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Fitness Training Supports Improved Cognitive Functioning in Older Adults

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A 2003 meta-analysis found that fitness training was likely to improve cognitive functioning in older adults. Those who engaged in both weight-training and cardio-training had slightly better results than those who did cardio alone. . 2003). I'm reprising this because it is one of Psychological Science's most cited articles as recently as September 1, 2016.

Training: The Value of Assessments

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Although I do know of at least one training company that offers assessments and feedback after the class, I am deducing that conducting assessments is not the norm. I have read a couple of articles--and one book--saying that we will need to start proving that our training is effective by providing after-the-class assessment. Training on Trial , by Jim D. To begin to tap into these additional levels of assessment, we have to go back to the books and clearly define the goals of the training, and then assess whether measurable results have occurred. training

Live Training vs. eLearning: Which is Better?

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With one day's work, I had trained hundreds of people. Nevertheless, asynchronous training has some pretty compelling advantages. But the reason I am thinking about all of this today is that I was recently asked how to show that live, classroom training still has an advantage over eLearning. And now I was being asked to justify classroom training. My question for you this week is probably an old, familiar one, but one that comes up in both directions in the training world. Are there different reasons for different kinds of training? by Jennie Ruby.

Why Blended Learning Is Really Just Blended Training


Blended learning is a hot phrase in the training world, and it usually refers to a mixing of traditional face-to-face classroom facilitation with computer-based modules — usually self-paced online training. Blended learning extends training beyond a single “event.”. Blended learning saves money by reducing the travel and work-stoppage costs of classroom training.

Turbo Charge Scheduled Events in Your Learning Management System by Using Tags

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He passed away in 2003 but it seems appropriate that he be revived symbolically in this Blog post to teach this important topic. Absorb LMS Best Practices Features e-learning elearning eLL ILT instructor-led training Keywords learning management system LMS Search Tags training When people think of tags, they automatically think of topic keywords.

Resources for Finding Out How Long it Takes to Develop eLearning

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A question I am constantly asked is “How long does it take to develop…&# you can fill in the rest with Instructor-led training, elearning, simulations, etc. Several people have attempted to answer that question in 2003 I gathered data and information about the times it takes to develop instruction and then my colleague Robyn Defelice and I explored the idea in 2009. Then people wanted to know “Why does it take so long?&# How Long Does it Take to Create Learning? View more presentations from Chapman Alliance. Great detailed breakdown. Design develop

Live Training vs. eLearning: Which is Better? The Results Part II

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Last week we focused on the benefits of classroom training. Some additional thoughts on the benefits of classroom training came in this week. One reader tells us that surveys show that classroom training is preferred by learners: "As a global organization, we have encountered the e-Learning vs. classroom battle as well.results from internal surveys have shown that the preferred method of learning is via classroom training." I then set-up my own computer training company 20 years ago. "Our department developed system training using Captivate.

Microlearning: Fab or Fad?

Tom Spiglanin

Generally, the term “microlearning” refers to micro-perspectives in the context of learning, education and training. Within the field of workplace training and development, we’re skilled at chunking. It’s not new, but is increasingly being hyped as a strategy for organizations to train workers. Microlearning fits modern work styles. Thanks for reading!

70:20:10 - Beyond the Blend

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Apprenticeship training has ‘blended’ for centuries and the correspondence schools in Europe in the 1840s used ‘blending’. However, the incorporation of technology into learning or training delivery has given blended learning a boost. In 2003 the UK Department of Education and Training defined it as “ learning which combines online and face-to-face approaches ”.

Writing & Grammar Workshop: Happy New Year! (or is it New Year's?)

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I also teach the Writing Training Documents and eLearning Scripts class. About the Author:   Jennie Ruby is a veteran IconLogic trainer and author with titles such as "Editing with Word 2003 and Acrobat 7" and " Editing with MS Word 2007 " to her credit. by Jennie Ruby. New Year's Day is the proper noun naming the day we celebrate the new year. That is why it is always capitalized. New Year's Eve is the night before, when all the partying really takes place. " If you are putting the s on New Year, you must use the apostrophe.


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The conclusion reached by Fleming and Levie is supported b William Horton, a leading expert in the field of web-based instructional design, in his work titled Designing Web-Based Training. Interactivity in web-based training is especially important because people are not content to merely read from the computer screen as they may be with a book. 2000) Designing web-based training. 2003). The Advantages of Interactivity. There are many advantages of having learners interact with the subject matter they are learning. Horton [3] writes, “Interactivity boosts learning.

TOPYX LMS and EdTek Services Announce Partnership


Clients choose TOPYX because of its ease of use, engaging peer-to-peer learning tools, outstanding value, robust feature set and dedicated support teams to provide compliance training, external portals, sales training and other online learning management needs. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. EdTek Services, Inc., Novas , Chief Executive Officer of Interactyx. About EdTek Services, Inc.:

An Introduction to Population Health: Part 1

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Population health first came to being in 2003, however, it was more of a medical term rather than an emerging trend in the medical field. Next week we will discuss how your Learning Management System can be used for Population Health training. However, the definition is still abstract and has not reached its full potential. For example, let’s use the population of diabetes.

Game Based Learning – Why Does it Work?

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In traditional training, there is often a ton of “tell” before you get to any “do.”. Traditional training doesn’t come close to a game environment for feedback. iv] Clark, Ruth and Mayer, Richard (2003). This is the full text of a “scroll of knowledge” from the Knowledge Guru himself. A Learning Brief by Sharon Boller. Let’s start with the fun. Fun can be: Winning

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Front-End Analysis: Improving Performance

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The intervention could be training, or it could be something else. Part of their jobs will be training their peers on the new system. Their new role will also require new skills—performing stand-up training and user support. The current workforce needs to be analyzed to determine the skill gaps and then train the individuals or reassign them to a new job. May/June 2003).

Embedding Learning in Work: The Benefits and Challenges

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The Research A 2009 study by the Learning & Development Roundtable, a division of the Corporate Executive Board, reported that on-the-job learning had three times the impact on performance improvement over formal training programs. If people learn as part of the workflow then this learning is more likely to impact performance in a positive way. itashare

Information on E-Learning and WCAG 2.0 Compliance in Australia

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If your organisation is using old operating environments such as Windows XP, Office 2003 and Internet Explorer 6-8, then you may have problems even having the capability of complying with WCAG 2.0. Some Australian web accessibility testing and training services. Question from a client: What do I need to do to ensure our e-learning is WCAG 2.0 compliant? What is WCAG 2.0? WCAG 2.0

Like Short Book Chapters, Short eLearning Courses are Better


In 2003, I worked on a project to break up long eLearning courses into shorter versions. With people’s busy schedules, it is difficult to devote an hour or even a full thirty minutes to completing a training class. Uncategorized easy online training courses eLearning Development online training courses Here are three. First, people have short attention spans.

70:20:10 – Above All Else It’s a Change Agent

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George Bernard Shaw Tom Spiglanin is a senior engineering specialist at the Aerospace Corporation in California and manager of the organisation’s technical training. As Jay Cross pointed out back in 2003: “At work we learn more in the break room than in the classroom. “Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” itashare

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Time for a clearout of urban myths

Clive on Learning

Most learning and development people are sensible enough and want to do the best job possible, but their own teachers on train-the-trainer courses have provided them with totally inappropriate tools with which to understand the world of adult learning. At the time of writing, I am on my to speak at the eLearning Network’s annual conference in London. I characterise them as typefaces.

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Gamification: Why It’s Good


Coined in 2003, the term “gamification” did not take off in usage until about four years ago. The other aspect that organizations use gamification for is to encourage participation in events, such as charities and training (or elearning). For example, points can be awarded for attending training, and then cashed-in for an extra vacation day. It may sound like something a kid may have termed, and in part it is something that appeals to the kid in all of us. What It Is. Feel they gained an achievement. Achieve a sense of status. Display their altruism. Why It’s Good.

Writing & Grammar Workshop: Would vs. Will

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In training documents and manuals, we often have to tell the reader what will (or would) happen if they do (or did) a certain action. I also teach the Writing Training Documents and eLearning Scripts class.   About the Author:   Jennie Ruby is a veteran IconLogic trainer and author with titles such as "Editing with Word 2003 and Acrobat 7" and " Editing with MS Word 2007 " to her credit. by Jennie Ruby. For example, suppose you want to tell the reader the consequences of pressing cancel. Would you use sentence a or sentence b below?  

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Nine Amazing Online Learning Facts

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For instance, when IBM implemented an e-learning program in their company, its employees learned five times more without increasing their time spent in training. A survey by the BBC in 2003 revealed that micro online learning modules can improve understanding, retention, and application levels by at least 30%. Let us now look at a few interesting statistics about online learning.

2016 Learning In Practice Award Winners

CLO Magazine

The awards were first established in 2003 to recognize learning leaders that have demonstrated excellence in the design and delivery of employee development programs. Bronze: Jessica Melo, Director of Sales Training, Paycom. Chief Learning Officer magazine is proud to announce the winners of the 2016 Learning in Practice Awards. THE BUSINESS IMPACT AWARD. DIVISION ONE. DIVISION TWO.

2016 Learning In Practice Award Finalists Announced

CLO Magazine

The awards were established in 2003 to recognize learning leaders who have demonstrated excellence in the design and delivery of employee development programs. Jessica Melo, Director of Sales Training, Paycom. Chief Learning Officer magazine is pleased to announce the finalists for the 2016 Learning In Practice awards. 27 at the Fall CLO Symposium Plus in Scottsdale, Ariz. Brands.

FREE Alternative to Microsoft Project


However, Microsoft Project is pricey, and only comes with some editions of Microsoft Office – so how can you manage that big training development program? The downside is it does kind of have that “Windows 2003″ feel at times, but it’s effective and completes the task at hand. free instructional design training toolsEven the menu items are similar.

Is E-learning Implementation in Your Organization Smooth?

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The World Wide Web and latest technological innovations have influenced how learning and training takes place in organizations. Most importantly, it has the potential to cater to the ever-growing and changing demands of businesses at lowered training costs. Note: The bold arrows indicate direct influence, while the dotted arrows indicate indirect influence (Mungania, 2003).

7 Things About eLearning Your CEO/Executive Director Wants to Know

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If you’re part of a corporation, maybe you’ve decided that training and employee development would be more efficient if it were all online. It’d save time and resources, and you could standardize training, but how do you explain eLearning to the CEO? Will you train managers to become leaders? Membership numbers seem stagnant and renewals are decreasing.

Editing with Acrobat: Get the Comment Pane's Numbers to Match Acrobat's Page Numbers

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Jennie also teaches the Writing Training Documents and eLearning Scripts  and the Complete Review of Grammar  class.        About the Author:   Jennie Ruby is a veteran IconLogic trainer and author with titles such as "Editing with Word 2003 and Acrobat 7" and " Editing with MS Word 2007 " to her credit. by Jennie Ruby. Endless confusion resulted when she tried to discuss editorial changes with authors--Is that on page 2? or page 21? It is called the "logical" page number. Acrobat

Mentoring Millennials to Teach Hard to Come by Soft Skills

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We must now focus our interviews on teach-ability, our onboarding process on training them well and our daily objective on creating a virtuous alignment in a multigenerational workforce. Celebrate the training’s completion, and invite each employee to mentor new staff themselves. Since founding Growing Leaders in 2003, Tim has written 32 books and taught leadership and mentoring courses at nine universities/graduate schools across the U.S.It has happened to the best of us when hiring millennials. Unfortunately, that 4.0 GPA suddenly wasn’t faring so well.

A new recipe for learner engagement (and how to bake it)

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You can assign learners an active role in their own learning process, they can be stimulated to invest this important effort, and consequently improve their learning (Paas, Renkl, & Sweller, 2003; Corbalan, Kester, & Van Merriënboer, 2011). Benefits of training and development for individuals, teams, organizations, and society. 2003). Why engage your learners? 2009).

9 Amazing Things You Don’t Know About the History of Online/Distance Learning


7) More than three-fourths of all higher learning institutions were offering online courses by 2003. Why Distance/Online Learning Is Ideal for Corporate Training. It was reported by eLearning expert Christopher Pappas that “77% of USA companies offer online corporate training to improve the professional development of their employees.” Department of Defense.

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: David Byrne and PowerPoint

Learning Visions

Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Friday, April 06, 2007 David Byrne and PowerPoint Remember back in 2003, when David Byrne published a book (described by AP Technology Writer Rachel Konrad as a " coffee table book for nerds ") called E.E.E.I. And the same holds true of rapid e-Learning tools and any in-house training effort. Of ANY e-Learning effort.This is why this training industry is not dead yet. Envisioning Emotional Epistemological Information ? The noted Edward Tufte blames PowerPoint. eLearnin.

Writing & Grammar: Checklists, Part III

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The other kind is a list of tasks for converting training materials from Captivate 4 to Captivate 5.   About the Author: Jennie Ruby is a veteran IconLogic trainer and author with titles such as "Editing with Word 2003 and Acrobat 7" and " Editing with MS Word 2007 " to her credit. by Jennie Ruby. I inevitably forget things if I don't.