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Wikipedia: A Marxist perspective

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Most people by now know that Wikipedia is the world''s largest encyclopaedia. This is largely because literally anyone can freely create pages and edit its content, and the architecture of Wikipedia is such that no content can ever be truly lost, because the previous version of any page can be rolled back if required. Look closer however, and a power differential is revealed.

Wikipedia’s 10th

Jay Cross

WikiPedia turned 10 years old today. It’s hard to imagine a more unlikely success story than Wikipedia. From the Welcome to Wikipedia booklet : Wikipedia is the largest encyclopedia in the world. Every month Wikipedia receives over 386 million unique visitors. Wikipedia features more than 16 million articles in over 260 languages. Eugene & Ward.

Happy 10th birthday, Wikipedia!

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Wikipedia’s 10th Anniversary: January 15, 2011. San Francisco, California. Theme — Wikimedia: The Next 10 Years. This special tenth anniversary is being celebrated by parties and events around the world; see I’ll take a few snapshots for you. In the news. Just Jay

QR Codes are Still Alive and Useful - Thanks Wikipedia!

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

The famous WIKIPEDIA has released a code creator specifically for Wikipedia pages. Wikipedia is a great source of information and QR codes are a cheap way to make connections between our physical world and information rich digital world. Of course I tested QRpedia with the eLearning page in wikipedia. But, for whatever reason, they've never really taken off.

Work in progress

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Wikipedia is a classic example of this kind of open space editorial freedom. education learning social media Technology wikipediaA key feature of social media is its open architecture, because it allows all members of a community to easily modify, extend or delete content. Nothing is permanent, content is iterative and everything is a work in progress. It's a fine balance. In Lave, J.

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"Everyone remember where we parked."

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Other technologies have similar potential for positive disruption, and yet are largely ignored or forbidden in formal education contexts Wikipedia, as I mentioned in yesterday's post , is a disruptor. The basic philosophy behind Wikipedia and the general practice of user generated content is that everybody can be an editor and a commentator. Have we forgotten where we parked?

Resistance is futile

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Wikipedia is yet another example of disruptive innovation. Culturally Wikipedia has thoroughly disrupted the idea that you need to consult a printed encyclopaedia to get expert information. disruption education learning smart mobile phones social media Technology web wikipediaI'm fascinated by the psychology of educational technology. I'm also intrigued by resistance to change.

Two innovations that have changed learning forever

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Social networks, blogging , podcasting, online repositories such as Wikipedia and YouTube, and the rapid convergence of older technologies began to shape the educational technology landscape and brought us to where we are right now. blog education learning mobile phone smart mobile phones social media Technology videoconference wikipedia YouTube Unported License.

Opening up #learning: new forms of knowledge

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The exponential growth of online repositories of knowledge (Wikipedia), media (Wikimedia Commons - the source of the image above), images (Flickr, Instagram) and video (YouTube, Vimeo) would not have been so dramatic if there was less demand. affordances education FaceBook learning Technology Twitter wikipedia YouTubeTechnology can do this. But opening up learning comes with a price.

5 technologies to promote creative learning

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To complete this task students must first understand and appreciate what the non-traditional senses are and how they are used, and then use their creativity to depict them accurately.] 2) Wiki''d Writing: Ask your students (in small groups or on their own) to either edit an existing Wikipedia page, or create a new one on a topic not yet covered. What kind of questions should they ask?

Self organised learning spaces

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Take Wikipedia for example. All Wikipedia has done to promote the vast ever expanding storehouse of knowledge, is to provide the environment within which it all takes place. Wikipedia facilitates knowledge generation, sharing, remixing and repurposing because it is an open, accessible space where everyone can participate. "I never teach my students. We do. You and I.

Libraries without walls

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The conversation around online encyclopedias inevitably led us to discuss Wikipedia and its relevance in academic study. Wikipedia is good as a starting point, but students need to be aware that there is more in-depth knowledge available elsewhere in journals and books. wikipedia resources encyclopedia britannica university spaces education library skills learning digital literacy

Who are the Wikipedians?

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I doubt if there is anyone reading this blog who has not used Wikipedia in some way in the last 12 months. The final keynote speaker at Learning without Frontiers was the Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. And that is where services such as Wikipedia come in. Wikipedia is a global phenomenon which means that it differs from culture to culture around the world. asked Wales.

Content as curriculum?

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Shakespeare may well have died in 1616, but surely anyone can look this up on Wikipedia if and when they need to find out for themselves? education inquiry based learning curriculum wikipedia. I think it's about time we reconsidered the way curricula in schools are presented. The tired, just in case model of curriculum just doesn't make sense anymore. They will tell you. Web Google

The future of intelligence

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secondary argument is that there is a large amount of content on the web that is spurious, deceiving or inaccurate, and that user generated sites such as Wikipedia and blogs undermine the authority of professionals and academics. This is the third in a series of blog posts on the future of learning and technology. There are examples of how such cyborg existence might come about. He is right.

Who will survive?

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Wikipedia, the online crowd-sourced encyclopaedia, hosts over 14 million articles on just about every subject under the sun. universities wikipedia Technology colleges student centred learning context mentoring schools YouTube education tutoring learning Change crowdsource contentThen along came the World Wide Web. Things changed, and they changed dramatically. For free. Context is.

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Rewired, not fade away

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That's what tools such as Wikipedia do, you see. wikipedia Technology digital natives and immigrants knowledge neuroplasticity learning cyberchondriaA lot of nonsense is still being talked about how technology is damaging our lives, and how the Internet is 'rewiring our brains'. Let's stop one moment and rationally examine the evidence, and also the premise behind the article.

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Synching feelings

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This is also the ethos of sites such as Wikipedia, which rely heavily on 'the people' and 'wisdom of crowds' to create and maintain the content held in its pages. must agree that quality across such sites is variable, but I also point out to the critics that just like Wikipedia, there are real experts out there writing these blogs. But it's not plain sailing. Unported License.

Power struggle

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On Wikipedia he says: ''.the wikipedia Technology power knowledge community learning convergence media Culture democracy Henry Jenkins Here''s the first, one for those who wish to understand how media and culture influence each other: Henry Jenkins (2006) Convergence Culture. New York: New York University Press. We will see a decentralised media environment, free from network control.

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Slaying giants

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Gerd Leonhard also talks about voluntary (consider the ongoing funding of Wikipedia through this method) and crowd sourced funding as revenue models that are already increasingly popular in the social media world. wikipedia Technology #LT13UK corporate training LinkedIn crowd sourced funding Flickr social media new business models Gerd Leonhard learning and development

Beyond Corporate Training: How Social Learning is Changing Travel

Social Learning

Simply point your phone’s camera at the landmark you would like to learn more about and get detailed information instantly with links to more content via Wikipedia and YouTube. social learning elearning ERP performance support user adoption Wikipedia Wikitude World Browser youtubeGone are the days of old, inaccurate maps, bulky travel books, and expensive tour guides. 

Recent changes patroller

E-Learning Provocateur

Apologies in advance to the good folk who toil altruistically to mop up Wikipedia for the rest of us. It’s just that I’ve banged heads with a few of your pig-headed colleagues over the years, and I couldn’t resist… cartoon wikis humor humour participatory culture recent changes patroller Wikipedia

Collaborative Learning Lessons from Wikipedia (and Small Insects.

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project.  As has been noted in a number of posts here on the Social Learning Blog, including “Collaborative Learning Lessons from Wikipedia (and Small Insects)” and “The $2 Whiteboard Shows Power of Peer-to-Peer Learning”, while a core curriculum of [.] Blog this! Download the whitepaper » Blog this! Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Jim: Glad you enjoyed the post, Liam! Properly d.

A Fourth Grader Wikipedia Update

Tony Karrer

I just wanted to relate something that I think shows the power of a Wiki in general and Wikipedia particularly. Of course, my son read the Wikipedia California Gold Rush page (it comes up first in Google). And it shows the beauty of a Wiki and Wikipedia My son, in 4th grade here in California, was assigned a research report on the California Gold Rush and decided to focus his report on the different routes taken by the 49ers. He used a variety of different resources and particularly used the California Gold Rush Historic Maps from the David Rumsey Map Collection.

Trade fair – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Trade fair – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. trade fair ( trade show, trade exhibition or expo) is an exhibition organized so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products, service, study activities of rivals and examine recent market trends and opportunities. Will their business model be disrupted? How will they change? Just Jay

Wiki Traffic - What Gets Visited on Wikipedia

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Interesting article - What is Popular on Wikipedia and Why? Excerpts rom the introduction - Wikipedia 's English version has more than 1.6 Pages related to entertainment and sexuality represent more than 50 percent of the most visited Wikipedia pages. 70 percent of Wikipedia's traffic comes from search engines. This implies that links to Wikipedia pages are included in the search results or result page and people select these links. students) who go to Wikipedia as an online encyclopedia, the majority of the traffic is not that kind of traffic.

Video, Meetings, Wikipedia, & Twitter

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Watch out Wikipedia, here comes Britannica 2.0 - Fairfax Digital. In a move to take on Wikipedia, the Encyclopedia Britannica is inviting the hoi polloi to edit, enhance and contribute to its online version. Wikipedia's dominance of Google searches: World War II: #1. Video Training: Topics & Trends (PDF) - Wistia. Sharing becomes secure and auditable. Nicholas Carr. Israel: #1.

Arguments, Wikipedia, Networks, & Structure

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One of the main reasons that the most popular and most controversial Wikipedia articles have come to be more "accurate and free of vandalism" than they used to be has nothing to do with "sidewalk-like transparency and collective responsibility." It's the fact that Wikipedia has imposed editorial controls on those articles, restricting who can edit them. Long Live?

The Workplace Learning Revolution: free mini e-book

Jane Hart

Wikipedia) I’ve had such a lot of interest in the new book I’m working on, The Workplace Learning Revolution , that I decided to create a free mini e-book version.â?¦ “A revolution is a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time.” ¦ [.]. Social learning

Wikipedia, Stress, Innovation, & Twitter

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I'm a Wikipedia Inclusionist - Science Blogs. Wikipedia is far beyond the level where it need prove anything to the world. It's there, it's huge, it's extremely useful, and whenever I find it lacking on some point I have endless opportunity to do something about it. Correct Levels Of Stress Hormones Boost Learning, Squirrel Study Suggests - Science News.

How Wikipedia Works and Wikis in the Enterprise - HBS

Tony Karrer

Great article - How Wikipedia Works (or Doesn't) that looks at Andrew McAfee's experiences around the " Enterprise 2.0 " article and Wikipedia 's Articles for Deletion process. It's an interesting discussion of the net impact of Wikipedia's process - which can be frustrating, especially to casual users. At the same time, I've also had some very good experiences such as when my 10-year old son updated Wikipedia. couple of things jumped out at me: Sean Silverthorne: Is Wikipedia a good model that transfers to a corporate environment? But it is still easier.

The social impact of disruptive technology

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Just take Wikipedia: Technically it is a collaborative work space for creating content. There are around 7.000 authors for the German Wikipedia edition. The basic idea behind Wikipedia is that everybody can be an editor and a commentator. Wikipedia and weblogs were two of the most important applications of Web 2.0, wikipedia smart phones disruptive activism Web 3.0

Just a minute

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These statistics also fail to take into account all the other content that is being generated on, for example Flickr (more than 3000 images each minute ), Wikipedia, Facebook (3 billion photos and 20 million videos uploaded every month ), Myspace, Wiktionary, Vimeo, Picasa and innumerable other user generated content repositories. Volume of content is not the only issue. Unported License.

Wikipedia, Groups, Complexity, Training, & Work

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Wikipedia to Color Code Untrustworthy Text - Wired. Starting this fall, you'll have a new reason to trust the information you find on Wikipedia: An optional feature called "WikiTrust" will color code every word of the encyclopedia based on the reliability of its author and the length of time it has persisted on the page. So perhaps it's not a question of whether to trust consensus.

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