Ivec and I even found time to research and write about some cool e-Learning topics, plus share a few guest posts with great development tips. Be a Stock Photography Model! We have our modeling debut, while showing you how to take your own stock photos. Lectora developer Tim Kindberg shares tips on using CSS to style a Lectora course.

New Crystal Reports Tips | MicroAssist

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VR Photography. Learning Stock Photography. Tips & Traps. Crystal Reports Tips. Home » News » Classroom Training » New Crystal Reports Tips. New Crystal Reports Tips. Our instructors have sent over some new Crystal Reports tips. Contact us: (512) 794-8440 | Search: Home. Custom E-Learning E-Learning Overview. Courseware Development. Learning Management Systems. Learning Case Studies Texas Electronic Death Registrar. USDA Meal Re-Imbursement Program. Vaccine Education. Examples of Our Work Lessons. Visual Models.

Tips for do-it-yourself artists

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In Move over stock photos, Poser's here , Cathy Moore looks at alternatives to stock photos, in which, she complains, the girls are always too thin, too pretty and too happy. You can get these figures to adopt whatever pose or expression you like - something that's not possible with clip art or stock photography. Monday was graphics day. In Little known ways to create your own graphics using PowerPoint , Tom Kuhlman showed us how to edit Microsoft clip art in PowerPoint to shape it to your own needs.

The Power of Your Network | Social Learning Blog

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In Malcom Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point , Gladwell introduces several influential personality types, one of which is the Connector – an individual who knows large numbers of people and is in the habit of making introductions. Helpful Tips for “Natural” Networkers Try strengthening your existing network by making more connections. What are your favorite tips and tools?

Make Learning An Experience. Blend It! | Social Learning Blog

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Tips for Creating Better Blended Experiences Remember “Transition to e-Learning” Development Tools. Outside of work I enjoy several hobbies including camping, travel and photography. Some of my photography can be seen in local art galleries and online through National Geographic image stock. Blend It! We make the learning experience as real to them as possible.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Finding Good Photos for Your eLearning Scenarios

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Friday, October 30, 2009 Finding Good Photos for Your eLearning Scenarios Do you struggle with finding good stock photos to use in your eLearning scenarios? eLearning Art provides royalty free stock photos, images, and other assets to help you create some cool stuff in your own authoring tools. Or will you stick with free online stock photos? Posted by Cammy Bean at 11:22 AM Labels: photography , scenarios 3comments: Brian Dusablon said. Best of Learning Visions Essential Reading for Instructional Designers The Corporate Moodle: A Tipping Point? Very cool.

Top five tips for designing engaging graphics for e-learning

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Read on for our top five tips for achieving this. 1. While stock photography can be useful, relying on it entirely can often result in dry and unoriginal work. Check back soon to download these top tips for engaging graphics in e-learning. Tags: Blog Development Top tip e-Learning Creating original graphics for an e-learning course can be a challenging task, particularly when anything that’s created has to comply with strict branding guidelines. An engaging graphic environment is essential for an interesting and successful learning experience.

Top five tips for running a successful photo shoot

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If it’s not your day job, setting up and running a photography session can seem daunting, but it’s not as difficult as you might think. A few pieces of equipment, the appropriate preparation and a small dose of confidence are the keys for success. Here are our top five tips to make your next photo shoot go swimmingly. 1. And, if you have the time, why not add some extra ‘generic’ poses for stock photos that might be useful for further projects? 3. Check back soon to download a copy of these top tips for photo shoot success. Do your preparation.

Really…Were These the Best Images We Could Find?

eLearning Brothers

There are tons of stock photography sites online. Tags: Featured Random Info Tips & Tricks eLearning best practices graphic design images JOIN THE CRUSADE…NO MORE CHEESY, ANIMATED CLIPART! How many times have you seen images like these? Images are an important part of online courses. The trick is that the images we use must enhance the instructional qualities of the content. The images must also look professional and give the learner confidence that the material is accurate. So what types of images could we use? Illustrate a process with graphics. Launch Site.

The Halo Effect: First Impressions for e-Learning


Here are a few tips to help: Tips from a Graphic Designer. . Take your own stock photos: Be a Stock Photography Model!  . Use these tips to create a positive Halo Effect with your text: 5 Tips for Dealing with Distracted and Impatient Learners. Use these tips and resources to make the best first impression in your e-Learning course! Whether it’s for a job interview or a blind date, you want to look your best. That’s because you recognize the value of first impressions. These Halo Effect rapid decisions can be positive or negative. .

Moving from Teacher to Facilitator | Social Learning Blog

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Tips for facilitating Here are a few tips you can use in a physical classroom, during synchronous online sessions, and even (with a little adaptation) with asynchronous applications: Begin by asking questions. Outside of work I enjoy several hobbies including camping, travel and photography. So how do you keep it real? Move from being a teacher to facilitator. Why is it useful?

Cut the Clip Art Clutter


Much like stock photography, the trick to using clip art well is to keep it styled in a way that reinforces your message. But there are some tips to keep in mind for locating and using clip art images that differ from those we use for photographs. Share your tips with the community by clicking on the comments link. What is the training slide below telling you? Better?

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