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SharePoint – Social Learning Savior?

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In today’s corporate world, you can not toss a rock in any direction without someone mentioning SharePoint as the glorious solution for social learning and in many cases a LMS. The first thing to realize is that SharePoint is not an out of the box solution, nor turnkey by any stretch of the imagination. Sure, Sony has found great success with SharePoint, but take a look at the resources available to them. If not, and you are planning on implementing SharePoint for your social learning success, here are a few reminders, before you dive right in. It depends.

Adobe RoboHelp: SharePoint Shared Review

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

Many companies use SharePoint for team collaboration. And with Adobe's Technical Communication Suite , you can use SharePoint to centrally store all reviews. The advantage of using a server is that everyone has his or her own copy of the document and all comments and changes are synchronized. Prepare SharePoint. Your SharePoint administrator can help you with this.

Using SharePoint

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I've been having fabulous conversations about using SharePoint. SharePoint is so flexible and the documentation for it is so big and diverse, that a big part of my goals have been to understand the different ways that training organizations are using SharePoint. In my post SharePoint Examples there are some great examples in the comments. In this post, I wanted to capture some of the patterns of use of SharePoint that seem to be emerging. Obviously, there is a spectrum of using SharePoint to support collaboration and using it to publish.

FREE Alternative to SharePoint


For those of us in the learning community, we know that the courses, training documents, and other files can become very large in a short amount of time. In either case, a perfect solution is Microsoft SharePoint, but to be honest, this isn't very practical for personal use and the price point can be quite high. Now, wouldn't it be great to get SharePoint for free? Tweet.

Seven 2017 Learning Trends: Novel or Norm?

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Early Electronic Performance Support Systems and intranets were the predecessors of modern help systems such as, YouTube, Wikipedia, or Google as well as collaboration, information sharing, and communication tools such as SharePoint, Slack, Basecamp, and Skype plus networking tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter. Do trends really matter? Intranets.

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Enterprise Content Sucks & You’re Not Doing Anything to Change It


Slack has changed the way we communicate; Google Drive simplifies document creation, and Concur allows for quick, on-the-road expense submissions. How do we unglue ourselves from the age of SharePoint, overgrown wikis, and static files like PDFs and Word Docs? If we aim to follow the consumer trends of content , documents in the enterprise should mimic the best properties of content on the web: real-time, interactive, mobile, and searchable. Support teams will look for quick fixes in the form of video, not static documents. But what about enterprise content? Trends

What’s Your Learning Tool Stack?

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Collaborative documents are a really valuable tool here so you’re not sending around email (though I’m doing that with one team right now, but it’s only back forth, not coordinating between multiple people, at least on my end!). There’s also probably a need to save community-specific resources like documents and job aids, so there may be a portal function as well.

Introducing Inkling for Enterprise: The World’s Only All-in-One Enterprise Content Platform


Our all-in-one enterprise content platform delivers knowledge at the point of need, powering the delivery, creation, and measurement of an organization’s most mission-critical business documents. Inkling for Enterprise delivers knowledge at the point of need, powering the authoring, distribution, and analysis of an organization’s most mission-critical business documents. Inkling replaces binders, PDFs, and file-sharing platforms like SharePoint® with an integrated, searchable knowledge repository. We are pretty psyched about it, and we hope you are, too!

Presentations in the cloud

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You can also attach documents as take aways and label the content with tags and descriptions. If your organisation doesn't like the idea of its employees spending time on public social networking sites, then dpcloud could also be integrated into an enterprise system, perhaps something like Sharepoint. The media with accompanying audio. You can create your content in two ways.

Office 365 Video: Your Corporate YouTube

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Jack, also known as SharePointJack ( Follow @SharePointJack ) is a technology enthusiast, IT SharePoint administrator for a fortune 500 company, and a Camtasia user since 2009 who loves sharing and teaching others. He has helped organize SharePoint Saturday Events in the Chicago area, as well as speaking about SharePoint and technology at numerous events in the midwest.

12 Free Microsoft Teaching Tools

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Manage, store, and share your classroom documents all in one place, securely and easily. View, edit, and share files online with your students through SharePoint and Office Web Apps. Expand your students’ mathematical understanding by providing them with the ability to solve math equations and plot visual graphs, within Word documents. Learning Suite by Microsoft. SkyDrive.

Do you know your E-learning Buckets?

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In the past I've used systems like wikis, Lotus Notes, and SharePoint to serve as knowledge management systems. These systems contain documents or other multimedia that learners can access any time as needed. By Jonathan Shoaf. I've discovered recently I don't like the term e-learning. This is because I recently had to go through the process of understanding what salary you pay someone who is an e-learning developer. It turns out that it varies dramatically depending on who you ask. So if you tell me you are an e-learning expert, it means nothing to me. Self-Paced Learning.

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Windows 10 is Coming Soon and TechSmith is Here to Help

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With TechSmith Smart Player for Office, you can seamlessly integrate interactive content made with TechSmith products like Camtasia and Snagit into your PowerPoint and Excel documents right from OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. Instead of back and forth questions via email and meetings, clarify document expectations or instructions with visual communication.

This FREE Alternative to Might Surprise You


In a small team where resources like SharePoint aren’t a viable option, there has to be an alternative to sending these huge files to one another. Now, when you save your files, instead of putting it into “My Documents”, just save it to SkyDrive and you can easily share it with others by granting them access. Before revealing this new toy, let me give you a little background.

The 3 Major Pitfalls of Static Content


There is email, chats, intranets, wikis, training universities, SharePoint, content repositories, file sync and shares, and other proprietary solutions… the list goes on and on. You remember receiving a document regarding the latest Q3 product promotion, but you can’t seem to find it in email no matter how many “email has:attachment” searches you do. Static documents are not mobile ready PDFs and PowerPoint are not responsive to different devices, whether it’s on the PC, tablet or mobile phone. No doubt you’ve encountered at least one of these scenarios. Trends

Is Your Measuring Stick Allowing You To Manage For The Better.

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She currently leads training at General Mills for Standard Desktop Applications, SharePoint, and New Hire Orientation. We use the results to make changes to the documentation, the delivery, or the staff. Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS Is Your Measuring Stick Allowing You To Manage For The Better? MONEY.

A comparison between LMS and CMS


Microsoft’s “ Sharepoint ” is an example of the former. While both an LMS and a CMS can store, organize and present documents of various kinds, an LMS has been designed from the start with training in mind and comes with lots of built-in features to that end that you won’t find in a CMS. “ WordPress ” is the most popular example of the latter.

5 Reasons to Get Started with Office 365


Here are five reasons why Office 365 can help your productivity and mobility: Work with team members in real-time: No matter where you are in the world, Microsoft 365 allows you to create, edit, and share documents with team members using Office Web Apps and Microsoft SharePoint. As a feature of Microsoft Office 365, you can access important documents from any device, wherever you have network connectivity. So you’re planning a vacation, but a pressing project comes up with a deadline the week after. Don’t panic—Office 365 is here to help! Technology Posts

The Rise of LMS Specialists: A Tour of Learning Tech Innovation

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Learners can subscribe to “Learning Lists” similar to media playlists, record video of themselves handling objections, rate and comment on others’ videos, take notes, document ride-alongs and other informal training. Maestro can share user/completion data with existing LMSs, or SharePoint. Welcome to the Era of LMS Specialists. Not anymore. link]. Conclusion.

Top Social Learning LMS Features

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We have documented all the social features we encountered and divided them into two groups: basic and advanced complexity. Allow users to create accounts, log in, port contacts, access feeds using their existing Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, SharePoint, Twitter or other existing social account credentials. Here is what we found: What’s Going on with the Social Learning LMS?

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The Smart Worker : shares what s/he learns

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“Dare2Share allows BT employees to learn from each other by rapidly capturing and spreading learning throughout the organization in the form of podcasts, discussion threads, blogs, RSS feeds and other traditional knowledge assets (documents, courses and portals).&# [ BT Dares to share ]. Tweet. The Smart Worker : needs immediate access to solutions to performance problems. Summary.

Evaluating Social Learning

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Because there is no central database where employees can look up information, none of them realizes that their colleagues have had the same problems and documented solutions. Post them on a wiki or SharePoint. Search and find documents in a wiki that are similar to their problem. It seems to me that right now this is a wide open field. Big Dog, Little Dog blogger?and

Top 5 eLearning Skills for 2011

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I know managers include those references in job descriptions now simply because the last document did. These rapid development tools are where video, graphics, narrative and text come to get ready for an LMS or a web or SharePoint deployment. What are the skills you need to land an elearning job? Working in elearning taps into many skill sets. Graphic Design. Video Production.

The Impact of Social Media in the Workplace

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The most popular social media tools include: Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, Twitter, Yelp, Google Documents, wikis, Skype and online chat (e.g., Google Documents: Collaborating with others to write reports or work on other team projects. Many companies have begun investing in and implementing their own internal social media tools, such as Microsoft’s SharePoint , to encourage team collaboration. Social media continues to grow, as do the discussions regarding its application within the realm of business and learning. Let’s first review the term, “social media.” tools (e.g.,

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1st update on 10 Tools Challenge 2013

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Document tools. 45- SharePoint 55- Google Apps. It has been good to see the varied interest in the 10 Tools Challenge both on my blog and Twitter as well as on other social channels – so here are a few updates. If you are taking the challenge and would like your blog to be added to the list, just leave a comment below or on the previous post. OFFICE TOOLS. Office suites.

Making the best use of the Learning Management System

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The Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application/platform for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of training courses. But today you can integrate LMS platforms with Intranets (for example, Sharepoint) and corporate social networks (for example, Yammer or Jive), so that training comes to learners – rather than the other way round – and forms part of their day‐to‐day lives. … If you missed our previous article, click here ! When properly set up and used, the system controls every part of learning course. Maximizing your platform.

Lights, Camera, Action.Learn

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Simply have it say "press the printer icon to print", throw in a video transition, and voila there's the printed document. I'll often use Adobe Dreamweaver to create the web page to deliver the video or simply upload it to a video sharing site or corporate intranet site like Microsoft SharePoint. by Jonathan Shoaf. A good quality video can be a very helpful resource for workplace learning. Videos can be as simple as getting out an iPhone and clicking record or as complicated as hiring actors, setting up lights, and using a boom mic. Start with Learning Goals. The actor may not be.

Are you playing the role of the Subject Matter Expert instead of the Instructional Designer?

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Or they are used to create something that is the equivalent of a text document. I did little more than create novice-level knowledge-building courses, compliance courses, and ‘text documents’ spread out in a linear fashion with some questions thrown in before I was “trained&# in ID. Community&# which was built on SharePoint architecture. I yam what I yam.

Social Software Adoption

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And I'm certainly seeing a lot of SharePoint. An example of that is the adoption of Distributed Content Editing via an agreed to technology such as Wiki, Shared SharePoint Documents, Google Docs, etc. I personally expect that the days of emailing around documents will be long forgotten. and eLearning 2.0 adoption Facilitating Adoption of Web 2.0 Web 2.0 technologies.

"Building a Smarter Learning Ecosystem" w/ @JD_Dillon at @ATDCore4

Learning Visions

They left behind their SharePoint and built a WIKI – a single source repository – it’s searchable and it looks like Wikipedia, which everyone uses. listening to calls in a call center) – give them a form to document when they see good and bad behaviors. These are my live-blogged notes from a concurrent session at his week’s ATD Core 4 happening this week in New Orleans. Forgive any typos or incoherencies. Building a Smarter Learning Ecosystem JD Dillon, Principal Learning Strategist, Axonify @jd_dillon Intermingling networks…. A lot of L&D teams think they “own learning.”

First week of 2012

Moodle Journal

SharePoint Guide If you have been following this blog then you will know that we are in the process of adopting SharePoint as part of our Moodle deployment solution. Should you be in need of a SharePoint guide then take a look at this pdf from MicroSoft. The next stage will be the move from our current Bromley College vle from our own Linux to Windows server.


eLearning Conferences 2013

Tony Karrer

link] December 5-6, 2012 Australasian Document Computing Symposium (ADCS), 17 th , Dunedin, New Zealand. link] February 5-7, 2013 Document Recognition and Retrieval (DRR), 20 th , San Francisco, California, USA. Clayton R. Wright has done his 28th version of his amazing list of conferences again this year. You can contact him at: crwr77 [@] Petersburg Beach, Florida, USA.

Touch Enabled 3D Collaboration

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Access to SharePoint document libraries. My friends over at Proton Media continue to do great things in the 3D space, just recently they announced the latest version of ProtoSphere, the first enterprise-ready 3D virtual collaboration environment optimized for touch-enabled devices like iPad, Microsoft Surface Pro, and even Perceptive Pixel. Ability to play live or stored video.

Saving Snagit Captures One Pixel at a Time

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Shane Young has built a career on Microsoft SharePoint. He owned a business, he was named a Microsoft MVP, and he’s written multiple books — all focused on Microsoft SharePoint. For those unfamiliar with the product, SharePoint is a collaboration tool that allows teams to share virtually anything between members. And Shane knows just about all there is to know about SharePoint.