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Ted's Moodle Adventures: Chapter 5: MoodleCloud Site Navigation

Courseware Development

OK - you've created your own MoodleCloud site. Here are a few things you may want to do prior to creating your own courses, or restoring a course from a backup. Note that, although this is a free site, it is a fully functioning Moodle site, so the home page should look familiar. First give your site a name ! Under Administration, Front page settings: Click Turn editing on Click Site administration Click Front page, then Front page settings Give your site a name (and a relevant short name). Unless you want to do otherwise, leave the other fields as is. Turn editing off for now.

Ted's Moodle Adventures: Chapter 4: My Free MoodleCloud site - Getting Started

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Have you taken a Moodle class or studied on your own? Ready to try Moodle for real? The Moodle organization has been nice enough to provide a free space for hosting your own Moodle site: MoodleCloud. Like most truly free items, there are constraints and catches, but these for the most part do not limit what you can do - and you can always move on to paid hosting if your site gets "too big" in some sense. In the big black box, you can sign up for your site - click Sign Up - or get more information first - click Wait, I Need More Info. The signup process now begins. Courseware e-Learning Moodle

Ted's Moodle Adventures: Chapter 1: Entering the Moodlesphere

Courseware Development

It has been a while since I've posted in this blog - I've been busy with other pursuits, such as teaching my Henrico County Adult Ed (Richmond, VA area) computer classes, and ramping up my math and computer training business, pcLearning4U. In addition, I'm dealing with trying to stay clear of the colon cancer that attacked me last year. Also, as you may know, I started the pcLearning4U Blog (using WordPress, the other popular blogging platform). As part of that blogging effort, I am chronicling Judy (my wife) and my efforts to learn our Android devices (Samsung Galaxy S4 phone and Tab4 tablet).

Ted's Moodle Adventures: Chapter 3: Teaching with Moodle: Weeks 2, 3, 4, and Course Completion

Courseware Development

The Teaching with Moodle class is done - I am happy to report that I successfully completed the course! Among other things , we: Set up a practice course (more about this in a future chapter) Worked with forums Set up quizzes and saw how quizzes are graded Set up self-enrollment Saved our practice course to our own Moodle site Used text, graphics, and links in our practice course Earned badges for our achievements Gained initial knowledge on how to navigate the main Moodle Website Next up : Beginning to apply what I learned to my MoodleCloud site! Courseware e-Learning Moodle

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Courseware Development

Congratulations to the LinkedIn Courseware Development Group for exceeding 2000 members! Group LinkedIn Milestone

And Then There Were Five.

Courseware Development

Effective immediately, three of our groups will no longer be reported on in the Group Scoreboard, as follows: Orkut , final membership 62, Orkut no longer exists Plaxo , final membership 85, Plaxo Groups functionality has been deactivated LearningTown , final membership 97, LearningTown no longers exists Thank you very much for your participation in these groups - please continue to enjoy the remaining five groups - membership counts for the remaining groups will be updated soon

Just Don't Overdo It

Courseware Development

Some of you are on Facebook. Most of you who are on Facebook probably like to play games - usually, the price is right (free!). As long as you don't overdo it, I highly recommend The Sims Social from Electronic Arts - you can learn a lot from this game (wow- eLearning!): The object is to enhance your property (indoors and outdoors), and to maintain it. You learn cooperation because without the help of Facebook friends who also play, you will get nowhere. You learn organization because various things you buy have to be put in their proper place. Have fun, and remember, it's only a game!

More Do-it-yourself eLearning

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Recently, my vehicle wouldn't start , so assuming the battery had drained, I decided to jump-start it with another vehicle. followed these steps: Googled 'how to jump start a car' Visited this site Printed the relevant pages Successfully did the jump-start Drove the vehicle, parked it, tried to start it again, and the battery drained again It then became apparent after inspecting the battery that the battery probably needed replacement. To disconnect the old battery, and connect the new one, I followed these steps. Search YouTube do-it-yourself eLearning

Transform Your Video Strategy for Enterprise Learning & Communication

We sat down with Tom Clancy, former CLO of EMC, to discuss the role of video in the future of enterprise learning and communication.

The pcLearning4U Blog, and new services

Courseware Development

My company has started a blog , with the very arcane name of the pcLearning4U Blog , which I hope you will follow in addition to following this blog. Note that the company blog has a different look and feel, due to the fact that I am using WordPress! In addition, I am announcing that pcLearning4u is doing mathematics tutoring! Some of the subjects we cover are: High school algebra, geometry, and trigonometry The SAT college entrance exam The ASVAB military entrance exam The Metric System All suggestions and leads are appreciated - thanks! blog pcLearning4U WordPress


Courseware Development

Sophia. What is Sophia ? It is a platform for posting tutorials for various academic subjects, in video, PowerPoint, or PDF format. Where did they get the name? No idea - maybe the originator is a fan of "The Golden Girls"? How much does it cost a student to use Sophia? Nothing. How much does it cost a teacher to post a tutorial on Sophia? How much can a teacher make via Sophia? Zilch. What's the potential for positive name recognition if you post a useful tutorial on Sophia? Priceless. It is very easy to search for tutorials on your favorite subject. hope to create a tutorial myself soon.


Courseware Development

Hi folks, A few words about Pinterest. My first thought was "what a peculiar name". then decided to visit the site, and look at a few pin boards. The concept seemed a bit odd at first - an online version of a physical picture-only bulletin board. When I signed up, this seemed even odder - it asked me what my preferences were regarding art, etc., and I was given built-in people's boards to follow - I didn't realize my taste in art was so avant-garde! The interface for adding ones own pictures, and re-using others (called repinning) is reasonably simple. Thanks - Ted.

Lectora - a few tidbits

Courseware Development

If you are reading this blog, you probably have either used Lectora or know someone who has. Lectora is an excellent courseware authoring tool, by Trivantis. have had the privilege of creating online courses using Lectora on several occasions. One nice feature (among many!) is its test building mechanism. Questions can be set up in all the standard formats (multiple-choice, true-false, fill-in-the-blank, etc.) with a variety of editing options. Multiple-choice questions, for instance, can have one or more-than-one correct answer. The above are my opinions - please feel free to submit yours.

Customer Training Completion Rates

Curious to learn how different factors in your training courses may affect completion rates? We crunched the numbers to help you set goals for course completion and build your content strategy. Download the study to learn what kind of content keeps learners engaged, how long courses should be, and more.

Final Eight

Courseware Development

To my readers: We are now down to 8 Courseware Development groups due to the following reasons: Nuvvo has been apparently deactivated Konnects has apparently gone to a paid-membership-only platform Please continue to join and participate in the other groups as desired. Thanks - Ted. Konnects Nuvvo

WizIQ Blog

Courseware Development

To all of you who are interested in the WizIQ online learning system: I am happy to report that they have started a blog - please visit this blog - it contains many interesting articles! I've also added this blog to the Blogroll, WizIQ

pcLearning4U Newsletter

Courseware Development

To my readers: As some of you know, I am growing my personal computer training business, pcLearning4U. As part of these efforts, I have started a free email newsletter. The next edition of the newsletter will be published shortly, however, due to anti-spam rules, I have to limit delivery to subscribers. The good news: subscribing is easy - just click this link and the form will walk you through the very easy subscription process - hope to see you on the list! Thanks - Ted. pcLearning4U training newsletter

eFront eLearning blog

Courseware Development

I've added the eFront blog to the Blogroll, authored by Christopher Pappas. This is a very good eLearning blog, which features, among other things, Christopher's list of the top eLearning and workplace learning blogs. From the blog, you can also do other things such as subscribe to the eFront newsletter and like the eFront Facebook page. urge all my readers to take a look at this site and participate as desired! workplace learning eFront eLearning

Skill based learning – How it drives an organization’s performance

Training and learning organizations today play an active role in contributing to the bottom line of any organization by aligning their objectives to the immediate business objectives. This provides a solid ground for cost justification and encourages businesses to place training groups right where they should be, at the heart of a growing, thriving, learning culture.

LinkedIn 1000!!

Courseware Development

I am happy to report that the LinkedIn Courseware Development Group has reached 1000 members ! Also: There is increased interest in the Nuvvo group I'm adding new people to the Twitter list as often as I can find them As usual, your input into this blog is greatly appreciated! Thanks - Ted. LinkedIn Nuvvo Twitter

The LinkedIn Group is Closing in on 1000 Members, but.

Courseware Development

And this is a big but, folks - the other Courseware Development groups are generally not growing at all. The good news is that my business, pcLearning4U , is slowly improving. The result of this, however, is that I don't have as much time to manage and contribute to these groups. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate your input into the following: 1. I'm going to keep LinkedIn alive (obviously!), also Facebook and Twitter (due to the popularity of these platforms). I'm thinking of shutting the rest down - please make your case for keeping any of the others alive. 2. Thanks in Advance - Ted.

eLearning Guild Facebook Page

Courseware Development

For those of you who are members of the eLearning Guild , or otherwise are interested in the Guild: The Guild is moving its Facebook presence from a group to a page, and they are encouraging people to "like" their page. For more information, please see this Facebook message


Courseware Development

To everyone: I am thinking of using GoToMeeting to do some remote training. Have you used this application for eLearning? If so, what are your experiences? Also, have you used GoToWebinar and/or GoToTraining? Please post your comments here. For more information, click here. Thanks - Ted.

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

Off-the-shelf elearning is applicable for a wide audience, but it won’t address your organization’s unique situations or distinctive content. So are these courses all that helpful? For sure! Read on for 7 secrets to make off-the-self learning your own.


Courseware Development

I'm trying out the free version of Prezi , another presentation tool. Prezi allows you to put together simple presentations using a canvas (rather than successive slides), and pointing to and zooming on various parts of the canvas. The editing mechanism is a bit counter-intuitive (it uses an attached-bubble mechanism similar to mind-maps and fractals). The paid version probably has a lot more features. Will keep you posted.

Twitter List added to Group Scoreboard

Courseware Development

To all: Due to lack of activity in tweetworks, I've added the Twitter eLearning list to the Group Scoreboard. The tweetworks group still exists. If you want to be on the Twitter list, please contact me via Twitter (tedkopp). Thanks - Ted.

Need a Job? Have a job to post? Use LinkedIn?

Courseware Development

To all my blog readers: Did you know that LinkedIn groups now contain Jobs sections ? The Courseware Development group job board is now open for business! Note that this board just got started - if you have any courseware or eLearning-related positions, you are encouraged to post them on the board! If you are looking for such a position, feel free to look at the posted jobs (check back frequently), and follow up as desired. Please contact me if you have questions. Thanks - Ted.

Blogger Search

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Blogger has added a search feature! Just type in your search criteria in the box just below the Group Scoreboard and the search will return results in this blog, items linked from this blog, the blogroll, and the web! The results will appear just above the most recent blog post. To close the search results, click the X at upper-right of the results. Have fun!

Leaving performance reviews behind: Where to start [Guide]

Is your company ready to move beyond the annual performance review? Where do you start? What are the keys to success? In this guide, you’ll gain an understanding of: the forces driving change, three foundations of success and take a deep dive into the skills gap many managers have that will sink your efforts before they start and how to address them.


Courseware Development

I'm now trying out another free test-creation tool - Quizinator , courtesy of Kim Komando. More to follow as I create some demonstrations. For more information, click this link.

If he's high on eLearning, shouldn't everybody be?

Courseware Development

Courtesy of Coggno and TechCrunch , some interesting comments from Bill Gates : In Five Years The Best Education Will Come From The Web Enjoy!!

Blogger Comment Moderation Now On

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To my readers, and fellow Bloggers: Per suggestions in How do I block Chinese Spam Comments , all comments on this blog will now be moderated. As usual, all appropriate comments regarding courseware and eLearning are welcome and encouraged! Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Orkut CwDev Community

Courseware Development

The Courseware Development Community is now available for those of you on Orkut (Google's social network). If interested, please click the link under the Group Scoreboard

Quality Control process for E-Learning

Quality assurance is often reduced to correcting errors in a nearly completed learning product. But creating a quality assurance process that influences decisions throughout production reduces the amount of revisions. This is the final step to ensuring that e-Learning applications are not themselves a barrier to learning

The Big 12 is now 10, and the Big 10 is now 12

Courseware Development

and the Pac 10 is now 12, and, uh, some of these may be 16 soon, and, whatever blah blah blah. Anyway, the 12 Courseware Development groups are now 10 , due to the elimination of the Twine groups by Evri, and by a lack of response from BrightFuse as to why the CwDev group was eliminated. If not already a member, please join and participate in one or more of the CwDev groups. Thanks - Ted