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Modern Workplace Learning Magazine is launched

Jane Hart

Modern Workplace Learning Magazine is a new online publication that focuses on helping L&D departments do things differently and do different things in order to provide an effective service for today’s workforce.  The articles will build a body of knowledge, experience and know-how for enabling and supporting learning in the modern workplace. We Or they risk being ‘disrupted’.

eLearning Learning in Partnership with Training Magazine Network

Kapp Notes

eLearning Learning and Training Magazine Network have partnered to bring together the extensive content from eLearning Learning and the community offerings from Training Magazine Network to form the largest eLearning site on the Web. You can now see eLearning Learning content featured on the Training Magazine Network site and through its newsletters. head over there now. Web 2.0

Games Article Published in Online Training Magazine

Kapp Notes

Here is a link to an article by Margery Weinstein with an interview from me and great additional pieces and interviews with James Sharpe, senior vice president, Strategic Solutions, PDI Ninth House and Chris Musselwhite, Sue Kennedy, and Sue Probst of Discovery Learning Inc. In the article, Get Your Head in the Game, I discuss how there are two expectations of games for learning these days. One is based on the mega-realistic games like Halo and the Uncharted Series (realistic in visual quality and character movement…not in storyline or actual events). Check out the entire article here.

PDI 80

Online Presentation for ELearning! Magazine

Kapp Notes

Magazine on their registration page. Join me on Tuesday May 13, 2008 for an online presentation titled Increasing Learner performance Through Interactivity. The time is 10:00 AM PST which is 1:00 EST. The presentation description: Designing engaging interactive instruction can help learners increase knowledge and performance. Learn how to use instructional strategies to develop interactive exercises and activities that support on-the-job performance. Review five key design strategies that encourage interactivity. You can register at ELearning!

Gamification, Sales Training in Learning Solutions Magazine

Bottom-Line Performance

Image © Learning Solutions Magazine. has written a two part series on games and gamification for Learning Solutions Magazine. BLP News game based learning gamification Knowledge Guru Learning Research case study learning solutions magazine research Dr. Karl Kapp, Ed.D The series focuses on case studies that show the efficacy of games and gamification in business situations.

Training Magazine Network Now Bringing You eLearning Learning

Tony Karrer

We get to finally announce that eLearning Learning has partnered with Training Magazine Network. The bigger change is described by Ray Jimenez, CEO of Training Magazine Network, a fellow blogger and likely someone many of you know. I'm really excited today. When you visit the eLearning Learning site, you probably won't notice that much different. You see a new logo.

Training Magazine Closes and Now, it appears, So Do the Conferences

Kapp Notes

Just got this in an email: Regrettably, we have some unfortunate news to share with you: The Nielsen Company has made the decision to cease operation of Training magazine and Training magazine Events effective February 26. This will also be our last day with the company. For those of you scheduled to present at our upcoming Training Leadership Summit, we hope that a buyer will step in to continue the brand and that the Summit will go on as planned. You will be notified as soon as we have word. It has been a privilege working with you and we wish you continued success.



Custom E-Learning E-Learning Clark Quinn Deeper Design Deeper Elearning Design Learner Learning Design Learning Design Best Principles Learning Solutions Magazine Learnnovators Nirmal Ranganathan Quinnovation Skype Srividya Kumar Workplace of the FutureThe post LESSONS FROM CLARK QUINN ~ TAKE 1 appeared first on Learnnovators.

Training Magazine Network WebCast Recap: Creating the Mobile Virtual Classroom

InSync Training

Training Magazine Network kindly invited me to present Creating the Mobile Virtual Classroom for their audience on June 23, 2015. The event was a huge success - attendance was high and interactivity was off the charts thanks to the wonderful promotion by Training Magazine Network. We had many of our "regular" InSync BYTE attendees participate as well which is always great.

Wrote about Storytelling for eLearn Magazine

Integrated Learnings

And since it seems that many of you share that interest, I wanted to let you know that I was recently invited to write an article on the topic for eLearn Magazine. By Shelley A. Gable. Although teaching through telling stories is as old as the human race, storytelling as a learning technique is receiving renewed attention in the training industry. As an instructional designer, I’m among those who have zoomed in on storytelling. Because of that, several posts on this blog explore how storytelling benefits learning and how to design stories into eLearning. Cheers!

Ryan Tracey – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


He is also an Editorial Board Member for eLearn Magazine , a moderator for #lrnchat , and the author of the E-Learning Provocateur blog. ABOUT RYAN TRACEY. Ryan Tracey is an E‑Learning Manager in the Australian financial services industry. Ryan has worked in corporate e-learning for over a decade, following several years in the higher education market. He holds a Master’s degree in Learning Sciences and Technology from the University of Sydney. It comprises stimulating discussions with industry experts and product evangelists on emerging trends in the learning landscape. Your successes?

How Performance Support Apps Are Faring In Today’s Workplaces


State of Mobile Application Development in the Enterprise : This slideshow is designed based on a recent survey (of 146 subscribers of Mobile Enterprise Magazine) conducted by moTwin, a provider of a mobile application development platform. The above quote is from our interview with Charles Jennings. THE JOURNEY: We all know… this is the age of mobile apps! What are the results?

The Evolving Face of Embedded Performance Support


This Learning Solutions Magazine article by Conrad Gottfredson discusses the significance of ensuring the right kind of performance support in the workplace, and how you could go about figuring out where you are in the performance support spectrum. The best you can do is position them where they can find what they need to know when they need to know it.” – Seymour Papert. What is the trend?

How to Integrate Product Knowledge Into Your Launch Curriculum

Bottom-Line Performance

Leanne Batchelder and myself partnered with Training Magazine to present a webinar on product launch learning solutions. Blended Learning Curriculum Design Product Launch Training blended learning curriculum design product launch training magazine It’s here! The time has come! Your company’s new product is about to launch and it’s time for the launch event. Reps

Selfie number 2

Learning with e's

He had already founded MIT's Media Lab , and was well on the way to making sure Wired Magazine would become a must read for the tech savvy (I remain a subscriber). Being Digital education learning MIT Media Lab Nic Negroponte OLPC selfie Technology Wired MagazinePrevious selfie posts can also be viewed on this blog. In other words, the world was going digital. Unported License.

The Democratization of Learning

Social Learning

Terrence Wing of Learning Solutions Magazine writes about this idea in an article entitled App Fusion: Learner Analysis 2.0.  He states: The process of boxing our future learners into a demographic profile remains common practice.  Learning Solutions Magazine marketing Reddit social analytics social learning social media Terrence WingBut how do instructional designers learn?

Recap: Training Magazine’s 2016 Conference

InSync Training

Recently, we had the privilege of sponsoring and attending Training Magazine’s 2016 Conference in Orlando, Florida. This event brings industry thought leaders and practitioners together to learn from one another, collaborate to find solutions to common challenges, and celebrate our successes. The wisdom gained is worth sharing beyond the conference. Conferences

Turning Words Into Swords

Marcia Conner

He wrote, “Reading a copy of GOOD provokes both inspiration and inferiority… While I like to think of myself as doing good, when I am confronted by a cadre of folks doing magazine-layout-worthy good, I am at once motivated and paralyzed.” ” I end here with Rushkoff’s close, both prescriptive to the magazine’s GOOD and our own. Drop me a line.

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Learning Solutions Magazine Goes Mobile by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

Learning Solutions Magazine has launched its new Mobile version, making the publication more accessible on mobile devices, particularly on phones. Future Trends Interface Design Media

A Look Behind The Training Magazine Top 125


Training magazine recently released its annual list of the top 125 companies that embrace employee training, and by glancing over some statistics about those organizations, a few trends start to emerge. The companies singled out by Training magazine, on average, employed almost three times as many trainers than normal. For one thing, most of the top 125 companies are really big.

Highlights From Day One of the Spring 2011 Chief Learning Officer Magazine Symposium

CLO Magazine

Day one of the Spring 2011 Chief Learning Officer magazine Symposium kicked off here at the Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island, Amelia Island, Fla., To follow news on the Spring 2011 Chief Learning Officer magazine Symposium as it occurs, go on Twitter and follow CLOmedia and search for #closym. What are your thoughts on the first day of the Spring 2011 Chief Learning Officer magazine Symposium? with some compelling insights on social media and how it is impacting learning in business today. The lower ranks, meanwhile, are left to their own devices, leading them to “hack work.”.

The Training 2016 Conference Backchannel: Curated Resources #trgconf

David Kelly

Curated Backchannels Training Conference Training MagazineThis post curates resources shared via the backchannel of the Training 2016 Conference and Expo being held February 15-17 in Orlando. I am a huge proponent of backchannel learning. There are many conferences I would love to be able to attend, but most people can only accommodate one or two each year. The backchannel is an excellent resource for learning from a conference or event, even if you are unable to attend in-person. Sharing these collections on this blog has shown that others find value in the collections as well. Agenda.

Interview with eLearn Magazine

Allison Rossett

Tweet eLearn magazine interviews Allison Rossett:  [link]. Articles Publications Profile

When Remembering Really Matters: The Power of Serious Games for Learning (Free Webinar)

Knowledge Guru

Sharon Boller , President and Chief Product Officer, and Steven Boller , Marketing Director, are delivering a jam-packed session through Training Magazine Network where they demonstrate research-based strategies for retention—and how they relate to games. webinar training magazine Research has shown time and time again that remembering is hard and forgetting is easy. Register anyway.


Day 3 Highlights: Training Magazine's 2015 Online Learning Conference

InSync Training

Training Magazine’s 2015 Online Learning Conference (OLC) has come to a close. While yesterday was a short day for many attendees due to travel, the wisdom imparted by session presenters was no less impactful. Conferences

Being Negroponte

Learning with e's

Negroponte established the now legendary MIT Media Lab , and was also founder of Wired Magazine. Technology Alan Turing Seymour Papert Nicholas Negroponte Hole in the wall project education 1LPC knowledge Sugata Mitra learning Marvin Minsky Sherry Turkle Wired Magazine LOGOLearning when there is no school' In 1995 I read a little black paperback book that changed my view on the world.

2014 - the year of the wearable?

Learning with e's

In the January 2014 issue of Wired Magazine , he argues that whilst the last decade has been about smart mobile technologies, the next decade will be about wearable computing. 2014 Ben Hammersley embedded technology Gerd Leonhard Google Glass mind extension wearable computer Wired Magazine Wearable computing is just one small step up from mobile technology. think not.

Day 2 Highlights: Training Magazine 2015 Online Learning Conference

InSync Training

Yesterday, the Training Magazine 2015 Online Learning Conference (OLC) included a day full of learning and networking. participated in informative and hands-on sessions,attended the conference networking night at Howl at the Moon, and interviewed Kevin Thorn, President of Nuggethead Studioz. I’m excited to share all of that with you in this post

On eLearn Magazine: A Curator's Tools and To Do List


We''re proud to share our first article in eLearn Magazine:  A Curator''s Tools & To Do List ,  an exploration of using curation techniques to manage information in the enterprise environment. . Are you using curation techniques in your organization? Tell us about it in the comments! . Right eLearning Solutions

Resources from Training Magazine Network Webinar

Kapp Notes

In this webinar, for Training Magazine Network , I discussed how Gamification should be thought of as a design sensibility and not merely a digital tool. We talked about how gamification and game-thinking is more of a thought process and a methodology to engage and motivate learners. Here are the slides: Short Explanation of Gamification. Pinterest Page on Gamification Happenings. Articles.

Why You Should Subscribe to Learning Solutions Magazine Today! by Bill Brandon

Learning Solutions Magazine

Learning Solutions Magazine is a free, organized island of useful professional. Content—text, video, images, audio, links, blogs, websites—is everything on the web, including eLearning. This mass of content contains much that is useful to you professionally (when you can find it), and much. that is frankly pretty sketchy. information in this sea, and you should subscribe to it! Here’s why. Emerging Topics Getting Started Management Professional Development Training Strategies

Is the LMS Dead?

Web Courseworks

LMS moodle software strategic objects The Social Enterprise Blog Training Magazine Web CourseworksReflecting on this in Chicago October 24th! During the past few years, I have seen a lot of discussion about whether or not Learning Management Systems (LMS) are dead. Recently, cell phones and tablets and the strong use of social media has disrupted the concept/meaning of what an LMS is. Over the past ten years, [.]. eLearning aLearning CLOMedia CMS David Wilkins Ed Cohen elearning Ellen Behrens Jon Aleckson Learning 3.0

We need a rethink

Learning with e's

There's a very useful and refreshing article by Tom Barrett in this week's TES Magazine entitled 'Education needs to plug into Web 2.0'. YouTube Technology TES Magazine education social media schools learning blogging Tom Barrett Internet e-safetyNever before have I read an article that I agree with so completely. type tools in their classrooms. think he got the message.

Feature in Training and Development Magazine

Allison Rossett

The Long View: Feature from Training and Development Magazine. Tweet Photo by Frank Rogozienski Photography. Full article: TD_Feb08_Rossett_LEGEND. Articles Publications Profile Training + Development