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Free Download: Lectora Interaction

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Wendy Miller created a character dialogue interaction with two characters that you can download to use in your own course. Download this character dialogue interaction in the Trivantis Community now. Download Interaction. The post Free Download: Lectora Interaction appeared first on Trivantis e-Learning. Blog Free DownloadsThe Trivantis Team is here to help!

The Safety & Compliance Lookbook (Free Download)

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Click here to download the lookbook. Compliance Training e-Learning Safety Training free download safety safety & compliance Safety & compliance training is required by law, but it can have a greater purpose besides simply meeting a requirement. What if your employees need to evacuate a building? Or what if a vial of contaminated blood is dropped in the lab?

Serious Game Evaluation Worksheet (Free Download)

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We’ve put together a template for you to download so you can do your own game evaluations. Download the Game Evaluation Worksheet. Fill out the form below to download the Game Evaluation Worksheet for yourself. A lot of people want to design learning games, aka “serious games.” If you do not play games, you will find it very difficult to design a great game.

Technology Evaluation Checklist for Learning Professionals (Free Download)

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Download The Technology Evaluation Checklist. Download the Resource. We will send the download link via email. We are living in the digital revolution and, much like the industrial revolution, progress is truly exponential. We hear about a new smartphone, new app, new technology every single day. Why do we have a checklist? Technology Evaluation Process. Focus. Evaluate.

New Brandon Hall Group report forecasts major shift in 2016 online learning trends

© 2016 Brandon Hall Group. Licensed for Distribution by Docebo. Research Summary 2016 Learning Technology Study: Summary of Top Findings The technology employed to deliver Learning and Development has grown increasingly varied and complex. The cloud, social tools, mobile technologies, and other advances have created a host of opportunities for. Exploring new and. mobile delivery (41%). to increase.

Free Download: Lectora Puzzle Interaction

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Download the Photoshop template files in the Trivantis Community to create single-drop and multi-drop puzzles with your own images in your eLearning course today! Download Single-drop Interaction. Download Multi-drop Interaction. The post Free Download: Lectora Puzzle Interaction appeared first on. Blog Free DownloadsJoin the community  today!

#Mobile #Moodle plugins available for download

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The two new themes can be downloaded and applied to your Moodle site (they support Moodle 2.4 Great news for all of us Moodle users. Carlos Kiyan and many other contributors have released their plugins for mobile Moodle to the plugins repository. These two plugins started as one of the earliest Mobile Moodle projects (back in 2010: Moodle4iPhone ). devices.

Product Launch Training Template (Free Download)

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The worksheet is available for free download here. If you have spent much time developing training to support product launches, you know that the need extends far beyond a single launch meeting. For sales reps to be successful, you need a plan  before and  after  the launch meeting that teaches and reinforces key knowledge and skills. ACCESS THE TEMPLATE.

Train the Trainer Tips: 7 Truths About Remembering (Free Download)

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You can download a complete guide to our 7 truths by filling out the form below. Download Our “7 Truths About Remembering” Need to Train some Trainers of your own? Download the Resource. We will send the download link via email. Whether we are developing a large curriculum or delivering a single workshop, our clients often need us to train the trainer.

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Move Beyond Learning to Applying: A Modern Management Development Program

1 312-846-6656 Hard to believe that it’s been almost 20 years since the term “eLearning” entered the corpo- rate learning lexicon. And just in the last five years, the velocity at which new solutions have entered. the market has gone through the roof. We now. have the ability deploy video, virtual role-plays, and. learning nuggets. rate content. Right? Wrong! impact.

Download Adobe Captivate Example Courses

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So, where can you go to get Captivate example courses with source files to download? In the link below, you’ll be able to download these source files. Word of Caution: To be fair to Adobe Captivate, they say on their site, “You may download and use any of the project files or samples. So, why not try downloading these  Captivate example courses  and start learning.

The Corporate Learning Starter Pack (Free Download)

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Click here to download the starter pack! The status quo is no longer working in Learning & Development. Rapid authoring, agile learning design, game-based learning platforms and mobile have made their way into our field, along with other innovations. It’s time for a new plan. We’ve simplified these tools to create the Corporate Learning Starter Pack.

Community of Practice and the TorranceLearning Download

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TorranceLearning has created a kind of community of practice that they call the Torrance Download. The Download is a time and place for people to come together to share experiences and ideas, with the intention of everyone learning something new. . I had the pleasure recently of attending another session of the Torrance Download. Establishing metrics for behavioral change.

How to Create Icons in PowerPoint + Free Download

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Click here to download these fully-editable icons (PPT & PNG). If you have PowerPoint installed on your computer (which most of us do), you can download and edit these icons in any way you want. The post How to Create Icons in PowerPoint + Free Download appeared first on E-Learning Uncovered Not everyone has these programs. So, that’s what I did!

4 Ways to Close the Learning-Doing Gap for Front-Line Managers [GUIDE]

FOUR WAYS TO CLOSE THE. LEARNING-DOING GAP FOR. FRONT-LINE MANAGERS 4FOREWORD We’re in business to help organizations. achieve their goals by making sure their. employees have the knowledge and skills. they need to succeed. Our experience. and research led us to identify that one. audience organizations consistently. struggle to do this well for is front-line. managers. We were puzzled. What’s.

The Corporate Learning Guide to Spaced Repetition and Feedback Loops (Free Download)

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Fill out the short form below to download our spaced repetition guide. The post The Corporate Learning Guide to Spaced Repetition and Feedback Loops (Free Download) appeared first on. There are many causes for ineffective training, but one of L&D’s greatest enemies is forgetting. When training is treated as a one-time event, tangible results will be limited. More sales.

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4 Ways Serious Games Link to Learning (Free Download)

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The guide, titled  4 Ways Serious Games Link to Learning , is available as a free download. The post 4 Ways Serious Games Link to Learning (Free Download) appeared first on. A growing body of research supports the use of serious games in the workplace. Whether you want to use a true serious game, a gamified solution, or a combination of the two… it’s a great time to do so.

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Create Hand-Drawn Graphics in PowerPoint + Free Download

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Click here to download the PowerPoint file. The post Create Hand-Drawn Graphics in PowerPoint + Free Download appeared first on E-Learning Uncovered I’ve always loved the natural look and feel of hand-drawn graphics. typically use them in my e-learning courses when I want to add a bit of visual contrast or to keep things fun for the learner. Enjoy! Retreat III  | Orlando, FL.


Tutorial Project Files Now Available for Download

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Some files were unfortunately just too big to make available for download. Download, explore, even remix them if you’d like. Finding and Downloading the Projects. On any given Camtasia Studio 8 tutorial page, look for the Download Project link in the right sidebar. Clicking this link will kick off a download (typically to your system “Downloads” folder).

Steps to make your Flash courses mobile compatible

You can download the published files from the LMS. Download free Articulate Storyline Templates to get started. You can download the templates along with the source files, to customize them for your target audience and business. Download Templates. What you need to know to get started. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Migrating Legacy E-learning Courses. to Html5. Summary 10. on PCs.

Self Assessment for Your eLearning Program (Free Download)

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Download the Resource. We will send the download link via email. Fill out the form below to receive the Self Assessment for Your eLearning Program via email. Name: Email: Company: It’s easy to look at someone else’s process/presentation/technology and “see what good looks like.” It’s hard to look at ourselves, or our own organizations, objectively.

Task Analysis Worksheet for Learning Professionals (Free Download)

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We often identify these processes with our clients by performing a  task analysis … and we are making the worksheet we use available as a free download to help you get started on a task analysis of your own. We often talk about learning objectives as the key to success for learning solutions. If goals are clearly defined, then training should be successful. Final Thoughts. BLP News

Simple Template for Planning Your Training Program (Free Download)

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It’s available as a free download below. Download the Template. Download the Resource. We will send the download link via email. The training programs of yesteryear were pretty simple: host a class, make people attend, and expect them to do their jobs well afterwards. Corporate learning is not about hosting training or delivering eLearning just because.

Download Free Lectora Templates

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So sit back relax and download these free assets. To download these free templates, we invite you to get a  Free eLearning Templates  account. Login  to the eLearning Template Library and go to the freebies section to download.). The post Download Free Lectora Templates appeared first on eLearning Brothers. Here are some categories that might interest you: Children.

New research explores the common myths and realities around the 70:20:10 learning model

Benchmark report (Page 79), Embracing Change (free to download at. This report is free to download thanks to the. Download and share this report at: In-Focus. Report. February 2016 Authored by Charles Jennings, Laura Overton & Dr Genny Dixon. Supported by. 70+20+10=100. 2016 Page | 2.

Cartoon: Born, not downloaded

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Blogging Cartoon Generation Y Millenials

Online Learning Maker Faire Pre-Session Downloads

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The participants will download the trial software for each software we are going to discuss and get to experiment for 20 minutes on a small project and then move to the next station. You can download either Codebaby or Telligami (works on Android Phone, iPhone or iPad, not MAC ) depending on your machine type. We are doing a Maker Faire of elearning development. Six stations in all.

5 great reasons to download the Kineo Insights Report today!

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The latest Kineo Insights report is hot off the PDF presses! Think of it as an early Christmas present - a stocking filled with insightful nuggets, analysis, and trends. Definitely worth the read over your morning cup of joe. What is the Kineo 2014 Learning Insights Report ? Here''s a teaser of some of my favorite quotes and tidbits from the report: 1. The Learning Campaign campaign has taken off!

Download our White Paper: Top Five Ways to Enhance Learning In and Out of the Classroom

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The post Download our White Paper: Top Five Ways to Enhance Learning In and Out of the Classroom appeared first on TechSmith Blogs. Because we’re so curious about the challenges people face in their work, investigating student retention and engagement in higher ed seemed natural to us. Learn More. Want to learn more about our findings? Then tell them!

A Mobile Learning Decision Path for Instructional Designers tasked with developing #mLearning [Download]

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What we ended up with is a 291 page PDF document Job Aid, that you can download below via ADL’s web site. We all worked very hard on making sure we were as thorough as possible with this project, and I highly recommend you download it and take a look as I think you will find it useful in your own mobile learning endeavors. Project Description … 1. … 33. … 35.

Download our Medical and Healthcare Ebook

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Download the ebook here to discover Enspire’s custom e-learning solutions for healthcare leaders such as Cigna, Pfizer, and Physician’s Reciprocal Insurers. Download our E-Learning for Medical and Healthcare Industries Ebook! Gathering busy doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals for a classroom training session can be nearly impossible.

New Learning Game Design White Paper by Sharon Boller (Free Download)

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Download the White Paper. The white paper is available as a  free download on the Knowledge Guru website. Click here to download… or just click the image above. Many of our readers are instructional designers looking to pick up some game design tips for their next project. Others are already avid game designers just looking for extra tips and advice.

Download Adobe Captivate sample Rapid eLearning Course modules

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Look no further. I’ve added the big yellow download button to the sidebar of the Captivate blog so you can find the latest downloadable source demos. Looking for some examples to feed your creativity, help you learn more about how Adobe Captivate works, or just to add inspiration to your New Year? You’ll find them [.]. Documentation eLearning Suite eLearning this week Extending Captivate How do I. Rapid Authoring Rapid eLearning Technical Support Training and Tutorials Under the hood Whats new Adobe Captivate 5 Adobe Captivate 5.5 rapid elearning

Freebie Friday: Storyboard Template

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Download Template. Blog Free Downloads Instructional DesignWhen was the last time you made a storyboard? love making storyboards because they align perfectly with my level of drawing skills—arrows and stick figures! Our Community Manager and resident instructional design guru, Jennifer Valley, says, “I try to storyboard everything I do. Don’t have Lectora yet?

Slideshare reaches 10 million downloads. and my Top 100 Tools slideset is featured.

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I just read a blog post from Slideshare to mark the fact it has reached 10 million downloads. Impressive! But I was absolutely delighted to see that my own Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 slideset was featured in the Education category – not only in the post itself but in the supporting infographic (embedded below). â?¦ ¦ [.].

Freebie Friday

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Free downloads in the Trivantis® Community, of course. We have a few more free downloads up our sleeves…. Download one today , and you’ll see. Blog Free DownloadsThere once was a hard-working eLearning developer, just trying to catch a break. She loved creating engaging courses for her learners, but her company’s budget was tight, and development time was short.

Top 10 Free Stock Image Sites for E-Learning

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Learning Design Free Downloads Graphic DesignIt’s not always easy to find high-quality images for your e-learning when you’re working on a budget. If you can’t afford the popular stock image sites, you might think you’re only option is to take your own photos. Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the case! Top 10 Free Stock Image Sites for E-Learning.

Stock 37

Adobe Captivate NeoSpeech and Assets Downloads

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I've heard from several folks that the page to download the NeoSpeech software and other Captivate 9 assets has been moved/difficult to find. Never fear. Here are the direct links. Assets. link]. link]. NeoSpeech. link]. link]. Adobe Captivate

New online book on mobile learning -available for free download

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New online book on mobile learning -available for free download by Jan Herrington, Anthony Herrington, Jessica Mantei, Ian Olney and Brian Ferry (editors), New technologies, new pedagogies: Mobile learning in higher education, Faculty of Education, University of Wollongong, 2009, 138p. Thanks to IAmLearn to send this new information around.