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Presenting… Captivate Intros!

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The post Presenting… Captivate Intros! Seems like just yesterday we had new fancy animated Captivate intros to show you, but the boys and girls in the graphics department have been hard at work creating more and more innovative ways to open your captivate courses. Dun nuh nuhnuhnuhnuh! Gshh Gshh! [Obligatory “Inception”-style Iceberg. appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

Scary Presentation Mistakes Video

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And here is another along the same track, equally as scary because this one also sums up many presentations and educational sessions I’ve attended. presentationsThanks to @arossett. For pointing to this wonderful and scary video.

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Adobe Presenter: Managing Voiceover Scripts

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Adobe Presenter has a pretty nifty way to help you display your voiceover script while recording audio. But that would create a mismatch between the printed script--which Presenter picks up automatically from the PowerPoint Notes pane--and your audio voiceover. Instead, you can just edit the script right in the pop-up box, and have Presenter update the PowerPoint notes for you.

Storytelling LMS Presentation

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However, storytelling can be used in live presentations too. recently gave a short presentation for a client in the early stages of selecting their first LMS. That’s one reason I used a storytelling approach for my presentation. Have you ever given or attended a presentation that used this kind of storytelling approach? Often when we talk about storytelling in learning, it’s related to e-learning. It’s much more interesting than a bunch of bullet points. For example, you can’t manage informal learning, with or without an LMS.

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

situations, or present individualized content. Seven Simple Secrets to. Off-the-Shelf Course Success. By Megan Torrance, CEO TorranceLearning. Off-the-shelf (OTS) courseware is a growing market attracting both customers and venture. capital. creating yet another course or scheduling yet another workshop. of learners. And OTS courseware won’t refer to company policies, address unique. You’re.

5 Presenting Skills For Live Training


At some point we needed to create live training materials in order to present the content via a workshop setting. But just presenting content in-person doesn’t make it more effective. It’s important that whoever is presenting the information does so in a way that is conducive to learning. This being the case it is important to practice your presenting skills.

content.ED: How to Create Engaging Presentations

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This series covers the best practices of creating documentation, graphics, videos, presentations, and other types of content using Snagit. Miss While public speaking may not be everyone’s cup of tea, creating engaging presentations can help you feel more confident. Presentations allow you to illustrate a topic visually and vocally. Make your presentation unique. Try

eLearning & Presentations: More Free Images. A MILLION more!

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by AJ Walther    Want more free images for your eLearning or PowerPoint presentations? Adobe Presenter Adobe''s Technical Communication Suite Camtasia Captivate e-learning eLearning Microsoft PowerPoint Online Training PowerPoint Storyline TCS5 TechComm Technical Communications Technical Writing Technology TechSmith Camtasia Studio training UA User Assistance User Experience

ASTD Philadelphia Presentation Resources

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Here are some pictures from the presentation. That answer was “Fishy” Here are the slides from the presentation. for coordinating with me for the presentation! I had a wonderful time at the ASTD Philadelphia elearning SIG meeting last week. Wonderful people, fun time and great exchange of knowledge and information. Which avatar is more likely to exercise? Games


New Brandon Hall Group report forecasts major shift in 2016 online learning trends

Organizations Source: 2016 Brandon Hall GroupLearning Technology Study (n=302) Figure 7 Changes of 10% or more in KPIs after Technology Implementation Another area presenting challenges is integration. © 2016 Brandon Hall Group. Licensed for Distribution by Docebo. The cloud, social tools, mobile technologies, and other advances have created a host of opportunities for. Exploring new and.

Designing Effective Presentations at USM!


This time around we will be challenging ourselves to design engaging and effective presentations for learning and teaching. In this workshop, we will explore how to design effective and engaging presentations for learning, teaching and research. Apply ‘Gagne’s 9 events of instruction’ to design effective and engaging presentations. ATTENTION! Let''s connect! workshop

Presentation on #MOOC for KM change

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Just finished my presentation on Change and how MOOCs can help with coping change, given during the Managing and Surviving Change MOOC organized by the University of Aberdeen. Or you can have a look at the video recording: knowledge knowledge age mooc change eLearning presentation knowledge management You can see the slide deck here.

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Barnes & Noble Presentation Resources: Learning Games

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Tonight I am speaking at a Barnes and Noble in New Brunswick, NJ. I am excited about the presentation and to talk to a number of teachers and parents about some of the positive impact that video games can have on learning. As part of that process, here are some links to educational games. Game to Teach STEM. Below is a link to Survival Master Winter. Survival Master Home Page. Very helpful.

#DevLearn 2012: Kapp Presentation Resources

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Here are the slides from my short presentation in the Expo. DevLearn presentation on Future of Learning from Karl Kapp. Here are my slides from my presentation. Blog posts discussing subjects covered in presentation: Consider Player/Game Interactions. Wow, had a great 3 days at DevLearn, met some absolutely wonderful, fascinating and brilliant folks. 2006). 2005). 2009).Virtual

4 Ways to Close the Learning-Doing Gap for Front-Line Managers [GUIDE]

should start before the presentation of knowledge. FOUR WAYS TO CLOSE THE. LEARNING-DOING GAP FOR. FRONT-LINE MANAGERS 4FOREWORD We’re in business to help organizations. achieve their goals by making sure their. employees have the knowledge and skills. they need to succeed. Our experience. and research led us to identify that one. audience organizations consistently. managers. What’s. We’re.

SaaS LMS – A Must-have for Training Companies (Presentation)

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Soon after it was published, I realized that it lent itself pretty well for a presentation format. And so, without any ado, the content was rewritten from a presentation perspective, images added, and […]. Exactly 3 weeks back I had written a blog post – 10 Reasons why Training Companies must invest in a SaaS LMS. Learning Management learning management system for training companies LMS For Training Companies lms for training providers saas lms for training companies

Camtasia Studio vs Adobe Presenter: Working with PowerPoint Presentations

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by Kevin Siegel       If you have already created a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint, it's very easy to re-purpose the presentation as eLearning content using either TechSmith Camtasia Studio or Adobe Presenter.   To migrate PowerPoint presentations to Camtasia Studio projects, and then eLearning, you'll need to first install Camtasia Studio and, when prompted, install the Camtasia recording features for PowerPoint.   When you're finished working through the presentation, press the [ escape ] key on your keyboard.

Presentations in the cloud

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A week or so back I was given a sneak preview of a new tool for distributing recorded presentations online called dpcloud. The system allows you to deliver the presentation in three formats: A video of the presentation alone. This Facebook version includes a video, slides and a summary of the presentation. presentationThe media with accompanying audio.

Got PowerPoint? Got Presenter?

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One of the quickest ways to get from PowerPoint to e-learning is to use Adobe Presenter. Here is a run-down of the e-learning features you can create with Presenter. Click here to read full version

New research explores the common myths and realities around the 70:20:10 learning model

This study presents a clear case for. opportunities presented in day to day working life to enhance learning for all, and optimise transfer of (formal) learning to day-to-day practice.”. In Table 2, we present a final checklist of actions, created in conjunction with Charles. In-Focus. Report. February 2016 Authored by Charles Jennings, Laura Overton & Dr Genny Dixon. Foreword.

ASTD ICE 2013 Presentation Resources

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Here are the resources from my ASTD ICE 2013 presentation. Here is some content and references from the presentation. 1. Blog posts discussing subjects covered in presentation: Two Types of Gamification. W209 – Interactivity, Games, and Gamification: A Research-Based Approach to Engaging Learners Through Games from Karl Kapp. Companies Mentioned. Enspire Learning. Zombies Run. Game On! Learning. Axonify. Knowledge Guru. Allen Interactions. Game Development Software ThinkingWorlds (3D Software). Unity 3D (3D Software, fairly Complex). Raptivity(Games Pack). Axonify.


Ignite Interest in Your Next Presentation

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I was previously a speaker at the San Antonio Learning and Performance Summit (LEAPS). I’ve heard it said that every product you work on is a prototype for the next product, and I’m assuming this applies to presentations, too. The following are free resources that I plan to use when preparing for my next presentation. Kahoot! Kahoot! Kahoot! Canva. Piktochart. Explory.

Mobile Learning Pitfalls To Avoid – Presentation

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Mobile technology, having seeped into popular culture, is now finding widespread acceptance as a learning tool in the workplace as well. According to Towards Maturity’s In-focus report titled Mobile Learning in the Workplace, 2013 was the year when mLearning became the norm rather than the exception; with seven out of ten businesses now adopting mobile […]. Mobile Learning Mobile Learning Pitfalls Pitfalls of mobile learning

Presentation does matter!


However, we should also realize and accept this fact that we retain visually presented information [.]. We talk about evoking high content retention among the learners. It’s truly important because effective learning happens only when a learner can show it easily.

Presentation Resources

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Thinking of converting your Slide Presentation from drab to fab (I always wanted to write that.) strongly recommend it if you are creating PowerPoint, Keynote or e-learning presentations/training. Also, here are some great online resources; Garr Reynolds Top Ten Slide Tips Avoiding Death by PowerPoint Four Ways to Improve a Presentation How Cognitive Science Can Improve Your PowerPoint Presentation Go over to Slide Share and search for "worlds best presentation" examples. Tags: presentations Well here are some resources that can be of assistance.

Rules of Presenting Everyone Should Know About

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This time you have a chance to get answers from Simon Morton , a recognized influential business leader and expert in the field of presentations. The topic of our e-Learning discussion will be OLD vs. NEW rules of Presenting and what types of technology still work for presentation. Presentation Tips & TricksShared. Read more ».

AutoTweet notes from your presentation, while you present #autotweet #backchannel

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Twitter has also become a very useful way for those unable to attend to keep up with speeches, presentations and conversations that surround the ‘event’, and I have virtually ‘attended’ a few conferences this year already without having to book tickets or take time off work. Related posts: Reflection on a presentation: Social Media and Social Network #SoMe.

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PowerPoint: Shakespeak for Presentations

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This time I'd like to share a cool add-on I've discovered for PowerPoint for live presentations. Let's say you're presenting to a large, perhaps unfamiliar, audience. Additionally, you can test out the slides for free prior to your actual presentation.  by AJ George  I typically write about PowerPoint as it pertains to eLearning.   PowerPoint

10 Tools and Services For Successful Business Presentations

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Presentations and communicating ideas through attractive slideshows has become a necessary element of almost any successful business. And the effectiveness of a business presentation is determined by its style, design, structure and overall attractiveness. Technology today has changed the game of how businesses present information.

#Ectel2015 presentation Self-Directed Learning dimensions #MOOC

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The EC-TEL conference is organised in Toledo, Spain, and I just got my slides ready for the presentation on Thursday. It will be a short paper based presentation, describing the background, method, challenges. The presentation will be on Thursday 17 September in session 5A from 14.30 - 16.00 (for unknown reasons in the learning analytics and visualisation session? eLearning futureLearn informal learning mooc online learning presentation research self-directed learningThe short paper is available through Academia here.

How to Grab and Keep Interest in Any Presentation

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We’ve all been in the situation, whether as students or teachers: Navigating through a text-heavy, bland PowerPoint presentation and struggling to either pay or capture attention. After a few slides of reading verbatim from the presentation, you can feel interest waning – and it’s tough to regain. David A. Follow David and his organization on Twitter @HAZMAT_OSHA.

50 tips for better presentations

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In some respect presentations have moved on – we didn’t have Twitter back then – but most of these guidelines still hold true: Nervousness 1. Don’t be concerned if you’re a little nervous Practically all presenters are nervous to a degree, many seriously so. If you can’t get properly prepared, say no If you’re asked to make a presentation on a subject that you know little about and you don’t have time to prepare thoroughly, you are better off saying no than just winging it. 4. Make your first point relate directly to the purpose of your presentation. Voice 15.

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Presentation Resources

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Great presentation last week to a group of enthusiastic trainers. Today I am doing a presentation called "Innovations in Technology And What it Means to Learning and Training" Here are some resources related to the presentation; List of Recommended Books Definition of Mnemonic Here is a copy of the presentation. Group Three Group Two. Group One.

35 Inspirational Quotes on Learning – Presentation

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How does the most boring and uninspiring routine become interesting? The answer is simple – add a pinch of interest, a bit of motivation and a dash of Inspiration. We believe that Inspiration doesn’t have to be big. It can be found in little things and in the rarest of places. At times, simple thoughts […]. Upside Learning Inspirational Quotes on Learning Learning Quotes Quotes on Learning

Got PowerPoint? Got Presenter?

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One of the quickest ways to get from PowerPoint to e-learning is to use Adobe Presenter. Here is a run-down of the e-learning features you can create with Presenter. Click here to read full version

Harrisburg Presentation Resources

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Here are some resources from my presentation in Harrisburg. Defining and Exploring Gamification from Karl Kapp. Here is some additional information. Articles and Blog Entries of Interest. Types of Stories to Effect Change. Storytelling and Instructional Design. Eight Game Elements to Make Learning More Intriguing. Games, Gamification and the Quest for Learner Engagement. Polling Software.

Presenters Podium – practice your talking technique

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Scared or nervous about making that big presentation? Never presented anything before? Now you can practice online using Presenters Podium as part of your course structure. Presenters Podium gives people the ability to go online, practice a presentation and get peer evaluations. Last Tuesday 21st October I talked to Matt from Presenters Podium.

#ASTDTK2013 Resources from ASTD Presentations

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Here are the slides from my presentation, my workshop on “Games and Gamification” with Koreen Olbrish will be in another post. Blog posts discussing subjects covered in presentation: Summary of #Games Research Qualitative Literature Review Conducted by Fengfeng Ke. ASTD TK 2013 has been a great time. I’ve enjoyed spending time with old friends and making new ones. The “Immernet”: Immersive Learning through Games, Gamification and Virtual Worlds from Karl Kapp. Here are some related resources that you may find of value. 1. 2006). 2005). of Interaction. 3. 2009).Virtual


10 eLearning Trends For 2015 – Presentation

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Latest trends have been known to be the game changers; be it in the fashion industry or eLearning industry. Trend watchers are constantly on the lookout for new trends in the market that have the potential to change the face of the industry. In the case of eLearning, evolving technologies and improvised approaches make up […]. eLearning eLearning trends eLearning Trends 2015 eLearning Trends For 2015