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Definition of MicroLearning

Will at Work Learning

I've looked for a good definition of microlearning, but because I couldn't find one, I've created my own. Microlearning involves the use of: “Relatively short engagements in learning-related activities—typically ranging from a few seconds up to 20 minutes (or up to an hour in some cases)—that may provide any combination of content presentation, review, practice, reflection, behavioral prompting, performance support, goal reminding, persuasive messaging, task assignments, social interaction, diagnosis, coaching, management interaction, or other learning-related methodologies.”.  .

Curated Insights: Seeking a Practical Definition of MicroLearning


This month’s curated insights explores the ongoing hunt for a practical definition of microlearning and offers both suggestions as well as application ideas from prominent industry thought leaders. Definition of MicroLearning by Will Thalheimer. This categorization can make it near-to-impossible to offer a simple definition for what is a high-potential but equally complex concept.

eLearning Glossary: Definitions for the Most Commonly Used Terms

Association eLearning

The post eLearning Glossary: Definitions for the Most Commonly Used Terms appeared first on Knowledge Direct. If you’re new to eLearning or online training, it can seem like you’re wading through alphabet soup with all the various anagrams and terminology used in this industry. SCORM, LMS, AMS, LCMS, API, JITT, what does it all mean?! Courses in an LMS usually fall into this category.

10 Definitions of Learning

The eLearning Coach

The Definitions “A change in human disposition or capability that persists over a period of […]. We all know that the human brain is immensely complex and still somewhat of a mystery. It follows then, that learning—a primary function of the brain—is understood in many different ways. Here are ten ways that learning can be described. Cognition

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The Definition of Great Lectora Templates

eLearning Brothers

The post The Definition of Great Lectora Templates appeared first on eLearning Brothers. The eLearning industry is all about finding more effective ways to train and educate learners. It’s all about using the technological advances we’ve been given to strengthen and streamline the learning process. Flash Cards. Now you can do that digitally with our flash card template. Glossary.

A Proposed Definition of “Game”

Kapp Notes

There have been many different definitions and attempts at defining the term “game” but I think one of the most appropriate definitions for application in an instructional setting was put forth by Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman in their book Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals. What is a game? Famous game board. game becomes boring when the challenge no longer exists.

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The Definition of Learning Has Changed


In most areas of the world, technology probably changes faster than people do. That means that organizations need to have ways of managing these changes while trying to stay up-to-date

Another Proposed Definition of “Game”

Kapp Notes

Let’s look at each element of the definition: System— A set of interconnected elements occur within the “space” of the game. “A game is a system in which players engage in an abstract challenge, defined by rules, interactivity and feedback that results in a quantifiable outcome often eliciting an emotional reaction.” Missile Command classic game. Rules— The rules of the game define the game.

Minimal design and e-learning: Why less is definitely more

Spicy Learning

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away” —  Antoine de Saint-Exupery , French writer (1900–1944). So you don’t believe me when I say that design is more about taking elements away than adding new ones? Try taking a look at the evolution of the Starbucks logo. The concept of ‘less is more’ may be a little clichéd, but you can see how powerful it is here: the simple, clean image is instantly recognisable and familiar; nothing is extraneous. Squirrel these references away so you can pull them out for future use. 

Definition of E-learning: Content Authoring

The E-Learning Curve

  Today I will be treating of the final phrase of Don Morrison’s definition of e-learning,   The continuous assimilation of knowledge and skills by adults stimulated by synchronous and asynchronous learning events – and sometimes Knowledge management outputs – which are authored, delivered engaged with, supported and administered using internet technologies. 2004, p.4) I […] Definition of E-learning: Content Authoring is a post from: E-Learning Curve Blog.

Why We Need To Expand The Definition of Workplace Diversity


Diversity training needs to catch up and highlight the benefits of embracing differences, to be sure, but it’s the very definition of diversity that may have the biggest impact. The post Why We Need To Expand The Definition of Workplace Diversity appeared first on eLearning Mind | Custom eLearning Solutions. The SAP study was done more than two and a half years ago, and in that short time, the diversity landscape at work has changed drastically. What may have once seemed like a case of idealistic millennials has taken center stage in driving change and promoting inclusion. Values.

#AdobeCaptivate 6 Sneak Peek 03: High Definition Screencasts

Adobe Captivate

After sharing sneak peeks on HTML5 publish option and Themes with you, we still have a lot to share and definitely cannot hide the excitement. So here’s another peek into an awesome feature of creating high definition screencasts using the brand new Captivate 6. Take a look! Inquisitive to know more about the new features [.]. eLearning Suite Extending Captivate How do I.

Digital Curation: Definitions, Tools, and Strategies – Resources Shared During LINGOs Webinar

David Kelly

On April 17th, I had the privilege of leading a webinar for LINGOs titled Digital Curation: Definitions, Tools, and Strategies. The post Digital Curation: Definitions, Tools, and Strategies – Resources Shared During LINGOs Webinar appeared first on David Kelly. This blog post is being set up a follow-up resource for those that attended the session. It may also serve as a resource for anyone that wants to learn more about curation and learning. Specific Session Resources. Content Curation: Bringing Order to Information Overload by Christy Barksdale. It Should Be. Via DCC.

Broadening the Definition of Gamification for L&D Professionals

The Learning Circuits

Your definition reminds me of the old folk story that originated in India where a group of people in the dark all touch an elephant to learn what it is like. Not the entire definition of gamification. In almost every legitimate definition of gamification the term “game-based thinking” is used. In my posting on Learning Circuits Blog, a reader left a thoughtful and interesting comment about points and the use of the term gamification and the Blogger software won't let me write my entire comment (too many characters) so I am posting my comment here. 1987). Deci, E. L., 1994).

‘Mobile learning, just for the sake of it, is definitely not a good idea!’ – Some insights on Mobile Learning


There are of course, many technological challenges to be overcome, but mobile learning is definitely a reality today and especially so for the corporate learner. Mobile learning, just for the sake of it, is definitely not a good idea! If the applications are made interesting with an element of interactivity, young learners would definitely benefit from the utility of this medium.

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Learning by Watching: Social Cognitive Theory and Vicarious Learning

Origin Learning

Have you ever stood in front of a machine, with little or no idea about how to operate it – say at a self-check-in counter at an international airport that has its default language set to Dutch, or in front of a self-service kiosk for a tram that requires you to input information and money to print your ticket? Try and peep in, don’t you? This isn’t to embarrass you. Image Credit – [link].

Manufacturing Council Releases Competency Definitions

CLO Magazine

The detailed MSSC Work Standards provide the industry definitions, organizational taxonomy, syntax and nomenclature to describe the critical work functions, key activities and performance indicators for manufacturing and logistics. A common language between industry and education can help prepare individuals with the skills needed for the workforce. Alexandria, Va. — March 6 The national Manufacturing Skill Standards Council has released its 2014 National Work Standards for Production and Logistics. Specifically, these organizations can use the MSSC work standards in two ways.

Win a Free Copy of the Camtasia Studio 7: The Definitive Guide

Visual Lounge

Recently I posted about veteran screencaster Daniel Park's new digital book, Camtasia Studio 7: The Definitive Guide. It's your lucky day! Daniel has given us not one, but three copies to giveaway. How can you win a copy? Just leave a comment here on this blog post or on this Facebook note (one or the other, not both please) with a link to the most impressive screencast you've seen lately.

The Short Definition of “Real Learning”


Real learning is the ability to adopt what you know and know-how to do and adapt it under an everchanging variety of circumstances. No point beating around the pedagogical bush. I’ve been asked by a number of readers “How would you define real learning?” ” Real learning is the ability to adopt what you know and […]. Learning nude students sex

The Ultimate Learning Management System Definition


Text Posts corporate elearning corporate training custom elearning custom elearning development hospitality training hotel training learning management system definition lms definition restaurant learning management system restaurant lms restaurant training retail training retail training hotel training retail training software safety training

Win a Copy - Camtasia Studio 6 - The Definitive Guide

Visual Lounge

And, when he's not busy making screencasts and training people all over the world about how to use Camtasia Studio, he works on his book - _Camtasia Studio 6: The Definitive Guide_. Daniel Park of dappertext has been at it again! Daniel is a professional screencaster (and he use to work at TechSmith making our videos). He just updated it for Camtasia Studio v6 and it is hot off the presses! The book offers over 500 pages of step-by-step instruction and tips and tricks. It's perfect for Camtasia Studio newbies and veterans as well. You can read it here. Very useful information.

Old vs New Ways of Thinking About…

Kapp Notes

definition Gadgets Games video games Knowledge MediaLooking at the difference between old and new ways of thinking about knowledge, information, learning, video games and other critical concepts. Perception of…. Knowledge. Structured. Books, Memos, SOPs). Unstructured. (IM, Blog, email). Organizational Structure. Hierarchical Team-based Structure. Level Playing Field, Equality. Communication Channels. Formal. Face-to-Face, Phone Calls). Informal. Twitter, Facebook). Software Applications. Interface and Information are Separate. Information is the Interface. Career Advancement. Classroom.

Definition: Metacognition

Kapp Notes

The short definition of Metacognition is "Thinking about Thinking." Here are some more definitions from a variety of sources. Here is the Wikipedia definition of metacognition. Tags: definition What people know about how (their own) cognitive processes operate is termed metacognition (cognition about cognitive processes). Cuasay, 1992). References: Bourne,L. E., In R.S.

Introducing the Social Intranet Index

E-Learning Provocateur

While everyone’s definition covers this functionality more or less, what is different is the degree of the functionality. intranets social media definition discussion forums enterprise social networking heterarchy intranet knowledge management personal profiles roles SII SME social business Social Intranet Index social networking standard standardisation standardization web 2.0

Introducing the Social Intranet Index

E-Learning Provocateur

While everyone’s definition covers this functionality more or less, what is different is the degree of the functionality. There’s a lot of talk about social intranets these days. It even threatens to overtake the blogosphere’s current obsession with gamification. But what exactly is a social intranet…? Which one is correct? They all are. enterprise 2.0

Social Production

Kapp Notes

definitionHere is the concept of Social Production as Tony and I covered in “Learning in 3D.” ” Social production is the means by which a software operating system or a digital encyclopedia can be created without the need for a large centralized hierarchy. In essence, the web platform itself allows members to participate in a given endeavor as much or as little as they choose. In the past such forms of social production were limited and bounded in nature. Computer hobbyists in a given city might have gathered monthly to discuss the potential of a new operating system.

Training: High Definition Screencasts with Adobe Captivate 6

Adobe Captivate

Topic: High Definition Screencasts with Adobe Captivate 6 Date and time: Thursday, 30th August, 2012 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM US/Pacific Description: Join Dr. Pooja Jaisingh and Vish to learn how to easily create high-quality screencasts with the new capture-as-a-video workflow. eLearning Suite Rapid Authoring Rapid eLearning Training and Tutorials Whats new "Elearning authoring tools" "Screen capture software" "Video screen capture" Adobe Captivate 6 captivate training HD Screencasts HD Videos High Definition Screen Capture rapid elearning rapid elearning authoring tools

The paradox of augmented reality

E-Learning Provocateur

While I’m on my definitions soapbox, I’ll take this opportunity to point the finger at Star Chart. Sydneysider Scott O’Brien is back in town after an extended stint in San Francisco. Scott is the Co-founder & CMO of Explore Engage , a digital media company that is attracting serious attention for its augmented reality eyewear. In other words, it augments reality.

At the Water Cooler of Learning


Education elearning Formal Learning Future of education future of learning Informal Learning Learning Social Learning Water Cooler Learning adopt and adapt definition of learning formal learning informal learningWe have become obsessed with formal learning in the workplace. In our zeal to learn, we have transferred the formal model of learning into the collective mind of our corporations. Even e-learning is simply less-expensive formal learning at a distance. Our obsession began when we decided we were in the knowledge economy. We concluded that [.].

Camtasia Studio 7: The Definitive Guide

Visual Lounge

Welcome Camtasia Studio 7: The Definitive Guide. Remember Daniel Park of dappertext ? He is a professional screencaster with over a decade of experience. He also has written the book on Camtasia. He sent me some exciting news recently. He has a new edition of his book out for Camtasia Studio 7 (PC). And, as an added bonus, Daniel is giving away the first six chapters for free.

Human enough #edcmooc

E-Learning Provocateur

Somehow I prefer Joseph Gliddon’s simpler definition of a human: something that drinks coffee. And who can blame them? It is only natural for evangelists to seize upon evidence that furthers their cause. But these results mystified me. If humans are gregarious beings and learning is social, how can face-to-face instruction possibly fail to out perform its online equivalent?

Adobe FrameMaker: Fix Inconsistent Color Definitions

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

When I do click the Update button, I am frequently stopped short by a notice via the Book Error Log about inconsistent color definitions: This message shows up when two or more files in a book have different definitions for the same color. Remove the colors you don't intend to use and double-check the definitions for those you intend to keep. That's all it takes.

Learning goes small, social, savvy

Origin Learning

To put it in Marc’s words: “So the first part of our definition of mobile learning is learning that is available any time and anywhere, and is platform agnostic.” SMAC – Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud – is in! The landscape of learning is rapidly changing. The push era is gone. For instance, a simple addition of a ‘Did you know?’ Gadgets galore.

Definition: Cognitivism

Kapp Notes

In the 1980s, several theories of learning that concentrated on studying learning as an internal function of the brain and as a social opposed to overt actions and stimulas-response began to gain popularity and momentum. These theories and the study of how computers processed information all converged and led to the creation of a learning philosophy known as Cognitivism. The theories are are: Albert Bandura's social-cognitive theory Bernard Weiner's attribution theory Lev Vygotsky's sociohistorical theory Cognitivism was created to document and analyze how humans process information.