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Top 50 Education and Technology Journals

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Anyhow, a part of this has been to review the quality rankings of journals in the area. Using the SJR indicator, (González-Pereira et al, 2010) available through the SCImago Journal & Country Rank portal, Journals within Social Sciences and Education were ranked according to quality score. This list was then audited for likely relevant journals to arrive at the following ranking which could be used in part for the evaluation of research quality. American Educational Research Journal. Review of Educational Research. Distance Education.

How Writing a Learning Journal Can Increase Critical Thinking Skills

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Keeping and contributing regularly to a personal learning journal can be an effective way to encourage reflection and develop critical thinking skills. Mark Third, it isn’t just that writing a journal stimulates thought — it allows us to look at ourselves, our feelings, and our actions in a different way. Upload the journal template and make it available to learners. 3.

The learnification of education

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I start this post by thanking Angela Towndrow , a fellow Aussie whom I met virtually via a mooc, and from whom I continue to draw insights on things related to education. Angela pointed me to the journal article Giving Teaching Back to Education: Responding to the Disappearance of the Teacher by Gert Biesta. On the contrary, I see facilitation as a means of education.

The Importance of Implementing a Marcom Strategy for Continuing Education

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So, if your association is marketing continuing education (CE) to members and nonmembers, it’s going to need a marcom strategy based on detailed market research and a solid marketing plan. So while you might wish you could afford place an ad in the Wall Street Journal, you have to consider where you can reach the most people for the least cost to produce the greatest ROI. Tweet This!

Curriculum Redesign May Be Just What Higher Education Needs

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Charles Fadel, founder and chairman of The Center for Curriculum Redesign, and chair of the Education Committee of the Business and Industry Advisory Committee, said the goal of education should be to teach students how to navigate the professional world. CLO: Why has education been so slow to change away from Industrial Revolution learning models? Everything can be learned.

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Is the ivory tower crumbling?

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In yesterday's post entitled ' Open or shut ', I wrote about a rise in the number of academics who are turning their back on traditional research publications such as closed journals, in favour of more open, accessible outputs such as blogs and open access journals. We suspect that an average paper in a peer-reviewed journal is read completely at most by no more than 10 people.

How to Make a Learning Journal in Adobe Captivate

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Journaling is essential if effective learning is to occur in a learning module, call it a learning journal. In fact, journaling is an important tool because it encourages reflection, critical thinking and group discussion. Now learners click the Notes widget to begin their journaling activity and learners type down their reflections while the course progresses. Using

Online Learning in Education

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My offering was the first online journalism class in the University of Nebraska system – a result of a grant from the system itself. The argument that online learning in education was equal or superior to traditional classroom learning began to appear by late 2008. They just didn’t believe that online learning in education could really achieve success. 21% growth rate for online enrollments compared to 2% growth in the overall higher education student pop. Russia has publicly committed to online learning and even mobile learning in education.

The survival of higher education (3): The Social Web

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This is a continuation from yesterday''s blog post on changing times and the survival of higher education. Below are four reasons why the Social Web and associated media are changing higher education. Although this is not the entire story, I believe we will need to adopt these and other new technology mediated approaches widely if we wish to secure the future of higher education.

The survival of higher education (1): Changing roles

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So what will be the future of higher education, and how will it survive against this hostile backdrop? A few years ago I wrote a reflective essay to address that very question, based on two invited keynote speeches I gave in Norway and the Czech Republic, in May 2000. Online Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. Journal of Educational Media 26(1), 7-18. Haynes, P.

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The survival of higher education (2): Changing times

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This is a continuation from yesterday''s post on changing roles , disruptive innovation and the survival of higher education. In this paper, having revisited my previous speeches I''m going to try to gaze once more into the near future in an attempt to determine what education might look like in the light of the technological developments that comprise Web 2.0. Web 2.0 and Purdon, M.

When the dam breaks.

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Along with other educational researchers, I attempt to identify key issues for investigation and then spend considerable time and energy examining as much of the terrain that surrounds my research question as I can. Open access journals (and there are several alternative funding models that support these) are the best way to address these problems. This is the way it should be.

An interview with Michael G Moore

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There were so many prominent distance education and e-learning practitioners and theorists in attendance, it was a little difficult to know where to start. Michael is quite simply an icon of distance education, and it is worth sitting for a few minutes and hearing what he has to say. Unported License. Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e''s.

6 Steps To Creating Learning Ecosystems (And Why You Should Bother)


It can be supported via journals, group/individual coaching, mentors, ‘win/learn/change’ processes or elements of social learning. Here’s a quick recap for those just tuning in…. 70:20:10 has shone a spotlight on the limits of formal learning. Skip ahead and we find ourselves faced with an amazing opportunity. That’s where learning ecosystems come in. social networks (yammer, chatter).

BIG Data and Journalism

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An interesting post, over at GigaOm, on When big data meets journalism , talks about how companies are using the power of tools that allow journalists to analyze information. think this is a format that is extremely well suited for collaborative educational research. I am sure people will be worried about the quality of connections that are generated by a machine algorithm, but this can get better over time and actually allow curation as well. This becomes the basis for a whole lot of possible collaboration and contribution to a topic. Innovations big data powerset twine zoetrop

The future of MOOCs

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Don’t all these people deserve a better education? Moreover, I submit they are yet to wreak their full vengeance on the education industry. No more lazy professors, no more specious journal articles. Again, this is already being considered by the American Council on Education. MOOCs get a bad rap. The former is the subject of such disdain. Ka ching! Dental, anyone?

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The future of MOOCs

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Don’t all these people deserve a better education? Moreover, I submit they are yet to wreak their full vengeance on the education industry. No more lazy professors, no more specious journal articles. Again, this is already being considered by the American Council on Education. MOOCs get a bad rap. The former is the subject of such disdain. Ka ching! Dental, anyone?

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E-Learning Trends and Challenges in Malaysian Higher Education Institutions


MALAYSIA EDUCATION ONLINE (MEdO) Malaysia Education Online (MEdO) is part of the Malaysia Government Transformation Plan (GTP) to expand international distance learning. MEdO is an online learning platform delivering education programmes from Malaysian universities, colleges, polytechnics and training institutes. It will be interesting to see how this project unfolds. and x.0)

Our secret world of learning

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Of course computer-based training had been around for decades, but when the World Wide Web took off in the 1990’s, it transformed education. Post-uni, I read lots of blogs and keep an eye on the academic journals. professional development Arun Pradhan courses experience formal higher education learning mindset on the job social VUCA workplaceYou have to do it.

Accessanatomy: Making anatomy lessons accessible to all students in higher education

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Higher education professionals across the globe use TechSmith software to better engage their students online. James has even published a research paper in a peer-reviewed journal on the use of video in anatomical education. ” The post Accessanatomy: Making anatomy lessons accessible to all students in higher education appeared first on TechSmith Blogs.

Using Blockchain in Educational Sector

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But what actually is the blockchain, and what is its linkage to the educational sector? This would change how the educational technology and application approach the student data. Sony Global Education [4] also developed the block chain technology, which facilitates safe exchange of academic records. Management of the special education, lunch and attendance records.

Maslow, technology and learning

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Maslow's Hierarchy is a very well know theory, and has featured in numerous slides, journals, books and blogs in the past. Abraham Maslow education hierarchy of needs learning mashup pedagogy teaching TechnologyI love a good mash-up. It's a digital age version of synthesis. That's why I like it. It's creative and it's often thought provoking. Unported License.

EdCast the Twitter of Education Raises 16 Million in Latest Funding Round

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Since most of your employees are using social networking outside of work, it makes sense to use the same type of interactions and technologies when training them. “We learn more when we learn together,” according to the “Harvard Business Journal,”  and social media has likely increased our need for social interaction. Mehta applied this idea to learning with EdCast, a platform he describes as “the Twitter of education.” Will the “Twitter of education” accomplish this goal? Karl Mehta seized upon these ideas when he founded EdCast in 2013.

Corporate Play-Day: How The Big Boys Are Gaming

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And while it’s never a good idea to do something just because others are doing so (I hear my mom yelling at me “if your friends jumped off a cliff would you do that too?”), the Wall Street Journal recently posted an interesting article detailing how the “big boys” are utilizing games these days.  Gaming Theory Gamification Learning Circuits Blog Wall Street Journal

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Our viral web

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Reading a blog post by Jonathan MacDonald today got me thinking about the vast, untapped potential of the social web to inform, challenge, educate and motivate. Many journals and newspapers found and used my image of McLaren , with me duly credited as the photographer. YouTube Sky news malcolm mclaren Wikimedia Commons Jonathan MacDonald social media citizen journalism viral BBC New

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Walk the Walk: Does Your Company Promote Continual Education?


These may be through webinars, journals, periodicals, blogs, or events. We also talk about education. Education is a company core value. Saying you offer education and training is one thing. Building education and training in as a company core value — supported by the organization’s policies and strategies — is something very different. Embrace and drive change.

Instagram, WhatsApp and Learning

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In a recently published article, my colleagues Maged Boulos, Dean Giustini and I write about how learning through social media is transforming medical practices, health care and education. Here's an excerpt from the article, published in the open access journal Future Internet. The same could be said about Instagram and its uses in medical education [ 59 ]. Unported License.

Role Models in Educational Technology on Ada Lovelace Day

Janet Clarey

Allison Rossett , Professor of Educational Technology, San Diego State University. Marlene Scardamalia , Presidents’ Chair in Education and Knowledge Technologies at OISE/University of Toronto and directs IKIT, the Institute for Knowledge Innovation and Technology. Sandra Wills , Professor, Educational Development, University of Wollongong. Kathleen Wilson , Department of Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education. Aimee Dorr , Dean, Graduate School of Education, UCLA. Sarah Stewart , project manager, researcher, educator and midwife. Lynn V.

Making Spectacles of ourselves

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But there is already speculation about how it might be used in a number of professional areas, including education. As he related in a Wall Street Journal interview this week after a walk through the woods: '.when education Evan Spiegel learning Snapchat Spectacles Technology wearableRemember Google Glass ? It was never brought to market. It was unbelievable.' Unported License.

Open educational practices

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spoke about Open Educational Practices, (including Open Educational Resources and Open Scholarship) a subject which I am learning more about all the time as the movement grows and gains traction. So whether it's licensing agreements such as Copyleft or Creative Commons, or open access journals, or even massively online open courses, the open educational practices are gaining ground and influence in the academic world. The publishing houses who once had a strangle hold on academic journals are beginning to lose their grip. But things are changing slowly.

Inspire to learn

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On 3-4 December I'll be in Manchester to present a keynote speech at the Inspire Conference , sponsored by the Higher Education Academy. The title of my keynote is ' Learning in the Digital Age: Theoretical Perspectives. ' M y key premise is that l earning technology is just about everywhere in education. Yes, education costs money. I'm passionate about sharing knowledge.

#LearningIs symbolic

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Many keep libraries of books, journals and other media on their shelves, used for reference to remind them of theories, principles or methods they wish to recall. blimage blog conversation education learning libraries social media symbolicHow do you represent your learning? Some people display framed certificates on their walls, or photos of their degree ceremony. Unported License.

10 hot tips for moocers

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So if you actually want to learn something rather than skate through each subject, it’s up to you to do your prescribed readings, seek more from blogs and journals to enhance your understanding, reach out to your network to ask questions and gather feedback, and generally drive your own education. You see, in postgrad you are left very much to your own devices.

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MOOCs, Flipped Classrooms – the last gasp of old corporate training?

Jane Hart

It’s a hardhitting headline – and one that I copied from a recent post I found on THE Journal – Personalized Learning, Flipped Classrooms, Video Watching: Last Gasps of the Old Education, In that article, the authors argue that “personalized instruction, flipped classrooms, video watching, etc., are the last gasps of the old, [.]. Social learning