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Online Learning Tools to Improve Studying Process

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We all come across students who may need a little nudge, technique or tool to help them study. Julie Petersen is a tutor and a blogger, who features the latest career and educational trends in her articles. Study Guides and Strategies. This is one of the most resourceful websites when it comes to learning and studying guides. Thus, you can study anytime, anywhere.

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9 Study Tips for eLearners


And also, re-program your study habits. In this article, we show you how to make these personal changes to reap greater rewards! Let’s look into these best practices in online learning: Manage Your Expectations Be warned, eLearning is not an easier way to study. Let your family and friends know when you are studying. Opinion eLearning students study

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Case Study: Community of Developing Practice


” Heh, no sooner did I write that than ATD published an article I wrote with Sarah Gilbert , the Director of the Informatics Academy at the Public Health Informatics Institute  — an initiative of the  Task Force for Global Health. For now, read the article, “ Learning Communities With Purpose ,” which should be featured in T+D Magazine this January. Case Study In our last post , I mentioned that “we have a few things that are finally getting ready to come off the grill.” We’ll go into it more later.

5 Must-Read Mobile Learning Articles


If you are interested in doing the same, or perhaps you just want to learn more about mobile learning, then the articles below provide a good overview. Mobile Learning Articles You Should Read. When is Mobile Learning Being Used?  – One study’s findings on when people primarily use mobile learning. mobile learning

Study Abroad.Virtually

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Here is a great article about how learning about other cultures in a 3D world like Second Life can translate into the real world. The article is called Study abroad through Second Life Here are some quotes from the article: If you learn about a culture … and your behavior changes in Second Life while you're interacting with another culture, when you leave the virtual world these processes stay with you,” says Jeremy Bailenson, director of Stanford University's Virtual Human Interaction Lab in Palo Alto, Calif.

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Our 10 Best Corporate Learning Articles of 2014

Bottom-Line Performance

To help you sort through the clutter, I’ve gathered the ten top articles from both our Bottom-Line Performance and Knowledge Guru blogs from the past year. These articles were picked based off of page views, social media shares, educational value and overall reaction from the corporate learning community. 1. Excellence in Customer Training: A Roche Case Study . Read More.

10 Must-Read Articles About Blended Learning


We gathered top 10 articles about blended learning that will not only explain the idea behind combining learning techniques but also give you answers to your questions and tips on building your very own blended learning strategy. 1. There are also real life case studies of implementing blended learning. Asynchronous and synchronous learning mixed together? Dave Landry Jr.

Top Articles This Week – Face Business Challenges with Training

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When you study big, successful enterprises from all industries, you discover many lines of similarity between them.   One of those similarities is the enterprises ability to translate their goals and challenges into a system that provides its workforce the tools to be successful. The post Top Articles This Week – Face Business Challenges with Training appeared first on Training Station.

10 Must-Read Articles About Gamification


To become more knowledgeable and get some theoretical background on it, read those 10 articles we found for you! 1. Gamification in eLearning – Infographic Based on multiple studies and survey ran among our customers, we created an infographic with 30 facts about gamification in elearning. It’s hard to disagree with the statement that gamification is a hot topic right now.

10 Must-Read Articles about MOOCs


Here are 10 articles you must read about MOOCs: 1.  In fact, studies are saying that a very small percentage of learners actually complete MOOCs. Which is what makes this article an important ‘must-read’ on everyone’s list. 5.  The post 10 Must-Read Articles about MOOCs appeared first on TalentLMS Blog. So far, MOOCs have attracted massive amounts of learners.

14 Articles on MOOCs

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eld of study, and a collection of freely accessible online resources. great article collection. Article: [link]. Size Isn’t Everything – Cathy Davidson – The Chronicle Review – The Chronicle of Higher Education. Wired UK raises the possibility that the university may have to restructure itself. That undoubtedly will raise numerous hackles. MOOC Madness.

Top Experts Predict What Will Transform ELearning in 2017


ELearning is a rapidly evolving and constantly changing field that is never at a stop. A few years ago eLearning was perceived as an innovative way of studying. Blog articlesThis very day eLearning is taken for granted, whereas the changes happening inside the eLearning field itself are accepted as innovations.

New free #research articles #IRRODL lots of interesting papers

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Copying from the wonderful editorial accompanying this issue and which is written by Dianne Conrad: Several topics emerged in this issue’s selection of articles. E.g. Hamdan from Saudi Arabia approaches her cultural study through the gender lens, considering the impact of ODL on female learners in that country. And from Katy Jordan comes a wide-ranging study that presents the results of a study that draws together MOOC enrolment and completion data from courses across the major MOOC platforms. IRRODL has a new issue out, gathering papers from across the globe.


Free research articles from JOLT: self-regulated learning, online learning, tutor support

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In this issue you will find 12 articles concerned with various aspects of online learnin g and teaching. It is a nice set of articles, embracing social media for online learning, gender-based barriers for men in online nursing (nice twist), student preference for asynchronous content delivery. Furthermore, empirical studies of the effects of self-regulated learning intervention on learning outcomes of students in elearning environments indicate that support for self-regulated learning fosters significantly higher academic outcomes. action=add.) CONTENTS – Vol. 9, No.

Multitasking Takes Toll On Memory, Study Finds

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Came across this article in the NYT Bits Blog – Multitasking Takes Toll on Memory ; states quite simply that the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has published research which shows that multitasking takes a significant toll on the working memory of older individuals. Some interesting insights to be found in the article, it’s worth a read. We’d written about this on our blog sometime ago, including a small experiment here and referencing some other articles here. Multitasking or excessive task switching may not be the best for our memory skills.

IRRODL journal is out with rich online, #mobile and #eLearning articles

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There are a couple of OER related articles in this publication. One article that immediately got my attention was the OERscout technology framework by Ishan Sudeera Abeywardena, Chee Seng Chan, Choy Yoong Tham. The latest version of the International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning has just been published and as always it is packed with online, mobile and eLearning wisdom. Just imagine finding the top-notch OER in a matter of minutes, what a wonderful world this would be. online learning journals irrodl mooc eLearning

5 Must-Read ELearning ROI Articles


In fact, today we have a wealth of resources available relating to training ROI including case studies, facts & figures, and various techniques for tying elearning to important business goals. If you are looking for such resources, then the five articles below are a great place to start! ELearning ROI Articles You Should Read. This process alone can take many weeks.

Article Review: Critique of Malcolm Gladwell's Oversimplification of the 10,000 Hours Rule.

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Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool -- one of whom is the world's leading expert on how expertise develops (Ericsson) -- have critiqued Malcolm Gladwell's popularization of the 10,000 Hours Rule in a Salon article , adapted from their new book, “ Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise. ”.  .  . It may not require exactly ten thousand hours, but it will take a lot.".

The Secret of an Effective ELearning Course [Infographic]


According to studies, the market reached $46.9 Blog articlesSelf-paced eLearning is in high demand on the worldwide market. billion in 2015[ Resource ]. Millions of people around the world choose distant courses over traditional ones, but the problem is that not all the courses existing on the market are qualitative, well-designed and structured.

Top 7 Custom eLearning Articles on our Blog in 2013

Bottom-Line Performance

To me, the seven top articles from the past year are really a checklist of what’s important and pressing to learning professionals. You’ll notice that games and gamification are mysteriously  not on this list of articles. hope you find one or more of these articles helpful. They were the most visited articles on our site for the year, based on total web traffic. 1.

How to Organize Work and Study of Independent User Groups in JoomlaLMS?


Blog articlesExperience has proven that JoomlaLMS is often acquired to build an employee training system with thousands of employees or create an online school with numerous classes and students. And it stands to reason that clients want to restrict students’/employees’ access to the irrelevant courses and limit teacher’s access to the assigned user groups only.

The Secret of Building Professional Learning Communities – Interview with Meenoo Rami


Due to the growing popularity of distance education and a number of people preferring to study at their own pace, more and more educational institutions enhance their traditional classroom by introducing online courses. Blog articlesgood solution is to connect with experienced teachers and try to develop the skills needed for the eLearning environment on your own.

Best articles on Working Smarter, April 2012

Jay Cross

An IBM Global CEO Study conducted in 2010 concluded that complexity was the primary challenge emerging out of its conversations with 1,500 CEOs and senior government officials.  GEORGE SIEMENS. APRIL 19, 2012. Remaking education in the image of our desires. The current generation of students will witness the remaking of our education system. Education faces enormous pressure. APRIL 24, 2012.

100 eLearning Articles and White Papers

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My collection of eLearning Articles, White Papers, Blog Posts, etc. eLearn magazine: Feature Article Ten Web 2.0 eLearn: Opinions Good short article on characteristics of 2.0 eLearn: Case Studies - The Reluctant Online Professor 12. We Learning, Part II Second part of an interesting article - We Learning: Social Software and E-Learning, Part II. Performance Essentials: ELearning and Social Software An interesting article - Early e-learning traded technology for human interaction. eLearn: Feature Article E-learning 2.0 37. just reached 100.

Why are #IRRODL articles such a pleasure to read? New free issue

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Is it the mix between multiple EdTech options? I do not know, but it sure happened again this morning while strolling through the abstracts and respectively some of the articles of this new IRRODL issue. Another read of this morning was entitled " Exploring intensive longitudinal measures of student engagement in blended learning " , where the following sentence from the abstract drew me into the full article: " We found that clarity of instruction and relevance of activities influenced student satisfaction more than the medium of instruction. Is it because I like the editors?

Digital Literacy – Recent Articles

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Below are a few recent articles on the topic of digital literacy. “A recent University of Washington study interviewed 39 first-year graduate students in the university’s Department of Computer Science & Engineering, which participated in a pilot study of Amazon’s Kindle DX (a large-screen e-reader). Serif or sans serif font? Readers Fail At Education.

Case Studies for eLearning: How and when they work best


Case studies in education are an age old teaching strategy. In this article, we talk about effective approaches to using case studies in eLearning environments. Case studies make excellent reading and comprehension activities, while simultaneously serving as information providing tools. In eLearning, case studies are richer. Use it as a case study.

How We Use Social Media for Informal Learning

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We take turns finding interesting articles and curating them on the BLP blog. We identify three key topics that relate to the articles and pose them in the form of a question during the chat. Since the articles are curated for them, it is easy to participate, learn something new, and be done in 30 minutes. Informal learning is an everyday thing. We call it #TalkTech.

Case Study On How You Can Validate The Learnability Of Online Courses

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In this article, I will outline how you can validate the learnability of online courses. How To Validate The Learnability Of Online Courses: Case Study. Through two of my previous articles, I had provided an overview of our framework and a case study showcasing how you can evaluate the learnability of your online courses. However, the challenge does not end here.

2012?s Top articles on Working Smarter

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Every day, Working Smarter Daily uses social signals to select the top articles from blogs in these fields. And here are the top articles from this year: ADAPTIVE PATH. An IBM Global CEO Study conducted in 2010 concluded that complexity was the primary challenge emerging out of its conversations with 1,500 CEOs and senior government officials.  Here’s how. JULY 16, 2012. Enjoy!

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5 papers every learning professional should read

E-Learning Provocateur

I don’t read as many journal articles as I’d like. Given the challenges and pressures of professional life, combined with everything else that’s been going on privately, I’ve fallen out of the habit of scanning the latest abstracts and deep diving into particular studies. The ones that I would recommend to my fellow learning pro’s. Sfard, A. 1998). 2004).

17 Awesome Resources on Micro Learning


We’ll start with a few interesting use cases of micro learning: A Case Study of Micro-Blogging for Learning at Qualcomm : This presentation (by B.J. Micro-Learning Impacts : This contains seven interesting case studies that demonstrate how participants at Training Magazine Events applied micro-learning ideas to produce measurable business results. Articles/Posts. Use Cases.

10 hot tips for moocers

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Upon further reflection, I appreciate that what gave me an edge in this mooc was my experience in studying at postgraduate level. ” It may very well be the right mode of study for you, but of course there are many others to consider. Now that I have participated in a mooc, I am naturally qualified to dispense expert advice about them. Firstly: “Why a mooc?”

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Google Studies Management and Uncovers. the Fundamentals

Learning on the Leading Edge

An article in the New York Times today describes Google's Project Oxygen, a statistics driven research project to study what makes good managers. Google's People Analytics team apparently studied the attributes of high-performing teams and published the "Eight Habits of Highly Effective Google Managers." Well, as you read the article and the eight habits, you are going to be amazingly surprised that the eight habits which Google identified are the same very principles which make up good management at every organization on earth. Amen to that