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EdTech Tools and Apps For Creating Knowledge-Based Content

InSync Training

This week, we’ll start our deeper dive into these compartments by looking at knowledge and content technology tools and apps. We opened this series by introducing six technology toolbox compartments that are used in blended learning to provide content, develop interaction, and perform assessment. Both of these are much easier to work with than Mobile office, and cost less than $10 each.

Prevent users from accessing content in your knowledge base under certain conditions


You can control readers from accessing specific content in your knowledge base using conditional content rules. These rules can be applied to a lot of elements in your knowledge base – from a single sentence all the way up to an entire folder. Similarly, you can hide a piece of information in your knowledge base from being viewed on certain devices.


eSeminar Now Available: Creating an effective self-guided knowledge based eLearning module with AdobeCaptivate 5

Adobe Captivate

Many of us have need to develop traditional knowledge based training. In this eSeminar Dr. Allen Partridge explains how a typical self-guided knowledge based module is constructed and shows an example. One great way to increase user satisfaction with these modules is to make them self-guided. LINK: loc=en_us&id=1753992&event=register_no_session Below you’ll find embedded the slides used [.]. Whats new

Don’t Control Knowledge, Let the Base Free

Nick Leffler

Hopefully dropping some knowledge on the knowledge-base will open the flood gates. There’s been a few times when a knowledge base has popped up in my world lately, from where I put things in a closed internal environment to being available to the public. I’m writing specifically about an internal knowledge base for employees to put some context around what you read here, not the public knowledge base which is another animal. What role do you need in the knowledge base? Don’t control knowledge.

Knowledge Guru Adds Smartphone App in 2015 Fall Release

Knowledge Guru

The Fall 2015 release of Knowledge Guru is so small, it fits in your pocket. Learners will be able to play Knowledge Guru games across desktop, tablet and smartphone the week of November 2nd. Scores and achievements sync seamlessly between the web app and native app version of Knowledge Guru. On-the-go learners will never need to access a computer to play Knowledge Guru.

New Camtasia 9 Behaviors Will Add Sizzle to Your Production

eLearning Brothers

Having a thorough knowledge of your eLearning tools is essential in becoming an eLearning rock star. That is why we here at eLearning Brothers have an open knowledge base for support. We are frequently expanding our knowledge base, so check it out often. Any knight should know his sword, any author his pen, and any video maker his editor.

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The Trivantis Community is your place to connect with Lectora and CourseMill® users across the globe, share and showcase the content you’ve built in Lectora and Lectora® Online, or browse the Knowledge Base for resources like webinars, articles, and video tutorials. Need to create a scenario in your Lectora® eLearning course? The Trivantis Team is here to help! Download Interaction.

Knowledge Guru Summer Release Adds 6 New Languages and Another Game Spacing Option

Knowledge Guru

The Knowledge Guru platform continues to expand its features and functionality using customer feedback as our guide. The most powerful feature of Knowledge Guru’s award-winning design is the spaced repetition it provides. This design maximizes knowledge retention and encourages gameplay in short chunks. Updated Knowledge Base Articles. Quick Tip

4 Exercises to Improve Your eLearning Design Skills in 30 Days

SHIFT eLearning

Fortunately, this doesn’t require a drastic overhaul of your existing knowledge base nor does it mean taking time-consuming classes that reteach things you might already know. The best eLearning designers are the ones that consistently hone their style and look to make their skills even tighter. jungle cat sitting at a computer desk anyway, but I digress.

Instructional Design Model – A Framework to Develop Instructional Materials [Infographic]

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Creating an e-learning course is not just dumping classroom content in a slide and deploying it online.The content needs to be organized in a way that helps learners understand, learn, and remember for a long period of time and it should help learners easily accommodate new information in their existing knowledge base. You need a model – an Instructional Design Model.

Engagement: A Critical Element in Learning and Gamification

Kapp Notes

Building a common knowledge base. (pp. Building a common knowledge base. (pp. 2011) A meta-analytic examination of the instructional effectiveness of computer-based simulation games. If you want to have effective learning engagement, in gamification or any type of learning, you need to consider carefully how to grab and hold the learner’s attention. 2009).

Increase Course Performance with These 7 Tips for Bite-Sized eLearning


For example, posting a link to a noteworthy eLearning article or video will give online learners the chance to expand their knowledge base. 4. Then they can choose the eLearning activity they’d like to complete next, based on their needs and goals. How You Can Deliver Highly Effective Courses Through Bite-Sized eLearning. Stick To One Subject. Take A Spaced eLearning Approach.

Is Content Curation the Future of Instructional Design?


Curation is a trending topic getting a lot of attention in the training and learning and development industry. But why? What’s happening in business, which makes some believe curation is a problem? Is the training department best suited to solve this perceived problem? Is anyone else doing it? When asking myself these questions the first place I check is librarian comes to mind.

Better Support with Snagit: 4 Tips to Make Your Help Desk More Helpful

Visual Lounge

Bulk up your knowledge base. Self service is on the rise; for a lot of customers, knowledge bases are their first stop when they run into an issue. In a study conducted by Coleman Parkes for Amdocs , “91% of survey respondents said they would use an online knowledge base if it were available and tailored to their needs.” Snagit works wonders for support.

5 Assumptions of Adult Learners


Adult Learner Experience - As we grow and experience more life, we accumulate knowledge based on this experience that then becomes a more valuable resource for future learning. Creating an effective elearning course requires that you know a little about your audience. Depending on the profile of the course taker, you can tailor the content accordingly. Source: eLearning Industry.

eLearning Learning in Partnership with Training Magazine Network

Kapp Notes

The goal is to expand the knowledge-based of learning and development professionals by putting content and information in as many locations as possible so that any elearning professional can find what they need in the vast, informal learning network. Two resources for information are coming together to create one great stop for elearning information. head over there now. Web 2.0

Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to Write Learning Objectives


Using Bloom’s Taxonomy entails defining learning goals with the help of three underlying “domains” of accomplishment including: knowledge domain, skills domain, and. Course designers must use a particular taxonomy to measure a given student outcome, based on the goal that the course seeks to accomplish. Framing Knowledge-Based Learning Objectives. affective domain.

Bloom 21

The New Trivantis Community: Everything You Need for eLearning—All in One Place


Connect with other users by posting discussions, share your Lectora® and Lectora® Online content, or browse the Knowledge Base for resources like webinars, articles, and video tutorials. I’d like to introduce you to a whole new world today—shining, shimmering, splendid, and full of eLearning goodness. The new Trivantis Community is open for business! No problem!

What Does the Training Department Do When Training Doesn’t Work?

Performance Learning Productivity

Only a minority of instance of under-performance are due to lack of knowledge or skill. Content-centric , away-from-work, training approaches are on the other hand overwhelmingly ineffective (and usually far more costly) in fast-moving knowledge-based environments where people need to ‘know now’ and ‘know how’ almost instantly in order to perform. Speed and change dominate.

ROI 103

Is your company ready for the iGeneration?


That’s the minimum necessary to perform knowledge-based work any time. knowledge-sharing culture. Today’s knowledge-based economy will only expand. I don’t know about you, but I find shopping malls to be tremendously tiring: so many choices, so many people, so much noise. But at the same time, shopping malls can be truly surprising, and even inspiring. But first….

Camtasia Animation Features You Didn’t Know About

eLearning Brothers

You can find this video in our knowledge base. Among the many new and exciting features in Camtasia 9, one of my favorites is the expansive pre-built animations that are ready for us to use. Let’s talk Transitions first. If you used Camtasia Studio 8, you’re already familiar with the thirty transitions that are built into Camtasia. From the left ribbon, select the Transitions menu.

I Believe in the Value of Working out Loud

Tom Spiglanin

In organizations comprised largely of knowledge workers, each with unique responsibilities, tasks may not follow reproducible processes, just as every artist’s creation is unique. Still, every worker’s current activity uses skills developed through past experience, draws upon his or her whole knowledge base, and has some relationship with past and future work of the organization.

PKM 116

The evolution of personal learning environments

Origin Learning

that a person uses at the individual level to build on his knowledge base. From being providers of knowledge, they must now act as facilitators of information. A personal learning environment refers to the tools, technologies, resources etc. Imagine a boy called John, who is in his early 20s in the year 1997. Image Credit – Forward to the year 2014.

Successful Online Employee Onboarding Strategies


The employee onboarding process is another application of new-hire related knowledge management. Up next, we explain how your learning management system or learning portal can be employed to manage new knowledge for new hires so that it is available when needed. learning portal or a learning management system needs to emphasize knowledge management. No comfort around you.

Use of Challenge in Gamification and Learning Design

Kapp Notes

Building a common knowledge base. (pp. Challenge is a strong motivator in learning (Malone, 1981; Schlechty, 1997; Jones et al., 1994). challenge is a call to engage in a difficult, but achievable task. Uncertain outcomes are challenging because of the variability depending on the use’s actions, multiple goals, hidden information and randomness (Wilson et. 2009). White, 1959). 1994).

2016 eLearning Hype Curve Predictions

Web Courseworks

Quick hits: Self-service software support: Every mature software product needs a knowledge base, FAQs, and a user community. When both iOS and Android devices announced that they would not support Flash, we were left holding huge libraries of Flash-based SCORM packages that will never even be accessible on most smartphones and tablets, much less mobile-optimized. eventually.

Why Your Company Needs an LMS


The article Cost Comparison Between Online and In-Person Training states that a company based in several locations, having 500 employees total, would spend about $110,000 on training each employee in-person for 3 hours. According to Christopher Pappas, “ Every online learner has their own interests, strengths, learning needs, and knowledge base. What Do YOU Think an LMS Can Do?

What The Future Holds For Game-Based eLearning: 8 Points To Consider

EI Design

But it’s safe to say that eLearning games are here to stay and people have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. In this article, I’ll explore what’s to come for game-based eLearning. Point To Consider About The Future Of Game-Based eLearning. Game-based eLearning involves interactive and immersive online gaming experiences that put knowledge into practice.

CLOs, Move From Conduit to Curator

CLO Magazine

For example, offer recommendations on content based on interests or new job roles to make sure content is relevant. Essentially, human judgment — good decisions based on solid data — is still a vital part of the curation process. Crowdsource employee knowledge. Millennials are in the workforce in force, and employers are struggling to adjust to the shift in demographics.

CLO 47

Never, Ever Stop Learning; The Key to Personal Improvement


In fact, knowledge is most readily understood and retained when the information is about something that engages the learner. Acquiring a new skill or growing our general knowledge base increases our flexibility and increases the breadth of tasks that we’re able to complete. For most Americans, the thought of learning evokes memories of never-ending lessons, arduous exams, and the occasional blissful nap in the back of a classroom. While we’re in school, we pine for our first taste of freedom in the mystifying “real world.” Find your passion. Expand your workplace horizons.

Is Too Much Collaboration a Bad Thing?


When you have a group working on a common goal , things get done faster, team members have an opportunity to assess their own strengths and weaknesses, and individuals can increase their knowledge base and trust in one another. Ensure that employees have an accessible content platform where they can seek out knowledge when they need it. Keep it working for your company by adjusting your structural systems, rewarding the work of highly collaborative employees, and creating an accessible knowledge base. All of this leads to more efficiency and happier workers.

How Can e-Learning Fit The Needs Of Small And Medium Businesses?


In the twenty first century, ours is knowledge-based economy. All industry leaders agree that the performance of an organization depends on how up-to-date the employees are on latest knowledge and skills. Thus organizations are trying to invest more in training and learning processes as well as analysing their training needs in greater depth. But is that all?

Knowledge Guru Fall ’14 Release Adds New Game Type, Expanded Reporting and More

Knowledge Guru

Since the release of Knowledge Guru in 2012, our team has spent thousands of hours researching the science of learning and serious games. Most importantly, we’ve listened to our growing customer base to find out what features and functionality  they need to make serious games a success in their organizations. It takes the Knowledge Guru platform to a new level. Minigames.

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