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Join the Nano Open Online Courses (NOOCs) Adventure!


Nano Open Online Courses (NOOCs) will empower learners to explore, learn and be assessed on the essentials of one competency, skill or area of knowledge at a time within a week. Each NOOC can be facilitated by one or more facilitators, depending upon one’s preferences and ability. Originally, this adventure was code-named N-MOOCs, but Dave Cormier suggested NOOCs recently. Thanks for that! Awesome!

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My RM 69 Rapid e-Learning Studio!


Welcome to my NEW RM 69 Rapid e-Learning Studio (19 US Dollars) for rapid e-learning content development. RM 69 When I saw the Gear Datura S2 (RM 69 or 19 US Dollars) at the IT One Superstore at 1Utama's Old Wing, I felt.WOW! Though, in my mind passively!), which empowers any smartphone and tablet to be used for rapid video content development in many creative ways.

#MOOC Development Platforms?


Are you looking for an online platform to host and develop your MOOC or Massive Open Online Course (s)? MOOC DEVELOPMENT PLATFORMS Below is a growing list of all online platforms that can be used to develop and host MOOCs. They have been divided into various categories to make your MOOCified choice easier: (E) = Elitist Only courses from ''World Class'' Universities/Organizations.

The Top e-Learning Mover & Shaker of 2013 is.


You still have time to vote! CLICK HERE TO VOTE The TOP E-LEARNING MOVER & SHAKER OF 2013 IS. 1st Prize = £100 (British Pounds) Top 3 will get free (commercial) Listly accounts for a year. The nominee with the most votes, wins this special award with bragging rights for one year. THE E-LEARNING SUPER HERO OF 2013 AWARD? Only one from the Top 25 in #TEMS13 is eligible for this special award.

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How to Choose Between On-Demand and Instructor-Led Training

Not sure whether to offer on-demand or instructor-led training, or both? Each has its pros and cons and your decision will depend on your organization’s needs and goals. Download this eBook to learn which option is better at scale, as well as the resources needed to implement each training type.

The Best Quick Reference Guides to Web 2.0 on the Planet.Period!


CLICK HERE.for the version to all! THE STORY! Last year, the amazing Prof. Dr. Mohamed Amin (Deputy Director, e-Learning, Centre for Academic Development, UKM) discovered through a large survey he conducted to staff and students from mostly public universities in Malaysia that there was a lack of awareness (and training opportunities) about Web 2.0, and how Web 2.0 So, what did Prof.

Designing Effective Presentations at USM!


Looking forward to facilitate another workshop at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) on 28 August, 2014. This time around we will be challenging ourselves to design engaging and effective presentations for learning and teaching. ATTENTION! Also, it would be awesome if you could share in a few words what you desire most to learn from this workshop. Let''s connect! workshop

Learning Innovation Talks 05 (#LIT05) is Coming to YOU! Register NOW! Fully Online & Free!


CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! Tickets are UNLIMITED ! So, don't waste time :) The first MOOLIT ever! assive O pen O nline L earning I nnovation T alks! LIT The idea behind Learning Innovation Talks (LIT) is to organize 1-2 events per year (Insya-Allah many more, once it kicks off for real!), In the meantime, please join our Learning Innovation Circle (LIC). What are you waiting for? Please join us :).


Top 100+ Learning Tools on Planet Earth! Please Vote! #Listly


3 BIG QUESTIONS What are the BEST (e-)learning tools for learning and teaching? Who are USING them? Who are EXPERTS in using them? Not only will you discover the top 100+ learning tools in this list, you will also discover who are the experts in using them. We are using Listly to empower these 3 questions to the world of learning. Secret hint? WARNING! VOTE NOW!

Whitepaper: When The LMS Isn’t Enough

In this whitepaper, you will discover the main reasons why the LMS alone is no longer meeting the needs of the modern learner. More importantly, you will learn what you can do to enhance its value.

5 Awesome Tools to Engage & Gamify Talks


IMAGINE Imagine you are required to give a one-hour keynote talk to around 500 people at an International e-Learning Conference in Geneva, Switzerland. This is the biggest moment of your career. You are super nervous at the beginning of your talk, but you manage to capture the audience’s attention initially with a funny and relevant joke. What went wrong? TodaysMeet 2. Poll Everywhere 3. Padlet 4.

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Top Educators in Malaysia on Twitter!


CLICK HERE to View! PASSION TO TRANSFORM? Are you an educator (Professor, lecturer, teacher, corporate trainer, etc.) with PASSION TO TRANSFORM education in Malaysia? Using Twitter , too? If so, please add yourself or add an educator that should be on this list! HOW TO JOIN? The newest addition will be shown first on the list (cool!). WHY TWITTER? It is and has been the No. FACEBOOK?

The TEST-Learning Framework Finally Unleashed!


How do we use technology to TRANSFORM learning (at our University)? THE TEST - L earning Framework Revealed: TEST-Learning Framework from Zaid Alsagoff If you are interested in what you see and want to know more, please contact me. This learning framework has yet to be presented at a conference (exception: old version ), or published as a paper (by the author, who happens to be me!). One reason.

DNA of a 21st Century Educator at #MoodleMOOC 4 (MM4)!


CLICK HERE to attend. IMPORTANT NOTICE Click Here to check your timezone for the webinar session. Interestingly, if you are in North or South-America the webinar will take place on Monday evening or night (2 June) instead. So, please check to confirm the time. DESCRIPTION During your lifetime you have probably experienced inspirational educators, or witnessed inspiring lectures. If not, why not?

Storyboarding for eLearning

Storyboarding is a very important step for creating eLearning courses. But don’t you feel it’s a waste of time to start creating the courses from scratch and copy-paste text and other objects from the storyboard to the eLearning tool for course development.

Increase Your Brain Power by Juggling 3 Balls (or More)!


JUGGLING Yes, juggling enhances connections in the brain! Juggling also improves hand-eye coordination , reflexes , peripheral vision and a host of other motor skills. But knowing this is not going to help you much personally until you start juggling yourself. Seriously, don''t shy away from something so fun, reasonably easy (seriously!), and useful to increase your brain power (at any age).

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The 5-Day Learning Adventure at Jazan University!


Below, are all the resources for the talks and workshops facilitated over a 5-day period (9 - 13 Feb) at Jazan University in Saudi Arabia. Click on the Links to access all the resources shared for the respective workshops highlighted below. DAY 1 DNA of a 21st Century Educator Simplified! Learning Outcomes Discuss the attributes of a 21st Century Educator. Set up your own blog using Google Blogger.

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Vote for the Top e-Learning Movers & Shakers in 2013.Listly Style!


Who have been the world''s most influential learning professionals in 2013? CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE LIST! Please vote for the ones that have influenced your learning and teaching in 2013. The list includes learning professionals from both the corporate and higher education sectors (One world, one list!). You are free to vote (up) multiple learning professionals. Right? ONE MORE THING.

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Empowering Digital Learning in the 21st Century at MMU!


Click here to view the event''s Facebook Page THE STORY On May 28th, a passionate and inspiring Brother named Murtala Kazaure (above the MMU logo) from Multimedia University (MMU) connected with me on Facebook (Thanks to Siti Hamimi Burkan). Then Murtala shared this idea to his colleagues and some MMU academics, and as a result a committee was established to manage this event.

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Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

Off-the-shelf elearning is applicable for a wide audience, but it won’t address your organization’s unique situations or distinctive content. So are these courses all that helpful? For sure! Read on for 7 secrets to make off-the-self learning your own.

Was The 'DNA of a 21st Century Educator' Plagiarised in China?


Source DISCOVERY Last time I looked in the mirror, that certainly didn't look like me. However, the 'DNA' slide looks familiar. Oops, it looks like a slide from my ' DNA of a 21st Century Educator ' (Version 2) presentation. Awesome! Here is another picture that reveals a bit more about this event: Source So, what's the problem here? Certainly, not like this. Let's break down the case. Kudos!

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5 Strategies To Free Your Team From Organizational Silos


A few weeks ago, one of my readers left a comment on my blog asking why are there so many silos present in today’s organizations. Since replying to my reader’s query, I thought this would be a good topic to address as a follow-up to my previous piece where I shared a number of actionable steps organizations can implement to garner greater success from their collective efforts. Now before I discuss how leaders can break down various internal silos that might be present in their organizations, let’s first look at why these silos are created in the first place.

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Small Business Marketing Tips From SMX East 2011


While I was at SMX East last week I had the opportunity to sit in on the SoLoMo Landscape session (my liveblog ) that was taking place there. The goal of the session was to look at the convergence happening among social media, local search and mobile, and discuss how small business owners could take advantage of it. Why should small business owners even care? If you’re not there, you don’t exist.

#TEMS13 Gamified Scoring Algorithm to Decide the Super (e-)Learning Hero of 2013!


Voting for #TEMS13 will close at 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, January 13, 2014. TEMS13 : T op E -Learning M overs & S hakers in 20 13 '' CLICK HERE for instructions on how to vote. REALITY Let''s face it, polling is really a silly way to decide on who was the Super (e-)Learning Hero of 2013. Of course not! If you are really smart, you could even buy votes to show to the world how great you are.

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Ditching the formal performance review? Kineo shares 3 Elements for Success

Is your organization thinking about moving towards a performance development culture? What are the elements to succeeding and keeping managers and employees engaged? Download “A Road Map for Change” to find out and gain insight into making the transition as smooth as possible on your journey into this brave new world.

Gamify Classroom Learning with the C2S2C Method!


The C2S2C (pronounced See-Es-See) method can be applied to gamify any type of learning activity ! This is my second learning friendly innovation for 2013 (First one: L2T3SEA learning framework )! The conference is organized by the International Medical University (IMU). Description: What if learning could be as engaging and addictive as Angry Birds? tools we can use to gamify classroom learning.

Top 50 e-Learning Super Heroes on Planet Earth!


Congratulations to ALL that made the Top 50 e-Learning Super Heroes list! This list below is based on the results from the #TEMS13 worldwide poll and a gamified algorithm to identify and recognize the ''REAL'' Top 50 e-Learning Super Heroes (out of 220 nominees)! The results will be reflected and discussed soon. Just couldn''t wait to share the results! P.S. If you find any errors in the results, please don''t hesitate to inform me! It is easy to update! But, now I need to go for lunch :) Download PDF version!

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Gamify to Amplify the Learning Experience!


" Gamification is using game-based mechanics, aesthetics and game thinking to engage people, motivate action, promote learning, and solve problems." - Karl Kapp From the book: 'The Gamification of Learning and Instruction'. Just READ IT! Because great learning experiences depends as much on the educator (and learner) as on the mode chosen for learning. Game over! Okay, I do! Archivist !

Social Media for Research!


“PERSONALIZING HEALTHCARE – FROM BENCH TO CLINIC” Dental Education Research Symposium: Reaching out beyond the Academia TALK I will Insya-Allah be giving a 20-minute talk on the 16th March (2013) during the ' Dental Education Research Symposium ' at the 12th Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) (16 - 17 March), Malaysian Section. Isn't that cool!

Best Practices for Launching an LMS

When launching a new platform to deliver customer and partner training, there are a few key items to keep in mind. The best and simplest way to stay organized during this process – and be able to measure success – is to follow the tried-and-true practices outlined in this eBook. Click to download.

Blending Quality Learning to Survive the MOOC Invasion!


“Fifteen years from now more than half of the universities will be in bankruptcy, including the state schools (in US)” - Clayton Christensen Kodak? Walkman (Sony)? Are we ready for the changes required to survive the disruptive and global learning innovations invading the world of education today? However, first let''s. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE? Mission impossible? DOUBLE CLICK/TAP anywhere on the wall.

#MOOCify Malaysia with TouchCast?


Thanks to my e-mail resource/ideas sharing buddy Paul Kurchina , I just discovered this morning a cool interactive video authoring tool called TouchCast. TOUCHCAST TouchCast claims to be a new medium that looks like video, but feels like the web. As you can do your interactive video features on-the-fly there is no, or little need for post-production editing. Thank you :).

Are You a Malaysian Learning Gladiator? Creating a Master list!


MALAYSIAN LEARNING GLADIATOR? CLICK HERE to join the Master list (the live updated list is below)! THE STORY Late Saturday evening (2/06/2012), Nor Fadzleen and I figured out during an informal tweet (Twitter) discussion (out of no where!) that it would be great if there was an easy way to discover and connect with all those (awesome) educators in Malaysia that share online (e.g. Criteria?

NOOCify the #MOOC!


Al-Hamdulilla, really looking forward to IMETC2015 and catching up with Prof. Rozhan M. Idrus again (THANK YOU so much for inviting me). This post will be updated further during the conference (13-15 September). In the mean time, I have made my presentation slides and the first NOOC promo video available below. NOOCify the MOOC! Until then I will be busy building it!

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Workbook: Gamification and Your Enterprise Learning Strategy

This workbook is a response to your need to understand how to strategically incorporate gamification into your learning strategy, in order to drive real business results. It’s designed to be printed, written in and used as a guide.

Learning Innovation Talks 03 (#LIT03)! WOW!


CLICK HERE TO DISCOVER.WOW! LEARNING INNOVATION TALKS 03 LEARNING HISTORY is coming to you on the 22nd May ! Do you want to be part of it? Join us for this really exciting upcoming Learning Innovation Talks 3 (LIT 03) , which will be FULLY ONLINE. 5 BIG REASONS to attend LIT 03: FIRST 1-Day Online Seminar held by a University in Malaysia. Opportunity to connect and engage with AWESOME EDUCATORS.

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Designing 21st Century Flipped Learning Experiences at UKM!


Looking forward to facilitating this half-day workshop at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) on 27 August (2015) Insya-Allah! As usual, posting the workshop details and slides much earlier. So, please celebrate or blast the slides as soon as possible. Any feedback would be lovely! Then we will explore how we can use interactive web tools to engage students and develop interactive presentations.

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Becoming Creative Super Learners at #LIT04 (UNITAR International)!


LIT04 Learning Innovation Talks 04 (LIT04) is organized by UNITAR International University on Wednesday, 15 January (2014). MY TALK My talk is entitled: '' Becoming Creative Super Learners ''. Imagine if you could read a 200-page book in 20 minutes? The most important message is that our brains can be rewired to become ‘Creative Super Learners’ at any age.

IMU-LS-04: Facilitating a Massive Open Online Course (Stephen Downes)


CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (100 Free slots made available to Public! Running out fast!) IMU LEARNING SERIES Welcome to the IMU Learning Series (Round 4)… The most electrifying webinar series on the planet (by 2013)! We are thrilled to announce that our second invited International speaker is Stephen Downes …Simply WOW! UPCOMING WEBINAR? Too exciting to mention. CLICK HERE!

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What's New In Adobe Captivate 9!

Join Dr. Pooja Jaisingh, Sr. Adobe eLearning Evangelist, as she showcases the latest features & enhancements in the all-new Adobe Captivate 9. You will learn about the stellar features of this release along with Captivate Draft –the new storyboarding app.