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World’s 3rd largest blog property Technorati gives ProProfs survey software a thumbs up


What made it even better was our software getting rave reviews from the media, one of which came from Technorati – world’s 8th largest social media property and the 3rd largest blog property. Why Technorati likes us: Ideal for businesses, educators and marketers alike. This year started with a bang with the launch of our survey software. Simple and intuitive interface.

Technorati gives kudos to ProProfs for changing education for the better


Technorati – world’s 3rd largest blog property, recently published an article in which ProProfs was lauded for changing education by introducing innovative ways of creating and administering online education and training. Technoratri. What the article is about. The article highlights the importance of MOOC – a recent development in online learning. Media claim

ID Reflections

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The writings of Lee Kraus: Learning Site

Learning and Technology

technorati tags: LMS Posted by Lee Kraus at 4:34 PM 2comments: Bryan Menell said. The writings of Lee Kraus Welcome! I try to focus on creativity, innovation, collaboration, technology, and elearning. Home My Story Portfolio iPad Bookshelf Social Media January 17, 2006 Learning Site tags: LMS I learned about a new site from TechCrunch today called Nuvvo. plan to check it out when I have the time. checked out Nuvvo a while back, and while maybe I expected too much, I was rather disappointed. It is still to structured and LMS like. Bryan Menell 3:01 PM Lee said.

Fame at last

Learning with e's

discovered it was linked to my blog through Technorati. Seriously, the great thing about this link is that it is rated 127 on Technorati at the moment, so my own Technorati blog rating has already benefited). Technorati Wow - I'm famous! No sooner have I set foot back on dear old British soil than I have an airport named after me! Some might say, more like Mr Bean.

A proper twit

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It's better than Technorati and more accurate than guesswork. Tags: microblogging Twitter Grader Twitter Technorati It's probably also excessively self-indulgent, but then, so is a lot of the read/write web. What is it? Why it's the Twitter Grader and it informs you of the power and effectiveness of your microblogging activities. Here's how it works. Howard Rheingold = 99.8

Not so Technocrappi after all.

Learning with e's

I'm grateful to Technorati for finally fixing my blog statistics. My blog reactions (for the uninitiated, those other blogs that think my site is so cool that they cannot resist linking to it from theirs) and my ranking (the Technorati scale you rise up through as more blogs link to yours. In the end I resorted to a bit of pestering in the right area - directly onto the Technorati help forum itself. Hooray! I now have a Technorati authority rating of 11 - that will impress all the traffic cops around my neighbourhood. Sorry to bother you sir." Right. Brrrrrrrrrrrr.


Learning with e's

Technorati have let themselves down I reckon. have been told I should also take my skis, but I've already fallen out with Technorati. Tags: Sweden University of Umea wiki social presence Technorati blog tracking They are supposed to be one of the best blog tracking services around. Yet a couple months ago I discovered that my posts were not being logged, (as of today, according to them, it has been 80 days since I last posted to this blog - which was a surprise, believe me) and they don't recognise any of the other blogs that have linked to mine. not a glimmer of help.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Geek Alert - Joke About Large Hadron Collider Ahead

Mark Oehlert

March 27, 2008 in Funny | Permalink Technorati Tags : xkcd TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Geek Alert - Joke About Large Hadron Collider Ahead : Comments The comments to this entry are closed. » March 27, 2008 Geek Alert - Joke About Large Hadron Collider Ahead Im sorry but I laughed out loud at this one.

Instructional Design Training Programs

Experiencing eLearning

Technorati Tags: instructionaldesign , training , education Sunanda commented on my Is Instructional Design the Right Career? post last week: I would like to know about training programmes in ID given by Indian institutes. Unfortunately, I have no idea about training for instructional designers outside the US. On Tony Karrer’s blog, there’s a nice collection online degrees, certificates, and training programs in the comments. These are all in the US, Canada, or UK. Could anyone from India or elsewhere outside the US shed some light on training available in your areas?

Learning About eLearning: Browse My Stuff

Learning Visions

It's kind of like Technorati, but community focused around the singular topic of eLearning. Tony Karrer has just rebranded and launched eLearning Learning. I've added a widget to my blog's sidebar that lets you browse my stuff (it does the tagging for me, so I don't have to). If you click on a topic you'll go to the hub, where you can access posts by others on the same topic.

Digital literacy 9: Broadcasting yourself

Learning with e's

The blogging sentinel service Technorati lists 1.2 In the last in the series on digital literacies , we explore how each of us can become our own broadcasters and publishers. The social web has shifted the balance of power away from commercial production companies toward the individual. The shift is from push to pull. This is a characteristic of the Web 2.0 These are staggering statistics.

What Does a 21st Century L&D Department Look Like?

Performance Learning Productivity

Technorati Tags: L&D department , performance , L&D innovation , L&D capabilityA month ago, on April 21, Jay Cross at learntrends co-ordinated a round-the-globe series of online conversations on how learning can impact performance in organisations. Jay’s reflections on the event are worth reading. Here are some of the core capabilities identified: 1.

The top 10 reasons your mobile learning strategy will fail | Dawn.

Dawn of Learning

Home About Podcasts Videos Xyleme Inc. The reasons why have been the subject of countless blog posts, but I think DreamWorks founder Jeffrey Katzenberg, in this video from TechCrunch , says it best: “[The iPad] it’s the first device that actually is a reflection of me – or us. It is the reverse. That is, recognizing that mobile content delivery should be fully controlled by the learner.

Pattern Recognition, Neoterics and moving on.

Mark Oehlert

So what if Technorati isn't exactly what it used to be? Like a lot of people, I read Anil Dash's " The Web We Lost " and I read Hugh MacLeod's corollary piece. I'm split on how I feel here. The essence of both pieces, if I may be so bold as to try and boil down thoughts by folks like Dash and MacLeod, both of whom I respect greatly, is that the Web used to be cool and open and edgy and egalitarian and now, now its not. Or not as much. But its still cool and it can still be cooler. Or cool again. And edgy. And egalitarian. Again. . Everyone I know now is online somehow. like that.

Ton up, going strong

Clive on Learning

Business Week quotes a Technorati report which shows 15.5 million active blogs (defined as blogs updated in last 90 days), which represents around 20% of all those that are tracked. It seems many start up with high hopes, but few have the stamina to keep going. Yes, blogging's a marathon, with no foreseeable finishing line. Anyway, I'm going strong. I've just noticed I've passed the 100 mark (this is 105) and, you know what, I'm really enjoying it. think I'll do another 100

Google Blog Search Problems

Tony Karrer

actually left Technorati for Google because Google appeared to be doing a better job. I rely pretty heavily on Google Blog Search to help me find people who are citing blog posts of mine so that I can see that kind of conversation. Unfortunately, it looks like Google Blog Search has decided that they will now include the entire contents of the web page rather than just the contents of the RSS feed. What this means is that I now get links to every post where the author includes my blog in their blog roll. This completely defeats my purpose. Time to evaluate my options?

Is Blogging Dying?

Designed for Learning

But here are some interesting statistics that provide another view: Annual State of the Blogosphere 2009 report provided by Technorati states that: More than 133,000,000 blogs have been indexed by Technorati since 2002 86% of the respondents have been blogging for at least a year - 68% have been blogging for two years or more 57% say that their future plans include blogging even more (including 74% of 18-24 year olds) The most common rate of updating a blog is 2-3 times per week 900,000 is the average number of blog posts in a 24 hour period There are many more interesting statistics.

Color and Layout for Tag Clouds

Experiencing eLearning

Technorati Tags: Wordle , tagcloud , visualization , Will+Richardson , Alan+Levine This is from my bookmarks. You can paste text from anywhere though.

State of the Twittersphere?

George Siemens

Technorati publishes an almost annual state of the blogosphere (btw - I hardly ever use technorati - Google Alerts seems to suffice). While technology moves forward, buzzwords apparently do not. In the spirit of true creativity (?) we know have the state of the twittersphere. Growth has been tremendous for Twitter. haven’t heard much about abandoned accounts - a key complaint about blogs. Twitter is just easier. It’s highly social, it accommodates a range of strong and weak ties, and it doesn’t require much effort to contribute.

Aide RSS Filtering Tool

Tony Karrer

AideRSS looks at a variety of sources of information including comments, technorati, bloglines, icerocket and to determine what posts are generating the most interest. It provides a widget that allows you to show your top posts for month or year. You can see what it thinks are mine in the right column of the blog. I've been creating similar information manually for a while, so it's nice to have an automated support for it. I've not quite figured out how to take a very large list of blogs, e.g., all edublogs, and have it filter those down.

Webinosh with Dr. Will Thalheimer: Smile Sheets

Learning Visions

Technorati Tags: smile_sheetsI sat in on a great lunchtime webinosh with Dr. Will Thalheimer on smile sheets. My live blogged notes were beautiful and then poof -- my machine crashed and my notes are gone. The sorrow. Please oh please can I throw this laptop out the window now?) I won't attempt to recreate them -- don't have the time. That's the kind of theory I can sink my fingers into.

Unfortunately in my world…

Tayloring it

According to Technorati, the blog count reached 70 million last year. … a significant number of the technologies mentioned in the recent blog post ‘ Tools to look out for in 2011 ‘ are already dead in the water; allow me explain why. My comments are shown in red italics. Learning Technology Trends To Watch In 2011. Here are my observations. see source website). Mobile.

Blogosphere 100 X bigger than 3 years ago

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

David Sifry (founder and CEO of Technorati) has posted is latest State of the Blogosphere report. Let's start with the stats summary: Technorati is now tracking over 50 Million Blogs. From January 2004 until July 2006, the number of blogs that Technorati tracks has continued to double every 5-7 months. The Blogosphere is over 100 times bigger than it was just 3 years ago.

Random Web 2.0 Statistics

Kapp Notes

Wikipedia About ) The breakdown of bloggers, according to Technorati , is Hobbyists (72%), Part-Timers (15%), Corporate (4%), Self Employeds (9%). Source is Technorati) Self-expression and sharing expertise are the primary motivations for bloggers, and 70% of all respondents stated that personal satisfaction is a way they measure the success of their blog. Web 2.0 Web 2.0

eLearning Learning Update

Tony Karrer

eLearning Learning was launched about a week ago. There has been quite a response and some great feedback. It made it to the delicious popular pages for eLearning and e-Learning. If you look at the other entries such as Jane Hart's recent top tools and Stephen Downes on The Future of Learning, that's quite good company. Several of my favorite bloggers have been added into the mix. I'm also listing what they show as their top tools in the widget for some of them - which I find interesting. It gives me a sense of the tools they talk about. I'm definitely interested in suggestions.

Selling E-Learning as a Freelancer

Experiencing eLearning

Technorati Tags: e-learning , freelance , e-Learning+Guild , Creative+Commons I received another question from a reader today that I’m hoping someone out in the blogosphere can help answer. Usually I think of freelance e-learning developers developing content for a specific client with a specific audience in mind. However, this reader is looking for something else: Which sites, if any, accept e-learning courses from freelance courseware developers? Someone else recommended , which is looking for course authors but probably isn’t quite what he’s looking for.

Social Media in Plain English

Experiencing eLearning

Technorati Tags: Common+Craft , social+media , web20 , changemanagement The folks at Common Craft have another great video, this time about social media. What I especially like about this one is that it doesn’t talk about technology until near the end. The video focuses on the metaphor of ice cream: it can be mass-produced in a factory that focuses only on flavors with mass appeal, or individuals can create their own flavors at home. This really is about the change in the business & media environment at a high level rather than the specifics of how to use any one technology.

Learning in 3D Blog Book Tour: Success

Kapp Notes

Ranked number 25 in Technorati,s list of blogs about "elearning" Blogs actively participating in the tour Over 500, number of fans on book's Facebook page 12,625 number of unique visitors to Kapp Notes during Learning in 3D blog book tour. By all accounts, the Learning in 3D Blog Book Tour was a resounding success. Several times the book was ranked #1 in different Amazon categories.

Long Tail Blogging is Dying?

Tony Karrer

He points to backup evidence of this from a NYT article and based on Technorati's 2008 survey of the state of the blogosphere , which found that only 7.4m out of the 133m blogs it tracks had been updated in the past 120 days. This somewhat supports the Technorati numbers. Just read an article in the Guardian The long tail of blogging is dying (Found via Donald Clark ). But recently – over the past six months – a new trend: fewer blogs with links, and fewer with any contextual comment. Some weeks, apart from the splogs, there would be hardly anything. People change their focus.

Question: Tracking CBTs

Experiencing eLearning

Technorati Tags: CBT , LMS , tracking A reader asked a question that I’m not really sure how to answer. Things like Moodle are overkill, as we don’t need grading, blogging, wikis, etc., While this is better than nothing, it is a far cry from the “real&# tracking of CBT course players. What would you suggest for administering and tracking CBTs for this reader? Is there an open source solution that isn’t a full LMS but does what’s needed here? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

Connectivism: Week 1

Learning Visions

Technorati Tags: connectivisim , CCK08With little time these days, I'll be auditing the auditor's version of the 12 week Connectivism course happening now. haven't signed up anywhere, I haven't taken part in any of the sessions, but I'm like a moth drawn to the flame: as I peer in on all the conversation beginning to happen, I can't help but join in. In my own lazy way, at the very least. Am I creating a new pattern? Am I growing new knowledge? (As opposed to building it?) See Christy Tucker's musings on this topic: Does Learning Grow or is it Built? More on this later?

Tools for Getting Started in Second Life

Experiencing eLearning

Technorati Tags: second+life , russia , education , tcc2008 Elena at Lively Learning posted some comments about Second Life for education in response to my liveblogging of the TCC Keynote Why do we need a Second Life? Her original post is in Russian; the Google translation gave me enough to get the gist of her post.). In response to my comment on her post, she asked this question: In your comment you’ve mentioned about last year’s introduction to second life - is possible to find it somewhere? would appreciate if you can give some information about it!